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Daisy Wilson

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Benefits of Moving to Another State – How to Embrace Change and Grow as a Person

The first thing that pops into one’s mind about why people move across the country is either a job opportunity or love. On average, Americans move 12 times in their lifetime, and as you can figure, there are many benefits of moving aside from the reasons we mentioned. For example, health or better housing are just some of them.

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It may be hard, but in the end, relocation will benefit you greatly

Even if a long-distance moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life (as it certainly is,) the benefits of moving out are still something that can prevail over negative feelings. Furthermore, if your reasons to move are proper, you will have a stress-free relocation. We will try to list some pros and cons of moving and factors that are most beneficial for relocation.

Good and Bad Sides of Changes

What are the pros and cons of relocating? Why is it good to move to a new place? Well, some can argue that every change is a good thing. But in the real world, fear of change and anxiety about relocation can sometimes paralyze us, so we can’t do anything. To be honest, changing surroundings is never an easy thing to do, no matter if you are relocating to a different state or just relocating to a smaller home down the street. Most people are creatures of habits, and breaking patterns and routines can benefit you greatly if you are willing to take this step. And yes, telling your friends that you are relocating will probably be the hardest thing to do. But nowadays staying in touch with friends and family has never been easier. They are just one click away from you.

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Don't be afraid to embrace the change that is happening

Embrace New Opportunities and Make a Fresh Start

Fresh starts and new opportunities are the best ways to deal with relocation stress. Relocating to a different city will give you a chance to change your life like you always wanted. You will get a fresh start in all fields of life, and if you embrace these opportunities adjusting to a new place will be a breeze. Is there a hobby you always wanted to try out? Now it’s time to do so. Join some clubs or take some courses you never had time for. Not only will it help in making new friends, but you will have a sense of belonging and accomplishment.
Also, begin with exploring your surroundings, and if you are relocating with dogs, this is an excellent way to get to know the town. Go on a hike or take a stroll in a local park – it will benefit your health if nothing else.

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Explore your surroundings and create a fresh beginning

You Will Make New Friends

Making friends is never easy, but it will happen once you get out of your comfort zone. And exploring the city is just one of the ways to do so. Once you create some friendships, you will realize that relocating was probably one of the best decisions you ever made. Humans are social beings, and spending time with other people is crucial for our emotional and mental health. But as we mentioned earlier, we also stick to our habits, and you probably never bother to meet buddies in your old town, but now in a new one, you will be forced to do so.

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Get out of your comfort zone and meet people

Relocation Is Excellent for Professional and Personal Growth

Some jobs require relocation, and if this is the case with you, you should know how a change of scenery will benefit both your career and personal growth. Change of working environment will force you to step up your game and reach your full potential.

But if your plan is to find a job before you move (or afterwards,) a different career might be even better. You will have the opportunity to take a dream job you always wanted. With patience and good preparation, this can happen more easily than you think. Make this relocation to serve only to your advantage. If you set your mind on finding a job in a new city, it will not be that hard. Update your resume and apply for all positions you find attractive. And most importantly, do not turn down any interviews.

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Find your dream job and grow professionally and personally

Most Common Benefits of Moving

When you come to a certain age, seeking adventure or opportunities will not be your primary reason to move. Making a family or searching for a better life for your children will be your top goals. If you are relocating with kids, you will want better education and a healthier and safe environment for them.

Is Moving Good For Mental Health?

Not only is relocating well for your mental health, but it will be good for your physical health too. Deciding where you should move is crucial in this matter. Search for cities and neighborhoods rated as safe and healthy, with many green areas and parks. Even if you are relocating to a big city, see if there are any national parks nearby or some other places where you can take your kids for some outdoor activities.

You Get to Buy a Home You Always Wanted

One of the pros of relocating to a different state is that you can choose your town based on housing options. For example, housing options and costs of living in some of the best cities to raise a family in California are way less affordable than in the best family-friendly cities in Texas. Therefore, finding a suitable neighborhood for you and your family will mostly depend on these factors:

  • Cost of living,
  • Housing options,
  • Safety,
  • Education.

