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Don’t Know How to Move Efficiently? Our Moving Tips and Hacks Can Help You Pack Everything in No Time

Nearly 3 million Americans make a cross-country move every year individually or with their family. If you’re thinking about relocation across the country, you’re probably wondering how to move efficiently. This process can be quite straightforward if you follow your to-do list and avoid procrastination.

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How to move efficiently? Our relocation hacks will help you have a stress-free experience

Whether you’re moving with kids or relocating with your pets, it’s good to become familiar with common relocation mistakes in order to avoid them. That being said, relocating in winter is not the same as moving during the holidays, especially if you’re dealing with last-minute relocation. For that reason, find out how packing tips and tricks can help you reduce costs when relocating, aid you with organizing important papers, and tell you how to create an excellent household inventory list. Fortunately, our words of advice can be of assistance.

How Can I Make Moving Easier?

If your relocation isn’t planned thoroughly, it can take its toll on your mood and cause anxiety about leaving your current residence. So, to stop asking yourself “How can I make moving less stressful.” You should know several tips to make your relocation less cumbersome:

  • Give yourself enough time for all packing stages,
  • Stress is a normal thing during the relocation,
  • Tackle the little things firstly,
  • Ask for help,
  • Be organized.
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Preparation Steps

One of the essential moving hacks is undertaking preliminary steps to help you deal with relocation stress properly. So, it refers to applying useful house hunting tips or finding the best tools to help you check how safe is your future neighborhood even before you start packing that first box. These handy steps will help you put your best foot forward:

Relocation to your new home should be well-organized overlay
Before you start with the packaging process, create a to-do list and inventory list

What Should You Move First When Moving?

With the inventory list and all your household belongings on it, you’ll have a clear idea of what you own. For that reason, the list should be created in the very beginning, right before you start stowing relocation essentials.

If you choose to deal with your china or books, you can’t go wrong. These items are definitely things you won’t need during the packaging process and for several weeks after taking possessions of a new place. Make sure to obtain smaller boxes when stowing books due to their bulkiness and heaviness – you will save your back this way. Also, when it comes to china, try to get as many paddings and bubble wrap as possible because it is fragile.

Depending on the time of year you choose to relocate, you can stow a big part of your clothes and shoes. If it’s summer, pack thick pieces and boots, and if it’s winter, your lighter garments should be among the first possessions on your packing checklist. If you are planning to live in another climate zone, make sure to find the compromise among your needs and possibilities. Just remember to pack an essentials box filled with suitable clothes and all other necessities such as medications, toiletries, water, and snacks, and keep near you throughout the move.

Pack Least Used Rooms and Toughest Rooms First

When thinking about packing your rooms and what room should have a priority, you should follow a couple of principles that will make your life easier:

  • It’s always good to start with a room that you use least often (storage areas, for example) and finish the process with the bedroom. If you want to be on top of things, get proper rest before the long-distance move. It’s well-known that when you feel relaxed and fresh, you will easily cope with relocation depression.
  • Rooms with plenty of items and “creative chaos”, such as kitchen, garage, basement, and attic, should be tackled first, while you still have enough motivation and energy to deal with that arduous work.

Other Things That Should Be Among the First to Pack When Moving

In case you are relocating to a smaller home, you should think about downsizing your possessions. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of tons of goods, reduce your cargo and save some money. For example, donating unwanted items is an excellent way to declutter and minimize your load size. So, as soon as you donate furniture and sell other things you don’t need anymore, it’s time to think about what are those belongings you’ve decided to move and live without them during the preparation period.

Let’s find out what should be the first things to stow when moving cross country:

  • Artwork pieces,
  • Extra bedding,
  • Jewelry,
  • Games and toys,
  • Collector’s items.
First declutter spaces where you spend a minimum period during the day overlay
Storage areas, sheds, and garages are priorities when it comes to stowing your belongings

How to Efficiently Pack to Move

When planning long-distance relocation, you’d want to know the most efficient way to pack for moving because efficiency is crucial to your relocation venture’s success. What does the word efficient mean? Doing something properly and comprehensively without wasting your time, energy, and money. So, let’s find out some tips for packing quickly and make your relocation reasonably straightforward.

Firstly, you need to have a plan and follow it through. Procrastination can provide you with moments of relaxation, but in the end, it might cost you dearly. With a good packing timeline, everything is achievable. So, before you start stowing your storage and garage, think about packing materials for the relocation. Sturdy cardboard and quality packaging paper may be your life-saviors. That said, packaging supplies and necessary equipment are prerequisites for a thrifty relocation.

