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How to Make Friends in a New State – the Ultimate Tips

Without your friends by your side, going to a new city alone can be a very difficult change in life. But, knowing how to make friends in a new state just might make the moving process easier and help you find somebody you like for all sorts of activities once you settle down in your next place. 

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There are more than a few ways to meet new people and make friends.

How to Make Friends in a New State – Where to Begin Your Search

If you already have acquaintances or friends in your future city, they could be one of your reasons to move. You can start getting to know other individuals with their help. While adjusting to a new place you can either throw a party for them and their friends at your place or attend social happenings to get introduced to other people. 

If you have moved for a job in a city in this state, you will have coworkers to turn to. Not all of them might be a good fit for a friend, but you can select a few that you want to get closer to. You will spend a great deal of time with them in the office, so why not propose a coffee after work or joint lunch breaks? Engage in conversation, ask for house-hunting tips, share your concerns and hopes, and listen to theirs. You will both profit from that friendship, not just at work but also in your private lives.

Believe it or not, you can also just meet people by chance. If you happen to browse through the books in a bookstore in one of the nice suburbs of Chicago, you can ask any person next to you if they have read the book you’re interested in or if they have any tips on something for reading. Word by word, you can ask them to grab a coffee together. Or, if you happen to see the same people over and over in your local grocery store, chances are they live in the same part of the city.

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Forget about moving into a smaller home if you’re moving alone to another state, donate unwanted items but search for bigger apartments, and find a roommate, it should help you avoid relocation depression. If you saved money by planning your moving budget so that you have the cheapest way to move out of state, you’ll have enough to afford a bigger place, plus you’ll split the costs with your roommate. Another way to save up some money in your pocket is by hiring cost-effective auto shipping services in case you need to transport your car across the county.

Start by smiling at them and engaging in short conversations about the products you’re buying and other things you may have in common. Be the first to invite or give a phone number. Ask for advice, and you will see how people open up and appreciate being asked for help. However, if you don’t see them responding to your questions in a friendly manner, it’s best to leave them alone.

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Small steps are the way to begin

Go to Different Events to Meet Others

It goes without saying that at this stage of your life, you do not refuse invitations, even if you’ve moved to a cold climate and you’re not so willing to go out and have fun. Even if the person does not seem to be your kindred soul, at first sight, accept the invitation to go to an event together or have a coffee because that is the only way to know whether you can become friends or not. Don’t be skeptical. That is your best chance to meet other individuals in this state, instead of sitting in the house feeling lonely and nostalgic.

Go to a Club or Attend Shows and Concerts

One of the best ways to mingle with people sharing the same interests as you is to go to your favorite shows and concerts happening in the city? Those moving in together with significant other will always have somebody to go out with. And you can together easily engage in conversation by giving comments and listening to other opinions, so search for the upcoming concerts online as soon as possible.

Relocate to one of the more musical places such as Nashville, Seattle, or one of the five boroughs of New York, and you and your new buddies will be able to enjoy a variety of live venues and concerts all year long. However, if you’re planning on going to clubs and having an active nightlife, don’t forget to check the general safety of the neighborhood where the clubs are.

Sign Up for Local Dating Events

No matter if you are moving during the holidays or any other time of the year if you’re particularly shy and none of the usual options for meeting other people work out, you can resort to dating nights. When you are done with unpacking after your move, sign up for a few of those events. You will meet similar crowds there, driven by the same need to establish friendships, so just go for it. You might end up meeting a friend that’s fun, easy to talk to, that you have things in common with, and that you simply click with. But employ common sense and put safety first. After all, you’ll be mingling with complete strangers.

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Speed dating is an excellent way to meet new people

Search for Some Group Activities to Try

Group activities are just great ways to meet somebody, especially if you’re relocating to the suburbs. Everybody is there out of enthusiasm, so they will be susceptible to socializing. You can choose the activity depending on your preferences, for example, dancing, yoga, fitness, running, acting, playing instruments, photography, reading, and so on. So join specialized clubs and socialize!

Do not forget the power of dog walking if you own a pet. What a great way to meet other pet owners!

Visit cultural events, classes, exhibitions, and other things organized in museums, community facilities, clubs, etc. Those are also good ways to socialize. The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is an exciting and interesting place to be and meet like-minded individuals if you’re looking for cool things to do in Portland.

