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How to Get a Job in Another State Before Moving There

When the time comes to select a new place to call home, you will have numerous choices and factors to take into consideration. The prime ones include the residence itself, picking reputable cross country movers, and furthering your career. Are you wondering how to get a job in another state before moving there? Keep reading to discover some proven ways to land the position you want. Employment takes up a vast part of nearly everyone’s daily life, so taking the perfect opportunity is paramount. On top of that, you might need to boost your finances in order to jumpstart your next chapter properly. Follow our guidelines, and you will succeed.

If you want to know how to find a job when moving out of state, these simple steps are the best way to learn it - and succeed

Should You Find a Job Before Moving?

Every person feels at least some anxiety about moving out. There are so many things they must wrap their minds around. From creating an extensive household inventory list, through sorting and decluttering, to worrying about getting packed – every relocation process fills our heads with questions and concerns. So if you don’t think about how to apply for a job in another state, you will only be adding to the relocation stress. An ideal scenario would imply that you have found an opening that suits your needs and matches your expertise. That way, you could relax and calmly explore the vibrant city you will soon move to, and find some things to do in Portland or another place you’ve chosen to call home. But it’s rarely that easy.

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How to Look for a Job in Another State?

According to research, nearly 10% of all Americans move every year. Statista’s research tells us that many young people move for relationships and changes in marital status. Still, a huge portion of people relocates to the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals or other places for work. And surely, there are many jobs that require relocation. Glassdoor has published data that suggests that pediatric therapists, automotive experts, nurses, restaurant managers, and veterinary technicians can get fairly high salaries and comprehensive packages to relocate across the US.
So before you select your destination, and see whether you’ll live in Boston or elsewhere, be sure to check out how in-demand your line of work truly is. Once you get well-informed, you should:

  • Research the area thoroughly – learn about the costs of living, the housing market, job market, public transportation, and everything else.
  • Explore the companies you want to work for – shortlist them, subscribe to their newsletters and career opportunities, get notified, and connect with them on social media.
  • Keep tabs on credible websites that post vacancies – sign up to receive updates regularly.
  • Attend online and on-site conferences – use every networking opportunity you can. Know when there are meetups and get-togethers related to your niche, meet new people, and expand your skill set.

These are only some of the long-distance moving tips on how to get a job out of state before moving. These pieces of advice will help you make the first step. Now, let’s see what else should be on your agenda.

Put the Best Tips for Job Seekers to Use: How Do I Get a Job in Another State Before I Move?

First impressions are the ones that usually stick with us. That is why you must build your personal brand right from the start. The initial touch points include:

  • Having a well-made CV and a fresh and tailor-made cover letter,
  • Paying attention to professional networks and social media accounts,
  • Coming prepared, timely, and appropriately dressed for interviews.

These steps are quite easy to follow. Don’t mess up a possibly great opportunity because you’ve skipped some of them, so ensure you write them down as a reminder on your moving-out list.

Make a Spotless Resume and Cover Letter

Creating a successful CV won’t take much of your time when you know the simple hacks, and you’ve done your homework. The resume should be concise, personalized, and honest. These are the rules you should keep in mind:

  • Don’t write more than two pages to keep it real and readable,
  • Tailor your application to include the skills that actually matter to the employer,
  • Be sure not to leave any gaps,
  • Add a personal statement to stand out,
  • Keep it fresh and updated. Don’t write just anything that pops to mind and avoid adding irrelevant information, especially from many years ago,
  • Avoid mistakes, typos, and errors, because hiring managers usually pay attention to them,
  • Make it keyword-friendly and visually pleasing by using suitable colors, highlighting the important stuff, and keeping your paragraphs short and organized.

Your cover letter should follow some of the same principles. It should be personalized, tailored to match the industry, concise, and honest. Make its purpose clear and avoid writing more than one page. Another way to personalize it is by addressing it to an actual person – try to find out your hiring manager’s full name.

Bonus tip: When updating a resume and professional networks, you must update your location. Changing your address when relocating is a very significant step – on-site and online.

If you need more guidance to build a successful resume, here is a video you should check out.

Research Companies and Prepare for Interviews

If you intend to truly come prepared for an interview, you must conduct a thorough search and learn about the companies and the roles you’re applying for:

  • Read the position description carefully,
  • Know about the company’s culture, values, and mission,
  • Prepare for the questions you will most likely be asked (and the ones you will ask),
  • Pay attention to your appearance and outfit,
  • Follow up with the interviewer afterward.

Before you meet the interviewers, you should check out the company’s website, photos, and videos, social media pages, and read the content they share to understand their needs and preferences.

Build Your Network and Online Presence

Are you thinking about ways to make friends in a new city? Take a moment to think about people you already know there. They could be helpful and speed up your search. Connect with them and share ideas.