You can easily search for neighborhoods with these criteria on the website Niche or on Numbeo. There are tons of reviews people leave, so you can get to know the place first hand.

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Buy your dream house now and create a better living for your family

Relocation Will Give You a Better Insights on Your Relationship

Moving cross country for love will either end your relationship or take it to the next level. Moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a huge step and is even more significant if it entails relocation to another state. If your significant other decides to relocate that far for you, it’s clear that they mean business. But sometimes people think they are in love, so they take this step only to realize they aren’t good for each other. Then again, without taking the drastic step of relocation, you will probably drag this relationship for years only to realize the same thing in the end.

Furthermore, being away from friends and family will lead to some relocation depression, but if you still stay together, you will know that your love is real and that nothing can stand in your way.

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If your relationship survives the relocation, you will be sure that it's serious

Tips on How to Make Your Relocation Most Efficient

Let’s face it – relocation is expensive, and a hit to your finances will probably be one of the biggest cons of this process. In order to move efficiently, you will need to create a relocation budget and plan every step along the way to the detail, from packing fragile items to hiring long-distance movers. And if you cut some losses, you will be able to enjoy this adventure even more. For example, instead of buying expensive packing materials, you can implement some DIY packing tips and tricks and protect your items with things you have at home. Say, instead of using bubble wrap, protect your breakables with some newspapers, towels, or sheets.

Decluttering Will Save You Money

When hiring a cross-country moving company, the number of items you are relocating will significantly impact the final price. Besides, with fewer things, you get to pack quickly. Furthermore, downsizing because of relocation is an excellent opportunity for you to move furniture you like and leave behind the pieces you don’t (and then buy entirely different Ikea furniture you saw in the brochure.) Begin with your garage and continue with other rooms. The golden rule of every decluttering is to get rid of all items you haven’t used for longer than two years. Once you decide what you will pack, you can organize a garage sale and sell things you don’t want anymore.

Begin Packing Early and Be Strategic About It

If professional packing is not part of your cross-country moving services, you will need to do all the packing alone. In order to do so and to finish everything before your truck arrives, an early beginning is key. And if you followed our advice and decluttered, half of the job is already done. Go room by room and start packing things you don’t wear or use right now. So if you are relocating in wintertime, you can pack clothes for summer first and vice versa. Create a combined labeling system so your unpacking after move goes smoothly. Pack kitchen items last and again only pieces you truly like. Relocation is excellent to renew yourself in this case as well.

Contact Professional Cross-Country Movers to Help You With Your Moving

Finding a long-distance moving company is inevitable when relocating to another state. So when looking for one, double-check if they offer top-notch long-distance moving services for a reasonable price. You will need the help of professionals not only to load, drive your belongings to the desired destination, and unload but also for auto shipping. When they arrive to give you an in-home estimation, do not hesitate to ask them all the questions you have. For example, if your house hunting hasn’t started yet, do they have storage facilities where you can store your belongings? Will they disassemble and reassemble your furniture when your relocation day comes? If, for some reason, your company of choice avoids answering any of your questions, it is a great red flag for relocation scammers you should be aware of. Check out this video for more tips on how to avoid scammers.

Last but Not Least – Your Appreciations for the Things You Had Will Be Bigger

We all know that the saying “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” has been proven true in so many cases. Once you relocate, you will more appreciate the quality time you spend with your family and buddies. You will feel nostalgic about your old town, and once you come to visit it, maybe some things that annoyed you before will now be cute and beautiful.

But you will appreciate your new friends, as well. This experience will open you up to the world. Seeking adventures will become part of your way of living. Different restaurants, cuisines, and unexplored surroundings are waiting for you. So don’t be afraid to jump to this chapter of your life, and when you do so, be sure to contact experienced professionals who will make this transition go as smoothly as possible.


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