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Things to Know When Moving in Winter

Now that you’ve finally decided to move out, you will be faced with handling the entire relocation process. Moving in winter adds just another layer of complexity when it comes to executing your relocation in a timely and orderly fashion. Maybe you’re moving on a budget and have chosen to move during the cold period of the year because it is the cheapest time of the year to move. Perhaps it simply suits you the most or you suddenly managed to find a job before moving to another state and there’s no time to lose. Whatever the case may be, right now you’ll be wondering how to pull out the relocation in the cold weather as best as possible. And the following tips should make the entire process go smoothly and stress-free for you and your family.

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No matter the season you can always relocate

Organization and Planning

After you go over the moving budget figure the reasons why you should move, research where you should move, picked the place, and now it is time to make it happen. Proper planning is one of the key factors of any successful and smooth relocation. And since you are relocating in the colder period of the year, you should be preparing for anything and everything. Maybe you’ll end up in very bad weather conditions and will have to contact your movers to reschedule. You will be surprised by how more efficient and smoother relocation can be when you have everything organized beforehand.

Create a photo or household inventory list, sort out your belongings properly, and label all the boxes. If you want to, you can create a checklist of all the packing tips and tricks and loading steps you need to take, so that you have something to come back to if you get lost and confused during the process. It will lower the chances of making some of the common moving mistakes.

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Moving in Winter Means Checking the Weather Constantly

Moving in winter can be an easy process. It is the cheapest time and it is the best time of the year to move, keep in mind that Mother Nature can turn it into a challenging experience in the blink of an eye but don’t let that fact cause you anxiety about relocation. Remember that one of the most important moving day tips is to put safety as your number one priority at all times. Keep tabs on the weather long before the relocation comes around, and especially so in the week before the big day. If you have any concerns, don’t be afraid to contact your professional movers and let them know.

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A slight change in the weather conditions could be disastrous

Prepare Your Tools and Supplies

You will have to prepare a variety of packing materials and tools if you want your relocation to go smoothly, and more importantly, safely. So, be sure that you have plenty of warm gloves, shoes, sand, and salt, as well as packing materials for moving, and blankets to protect your belongings for the move. Try to get some of these supplies for free and you will reduce your moving expenses.

Protect Your Floors

Moving in winter can get quite messy as the snow will melt inside your home, and you and your movers will be bringing in mud and dirt which will combine with the water inside. Not only do you want to make sure that your floor is protected, but you also want to avoid any slippery surfaces that could lead to injuries and material damage. Contact your movers, as some companies offer to take care of the floor protection themselves. Otherwise, you will have to do it on your own, either by using cardboard, plastic sheets or tarps.

Turn off the Heat, but Not in Your Bathroom

The entire relocation day, your old and new house alike will be exposed to the cold weather most of the time. You and your friends or your movers will be coming in and out, so trying to keep your home warm will be a futile effort. But remember to heat up your bathroom, which both you and the movers will likely be using.

Clear All the Pathways

You’ll want to prepare all the pathways for heavy traffic, both in your old and your newly-bought home, especially if you’re relocating to the suburbs. Use a shovel to break any ice and to clear the snow along the pathways from your house to the truck on the day of the move. It would also be advisable to cover the pathways with sand and/or salt to ensure that no one slips and gets injured.

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Clearing all the pathways should be at the top of your priorities

Pack Your Items for a Winter Move

Don’t forget that you’ll need extra protection for your items, whether you’re packing glassware, electronics, clothes, or boxing up your furniture pieces. Prepare plenty of papers, towels, sheets, and blankets that you’ll use to further protect your belongings, especially when packing fragile items. Not only will a blanket reduce the chances of damage, but it will also provide perfect protection in case it starts snowing heavily.

Keep a Box of Essentials

It’s important to sort out a box of essentials for any move, not just when it comes to moving in winter. This would include all the items you’ll need during the move and for the first day in your new home. And when it comes to relocation in the snow, it should also include hats, gloves, scarves, heavy jackets, and other warm clothing. Also if you are moving with your dog or cat, make sure you pack their essentials as well, once that is taken care of, you can donate unwanted items.

Is Your New Home Move-In Ready?

You will need to prepare your new home for the relocation as well. Relocating during the cold period of the year means lots of preparation and organization, even if you’re moving into a smaller home. This includes both the residence you’re moving out of and the one you’re moving to. Also, if you are moving in together with your partner, they might arrive at a new destination before you and get it all nice and warm.

Relocating Locally and Long Distance

If you’re relocating locally, then this shouldn’t be a problem, and the advantages of moving alone in this situation are numerous. In case it’s a long-distance or international move, you can ask your agent or property manager to help you out.

Make Sure the Pathways Are Clear

The process is the same as with your old home – you will want to be sure that all the pathways are clear. You don’t want any unnecessary injuries or damage to any of your belongings.

Parking Space

No matter if you’re relocating in winter or not, you will want to be sure that there’s enough space for the truck to approach the house. Clear out the parking or the driveway of any snow and be sure that there are no obstacles or hazards.

Prepare the New Home

You will be applying some of the steps in reverse when you start unpacking after the move. Make sure that the floors are covered to avoid any damage or injuries. Check if all the utilities are working in your new house, and be sure that you have heat and water. If you are moving during the holidays you can even put on some decoration, to make your first few days in a new space festive.

Hire Experienced Movers

If you don’t want to opt for the cheapest way to move out of state, call experienced professional cross country movers. They will know how to take care of everything carefully and make the relocation go smoothly. Research before you hire cross country moving company and be sure that you’ve got the right relocation company on the job. This means checking out different companies, looking up their reviews, and contacting them to get additional info. Another important piece of advice is to get a quote from several different companies and see which one suits your budget the most.

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Hiring professionals is advisable if you’re not ready to handle everything safely

Most Popular Tips for Moving to a New City

Relocating to a different city comes with a lot of challenges, and you’ll have different things and tasks besides the relocation to take care of, starting with checking the safety of the neighborhood and house-hunting. This is why hiring professionals for their moving and packing services, as well as auto shipping, is among the most popular tips. Although that might not be the best way to reduce costs when moving, the relocation will be much easier both for yourself and your family if you employ expert assistance because you will have enough free time to change the address and tie any other loose ends in your old home.

This is even truer when it comes to relocating during the colder months, and especially so if you’re relocating for the first time ever. Also, you can take some of your spare time to research and find the most cost-effective services, especially for transporting your car across the countryAvoid getting relocation depression, moving stress, and so-called winter blues by focusing on the fun parts of the process and leave all the hard work to professionals.


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