Join online forums to chat about various topics or a local Facebook group where you can share things happening in the area, ask for moving day tips on how to avoid common moving mistakes or even tricks for packing things like clothes or furniture, and chat with others. You can also meet people by asking about professional cross-country moving services they used in their last relocation. That way, you’ll have something to talk about.

Visit the Local Shelter and Adopt a Dog

If you are not moving with a dog there’s no better time to get one than after you’ve relocated. Pay a local animal shelter a visit or check out their Facebook group to get in touch with them. Having a dog means having a dedicated, faithful friend for life. Taking your dog for walks could be the perfect occasion to alleviate all that moving stress and meet new people who share the same passion for animals as you do. What’s more, having a pet will not only help you make friends but it will also:

  • Mean you’ll always have someone by your side, for better or for worse;
  • Help you deal with anxiety about moving to a different home;
  • Open up ways to explore your new surroundings little by little during your walks;
  • Improve your overall mental health, happiness, and quality of life.

Keep in mind, however, that pets are also a big responsibility, and taking care of them isn’t easy. Don’t get one unless you feel absolutely certain that you can take proper care of them. You will have to think about finding a vet for your furry companion, deal with a checklist of vaccinations and other medical things, and you will most likely have to limit your time outside of your home for the first period, as puppies can’t be left alone for long.

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Having a dog can help you meet other pet owners

Take on a New Sport and Make Friends with Similar Interests

Whether it’s a sport you already practice or one you have always wanted to try, sports activities are most certainly going to connect you to a bunch of individuals with the same affinities. So, check out aerobics, boxing, gym, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, or any other sports clubs. This should be high on your list of things to consider when relocating to a new state.

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Participating in sports can be a great activity to meet new people.

Take a Class – Do Something Good for Yourself

No matter if you are moving for a relationship or alone, classes are usually synonyms for social circles, as they are very popular ways of socializing. You can seek advice from somebody who is already taking some classes and ask them to recommend one or even to attend it together. Maybe you have always wanted to learn a foreign language or play the piano – then find a course to attend. You can even share ideas for classes and take them with somebody you want to get to know better.

Join a Cooking Class and Make Food You Like

Cooking is an excellent way to learn about different cultures and mentalities, as well as make friends. Cooking classes will not only help you discover the secrets of unfamiliar cuisines but also bring you closer to your fellow citizens, and help you make acquaintances. And you will even be able to share recipes with others if you want. You have to admit it’s one of the greatest long-distance relocation tips for quick adjusting.

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Find a place to volunteer, such as a soup kitchen or a safe house.

Search for Ways to Join the Community

Be regular in visiting community happenings as it’s the fastest way to blend in and make friends. Take an active role in shaping up your neighborhood and participate in other community calls.

Volunteer – Meet Someone While Doing a Good Deed

Volunteering will certainly bring you closer to the local crowd, as it will be appreciated and rewarded. Also, you will get to know kind and generous individuals like yourself that you can share your time with. Choose the cause you’re willing to pursue and find a place to volunteer while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals. And you will be doing a great deed, as even the states with the lowest cost of living have a need for some volunteering work.

Utilize Your Days Off Work to Meet More People

Working is time-consuming, and it will probably make you too tired to stay active for the rest of the day. But there’s no excuse for not going out on days off. Just grab your most comfortable shoes and head out. You can actually explore the city while meeting new and interesting folk.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Use the Internet

When you create a photo inventory, figure out the best time of the year to move and where you should move, be open to new ways of communication. It’s easy to stay indoors and glue yourself to a TV, but it will not make you happy in the long run. Humans are social creatures, so you should go out and find someone to share your time with. Options are only a click away, so use the Internet – from Facebook pages to online newspapers – to find out what you like.

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Facebook and other social media are useful tools for keeping in touch.

Never Stop Connecting

To broaden your social circle, you need to stay active and keep socializing. You should also get to know and broaden the circle of individuals you might like. Such networking will enable you to get to know individuals that can have a lot in common with you. If you’ve met a potential friend, exchange phone numbers, add each other on Facebook, put in the effort to stay in touch, and you surely won’t fail.

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