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The Best-Sized Boxes for Moving – All You Need to Know

Packing for relocation to a new home can be challenging. To make it more successful, it is of utmost importance that you pick the right boxes and packing supplies. But that raises the question of the best-sized boxes for moving – you don’t know which ones to pick, and you could use some moving day tips on how to make the right choice to avoid one of the most common moving mistakes.

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Pick the size and shape of a container according to the dimensions and the shape of the item in question

When you’re facing the reasons to move and you’re getting ready to uproot your life and relocate your entire household someplace else, there are quite a few items to pack. These are of different shapes and sizes, so you need different containers to put them in. Here you can find out which sizes of packages there are, and which are best for different items, as well as some tips and tricks on how to ease the packing process.

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Best-Sized Boxes for Moving – Most Common Box Options

No matter if you are moving during the holidays or any other time of the year you should make sure your items are safe during transport to your future home, that’s why you have to wrap them properly. In other words, each thing should fit into the box perfectly so that it stays still in the truck. If you’ve thrown away the original packages of certain appliances, the next best thing is to find a package that fits perfectly and that will keep your items safe until you unpack after the move. Here are the standard box options size-wise:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
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Get all sizes of packages you can find

What is Each Box Size Best For?

Small Size

If you were wondering how to pack books when moving to a new home, along with some CDs, garage tools, sheet sets, small appliances, or even canned food, here’s your answer. The dimensions are usually around 16x10x10 inches, and the weight these can carry should be under 50 lbs.

Medium Box Size

For stuff like pots and pans, try slightly larger containers of 18x14x12 inches. Here you can also pack your clothes, as well as some smaller electronics. The total weight should be up to 65 pounds.

Large Size

This one is perfect for packing kitchen appliances, as well as small pillows, cushions, drapes, and bedding. The dimensions are usually about 20x20x15 inches. Here you should be careful not to overstuff just because you think there’s so much space. Be moderate.

Extra Large

With the dimensions of 23x23x16 inches, this carton is meant for large but light things such as pillows, comforters, and blankets. It might also be suitable for sports equipment.

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Categorize your stuff and then see which things fit best in which box

Search According to Box Categories

The safest way to be sure the boxes and packing supplies you choose fit some specific items is to choose the necessary type of box designed for that particular item. Here are some of the most common ones.

Wardrobe Moving Boxes

You can’t seem to figure out what to do with the clothes in your wardrobe? Here’s a solution – a wardrobe container with a rod across the top so that you can hand your clothes just like you do in a closet. You can also fit shoes, belts, and purses here. Perfect if you managed to find a job before moving to another state and want to have everything ready for the first day in the office.

Kitchen Boxes

Are you thinking about how to pack glassware for moving? Don’t worry about it – that’s why you have special kitchen boxes which are customized to keep all the dishes, glassware, and other kitchen stuff you might bring right in place so that nothing gets damaged, let alone broken during transport.

Picture Boxes

If you have some valuable artwork or mirrors that you’re afraid might get damaged, put them in a picture box to ensure full protection. Use bubble wrap to protect each item just to be on the safe side.

Packing Kits

In case you don’t want to look for all the necessary supplies separately, there are kits that comprise everything needed. So, you’ll get cartons of different shapes and sizes and other supplies, such as bubble wrap and packing paper, all in one place.

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If you don’t want to look for separate containers, you can find kits with all the necessary supplies

How to Make All Your Stuff Fit

You’ve picked the best time of the year to move, but are you wondering how to pack a computer for moving? How to pack furniture? Or you don’t know how to pack dishes for moving? You have all kinds of stuff, and you’re worried they won’t fit. But with proper planning and, even better, professional packing service, everything can be handled smoothly and without moving stress.

Don’t Pack Everything You Own

One of the golden rules when it comes to packing your home is to declutter, especially if you’re moving into a smaller home and if you are moving in together with your partner. For instance, you can find out where and why to donate furniture before you move and then get rid of these bulky items while making someone else happy, too. Just keep in mind some things to know when you need to donate unwanted items before moving to be prepared properly. Reduce the number of items you’re bringing to the new home, and the entire process becomes so much easier instantly, plus it will also reduce the costs of moving.

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Decide what will you do with the unwanted items

Form a Place Where You Can Store the Boxes

Once you have different types of packing materials, make sure you find a proper place for storage, somewhere away from bedbugs and fleas. These can damage the cardboard, which, in turn, will compromise the safety of the stuff packed, so choose the storage space carefully.

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Before you start packing, find a safe storage space, and then do the same to protect them for any potential future use

Let’s Sum It Up

Now you know how to pick the right dimensions of a box for your relocation, and that’s a job half-way done. What comes next is the packing itself, but the good news is that you can leave this part to recommended and reputable professional movers who will come fully equipped with packing materials for moving. If you don’t want to opt for the cheapest way to move out of state, you can plan your moving budget and hire professional storage services, too, if a need arises. The advantage of moving alone is that you probably don’t have a lot of stuff, so it can all be done promptly. Don’t waste your time and nerves on the relocation process, but think about how to check whether your neighborhood is safe. Another thing that should be on your mind in this period is how to make friends in a new state after moving, and what you’re going to do there so you can avoid getting relocation depression. Let the experts do their job. In case you want to transport your car across the country if you’re relocating to the suburbs, they can also explain to you how car shipping works.


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