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How to Pack Glassware for Moving?

All of your fragile items such as glassware, ceramics, and china need special care when you’re preparing them for transport. If you want to know how to pack glassware for moving, there are a lot of moving tips and tricks that can help you with this delicate task. This process involves different packing materials and supplies and a proper moving plan.

Glasses packed in a box cross-country moving overlay
You can box up delicate items without breaking them

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Pack Glassware for Moving

In the short term, you are going to have to assess all your glass and breakable items and organize them according to the packaging schedule. Then secure each item individually, and place them into boxes properly. This is a blunt description of all the tasks involved, but we are going to break them down for you so that you don’t miss a thing in securing these sensitive items for moving.

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Make a List of Items to Have a Clear View

When you choose the best time of the year to move and where to move, this is what you want to start with because whether you’re moving into a smaller home or a bigger one, you’re probably carrying a lot of these fragile items. When organizing the packing and creating a photo inventory, you need to make a list of your glass items. Based on that, donate unwanted items, which will help you reduce moving expenses.

Then determine the best-sized boxes, and how many other types of material you are going to need. One of the best tips is to divide your dishes into groups and pack them according to the group they belong to. Pots, pans, and sheet pans can damage your glasses if they end up in the same box. If you’re moving alone to another state, invite friends to help and throw a wrapping party to avoid relocation depression.

Packing Tips You Should Not Overlook

There are some general rules for packing and moving your kitchen you should follow to avoid making some common moving mistakes. Besides the grouping of your dishes, you should also acquire suitable boxes or dish barrels. When packing glass items in a box, always reinforce the bottom with additional tape since items inside can be quite heavy and may open or tear during transport.

Besides wrapping every item, you should always fill the box with a lot of padding material or packaging paper. Maybe the most important is the final touch, and that is to label your boxes. Besides the “Fragile” note, you can enumerate your boxes and make a packing list that will tell you exactly where to find what.

glass bubble wrap overlay
Make sure you have enough bubble wrap

Packing Glasses

When packing your glasses, you should try to organize them by groups and types. If you have more massive glass objects, they should always go on the bottom of the box, since their weight can break more sensitive pieces. You should wrap each one individually in paper to avoid any chipping or breaking that can happen if they bump into each other during transport. For your wine glasses, it is best to stack them into boxes that have separators inside and fill the space with packaging paper. A cheap alternative to this is to use old wine bottle boxes or make separators of your own from cardboard.

Finding the Right Box

When packing your dishes and glass, you have to use quality, sturdy boxes. All those items can weigh a lot, and thinner plates may tear, leaving you with a lot of mess and damage on the floor. Tape the inside of the box and the outside as well to be sure that the boxes won’t disassemble when you or the movers lift them. It is not a bad idea to put some bubble wrap under the boxes in the transport vehicle as another safety measure if there are bumps on the road.

A Separate Box to Pack Dishes You Need for Daily Use

When you get to your new home and take all the boxes inside, it will be days before you can set up everything to function normally. That is why you should have some separate boxes for dishes for daily use, clothes, bedding and pillows, and hygiene essentials. As first aid, put in a plate for every member of the household, a few cups, cutlery, and a few glasses.

Crystal glasses overlay
Find the right boxes before you start wrapping your delicate items

Other Fragile Dishes

Glassware is not the only part of your dishes that needs special packaging and additional securing. Your expensive china should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then put into a box without overcrowding it. You can add crumpled paper between each plate and wrap all the cups and mugs. Here is a tip to make your own padding material: use your clothes. Your blouses and jumpers can make a soft layer of protection for all the fragile pieces you want to pack. Old newspapers are another free option that could save you from the mess and additional moving stress.

a couple packing overlay
Use different materials when boxing up other fragile items

Safety-Related Instructions

It is not only your glasses that are in danger during transport. You can seriously hurt yourself if you stick your hand into a box with broken glass. That is another reason for wrapping your glass possessions in the paper – if anything breaks, you can safely handle it.

If you follow these packing tips and tricks, and instructions, there is a minimal chance of damage to your belongings during the move even if you choose the cheapest way to move out of state to reduce the costs of moving. If you have your reasons to move and you plan your moving budget to hire recommended and top-rated professional cross country movers.

Cross country moving company will follow your instructions on boxes with fragile contents and stack them into the transportation vehicle accordingly. If they handle your clothes, electronics, and furniture, you will have more time to check the safety of your future neighborhood and prepare for the relocation. And don’t forget to safely unpack everything, because you never know if something broke during transport.


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