Still, you will also have to keep your LinkedIn page fresh and professional:

  • Choose suitable photos – pay attention to your profile picture and cover photo,
  • Write a captivating headline and summary – it should say more than merely naming a title; let your profile tell a story,
  • Focus on keywords without stuffing buzzwords – avoid cliches and repetitive phrases,
  • Add connections daily – grow your network whenever you can and include a personal message whenever you send a request,
  • Don’t forget to list your relevant skills – highlight the main ones,
  • Give endorsements and ask for them – references and recommendations are always welcome.

Now that you have perfected your LinkedIn profile, focus on the rest of your public presence. Remove anything that could drive your potential employers away.

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You can do a lot online - from building a personal brand, to finding valuable insights

How Early Should I Apply for a Job Before Moving?

It would be best to start applying for jobs out of state as soon as you begin thinking about relocation. Many HR experts say that you should begin sending out applications at least five or six months before you move. On the other hand, some think that three months of career hunting are sufficient. Still, it would be wise if you started sooner rather than later. That way, you will have enough time to prepare for the switch and adjust to it.

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It is always best to start your research and application process early

How Do I Move Out of State With No Job?

Relocating before getting a job out of state means that you might get low on cash. So first of all, think about your relocation budget. One option is to pick the cheapest time of the year to move. That way, you will certainly save up a few bucks right from the start. Relocating during the holidays in winter is usually the most cost-effective alternative.

However, those aren’t the sole expenses you must keep track of. Instead of diving headfirst, follow these steps:

  • Boost your savings account in every possible way,
  • Rent a flat instead of purchasing a property even if you dislike the idea of moving into a smaller home,
  • Apply for freelance and part-time jobs.

That way, you will ensure that you won’t run out of financial means, and you will avoid some of the common relocation mistakes.

Boost Your Savings

If you choose to relocate prior to finding employment, you must keep your eyes on the prize and save every dime you can in the process. Once you decide to change your location, you will have to sort out and declutter the household. Some of the items you own probably don’t have a purpose anymore. Now is the time to get rid of them. Also, some of them can still be put to good use. For instance, you could donate furniture, clothing, or other unwanted items that are in good condition. But you could also sell some of your possessions. Organizing a yard sale can bring you some extra income.

When you declutter, the relocation service will cost less due to fewer items that need to be transported. Additionally, you will avoid having to use a storage unit. You can also get some free packing materials and supplies before scheduling the move. Get creative – use your socks and shirts for glassware and packing fragile items.

Rent Instead of Buying

Owning a property undoubtedly seems appealing. Buying a house or a condo is often the best investment. However, if you are relocating without permanent employment, you should consider renting. Before you pile up your stuff and book packing services, learn a thing or two about the things you need to rent an apartment. In addition to having enough money for monthly rent, costs of living, and downpayment, you will have to tidy your credit history. Landlords often seek reassurance. Even renters who are self-employed sometimes have to present bank statements that qualify them as favorable tenants. All of these costs might sound excessive, but you must be aware of them before you hit the road. Renting is still way cheaper than buying a property, and it will most likely help you during the period of adjusting to the new state.

Don’t Miss Out on Freelance and Part-Time Opportunities

Not every opportunity has to be the career you’ve always dreamed of. Some of them can do you good in the short term. Freelance work and part-time labor can help you through the tough times. Additionally, you could have all the flexibility in the world and do things on your own schedule. You would save up a few bucks on transportation or gas, and you will have more liberty to apply for enticing jobs during regular working hours.

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Relocations are tough, especially when you are unemployed, which is why you will have to go the extra mile to adjust

Pick a Suitable Cross Country Moving Company

Even though you will most likely get a few helpers for free as soon as you tell your friends that you’re relocating, acquiring professional long-distance moving services is usually the most efficient way to handle the transition. Don’t rush yourself into making a choice. Take your time to research and compare cross-country movers before booking a relocation day. Keep in mind that there are many scammers out there who could make it difficult for you to manage your finances. And now is the right moment to reduce the costs of relocation and choose a reliable ally.

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If you choose the right team to relocate with, you will avoid some hidden costs and unnecessary fees

Learn Timely How to Get a Job in Another State Before Moving There

There are multiple significant tasks you will have to fulfill before your move. For instance, you could (and should) explore some tools to check out how safe your new neighborhood is. But no matter how helpful these tools and insights are, there are more important things that must be on your list. Getting well-informed about how to apply for jobs out of state is crucial. Whether you’re relocating to another state alone or with family, you will need a nudge to further your career and reach your goals. Finding a suitable employer is quite easy if you follow the steps we have listed and stand out from the crowd.

Once you find a company that matches your skills, background, and preferences, all that is left to do is find the best and most trustworthy long-distance movers. They will certainly help you with all the essential parts of the relocation process, transport your belongings, and handle car shipping safely.


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