Think About Boxes and Paddings Promptly

Wanted or not, your stowing will be efficient only when you manage to get adequate packaging supplies to complete all your tasks. If you’re tight on your budget and looking for the cheapest time of year to move, know that getting cardboard boxes for free is possible and should be your goal. Try with local liquor stores, bookstores, large supermarkets, or online. Needless to say, your boxes must be strong, clean, dry, and good-sized. Finding them for free is a process and requires your time and excellent organization. But, don’t worry. If you are pressed for time, you can always count on your relocation company and its cross-country moving services. They can provide you with excellent boxes and packaging supplies. If you’re not skilled in packing electronics or storing your paintings which require special crating, cushioning, and paddings, experienced packers offer reliable packing services.

Use Garbage Bags for Clothes and Disassemble Bulky Furniture

How to pack clothes for the relocation is usually a tricky question. People often waste many hours folding their clothing and placing it into boxes. Luckily, this can be done easier and more efficiently – use garbage bags for your clothes. Just poke a hole in the middle of its bottom for the metal hooks for a few hangers with clothes on them. Pull the plastic bags down until you cover each part of your garments in order to protect them during transport.

If you decide to move with you some larger and bulkier pieces of furniture into your new home, try to find the best ways to do that properly. Make sure to disassemble everything that can be broken down into smaller parts. This way, you won’t be wondering how to pack furniture – you will do it like an expert. Also, when moving furniture, use furniture sliders and turn your house into a stress-free experience without damaging the floor.

Don’t Start Packing Process Without Adequate Moving Equipment

DIY relocation can cause suspicious minds about your competencies and capabilities. Still, be aware that even professional cross-country movers don’t just perform all relocation tasks with their pair of hands. Only with appropriate devices, relocation becomes smooth and efficient. So, if you are looking for the answer to the question How do I move like a pro, make sure to get everything you need – an appliance dolly, furniture sliders, and moving straps. Of course, keep in mind that long-distance moving services are demanding, so things become simple when hiring cross-country movers.

As Relocation Day Approaches, Getting Familiar With Items Movers Won’t Move Will Become an Advantage

You’ve probably heard about some things you can’t pack in the moving truck with the rest of your possessions. The final list varies, so feel free to contact your cross-country moving company and find out details about items they won’t move. However, to be prepared, we’ve narrowed down the list of the most obvious:

  • Perishable food,
  • Plants,
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover,
  • Propane tanks,
  • Aerosols,
  • Pesticides,
  • Batteries,
  • Acids,
  • Motor oil,
  • Fertilizer,
  • Scuba gear,
  • Loaded guns.

Being familiar with this list will help you know what to stow from the beginning, and what to get rid of promptly.

Man and woman holding plant pots in the garden overlay
Plants are among those goods removal company won’t place into their truck

Additional Tips for Packing Dishes and Fragile Items

The kitchen is one of those rooms that should be packed at the beginning of the packaging process because it is jammed with so many dishes, plates, mugs, silverware, glassware, and alike. To avoid the trap of wondering how to store kitchen items for relocation during the packaging chaos while the relocation day approaches, follow our tips:

  • Use plenty of padding when stowing breakables. If you don’t have bubble wrap, a good solution should be hand towels or dish towels.
  • Plates and dishes should be packed vertically into boxes. Wrap each piece individually, and after that stack them vertically. Adding extra padding is more than welcome because it will prevent potential breakings and damage.
Obtain enough packaging supplies in order to experience a stress-free relocation overlay
Delicate goods require lots of paddings

How Do You Move Efficiently? Choose Professional Long-Distance Movers

Cross-country moves are difficult and nerve-wracking. That’s why you should make sure to relieve the stress as much as possible. The best way to accomplish that is by handing off some of the most demanding tasks to trustworthy long-distance movers. Whether you need professional packers to safely wrap your fragile items, like lamps or chandeliers, or someone to transport your vehicle to your new address, with a reliable long-distance moving company, that’s a piece of cake. Cross-country moving services include all types of assistance, depending on your needs. One more benefit when you decide to hand all your belongings over to the experts is the possibility to use storage units for your items.

If There’s Not Enough Room in Your New Place, Consider Storage Unit

There are plenty of situations when you might need storage facilities during the relocation process. For example, in case you’re renovating your new place and don’t know where to put all your stuff. Or maybe you are undertaking a partial move and want some of your items to go directly to your prospective address and some to stay in top-notch storage units? Sometimes, you just don’t have enough space to arrange all your pieces of furniture, so you need a place to store them for a while. All in all, whatever scenario occurs, you can rest assured that with climate-controlled and secured storage facilities, all your possessions will be safe and intact. And you can bring them into your place when it suits you.


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