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How to Change Your Address When You Move

Did you find the house of your dreams? Packed all the boxes? Now you can’t wait to move in and make your new place livable. With the long list of things to do, you might forget one of the most important – changing your address. The question of how to change your address when you move has a few answers. They depend on who you are notifying about your move, and whether you are doing it online or in person. Make sure that you double-check your new location. You would not want to make a mistake in spelling or numbering.

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You will know when it is time to say goodbye

Verify Housing Address

You’ve got your reasons to move, the house-hunting mission is over, you’ve checked the general safety of the neighborhood and found the right house, and now you should get your documents in order. The first thing is to make sure you have the correct street name and number of your home. This might seem like a silly thing to do, but many people make this common moving mistake during the move, whether because of the hectic schedule, moving stress, or many obligations included in the moving process. So make sure to verify your information before doing anything else. Pay attention to the spelling of the street name and the house/apartment number.

The next step on the moving-out list, after you are entirely sure you have the right location, is to decide if you need to file for a permanent or temporary change. If you are sure that you won’t be coming back to your house any time soon, permanent change of address (COA), is a solution for you. Choosing this option logs your specifications into the National Change of Address database, which alerts banks and businesses of your new residence. But if you want to spend some time in a different place then move back home, a temporary COA is a solution for you.

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Make sure you know the exact location you are relocating to

How to Change Address When You Move – Notify the Post Office Online

United States Postal Service (USPS) offers you the possibility to change location online. The first thing you should do is specify whether your move is permanent or temporary. The temporary move includes changing your home for less than twelve months.

In case you’re not moving alone to another state, put the names of all family members that are moving with you. If you are moving with a family member that has a different last name, you will be required to get a separate form.

Have in mind that you must also pay $1.05 for the verification fee, and you will need a debit or credit card for that. USPS uses your cards to verify your location information. But be careful, some scammers offer to switch your location for a significantly more amount of money.

Visit Your Local Post Office

If you want to avoid the verification fee, you should go to the local post office and fill out the COA there by asking for a Mover’s Guide packet. When you fill out this form and give it back to the postal worker, it will take five business days to receive a confirmation letter at your new location.

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How to Temporarily Change Your Mail Address in the USA

If you are planning your moving budget for temporarily moving to a big city, relocating to the suburbs, or someplace else, you should ask for a temporary COA. Make sure to ask about timeline rules for a temporary location switch. Some local offices can hold your mail for a short period, but you should check if this type of service is available at your post office.

You filled out a request, online or in person, but your plans for moving failed, so now you should cancel it. To do this, you will require a confirmation number. Those are the digits you can find in the letter or in the email you got when you made the request.

Notify Social Security Administration on the Web Page

Do you have any Social Security benefits? If you are receiving benefits for retirement, disability, or you are enrolled in Medicare, you should switch your location by using your personal Social Security account. This is the best way for you to continue to obtain benefits without disruption. The website of the Social Security Administration has simplified many changes in administrative work, so now they can be completed online.

Changing Your Address For the IRS

When you get to the moving part, you should make sure that the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency have your latest location. Internal Revenue Service(IRS) provides you with an online form where you can alert them of your location. You can inform them of the changes in writing as well. Provide IRS with full name, old and new exact location, social security number, individual taxpayer, or employer identification number. Don’t forget your signature at the end.

As for state tax agencies, you should go to a specific government website and look for instructions. The site depends on the state you are relocating to, and most states offer the option of handling this online.

Using the Method of Tax Returns

Don’t forget that tax returns are done on a yearly basis. There is a way you could notify the IRS of your location switch when filing for a tax return. All you have to do is enter your new location when you submit. IRS will update your record when the return is processed. This is the simplest way of alerting the IRS about your move. Keep in mind that the request for location adjustment can take up to six weeks.

Driver’s License, Utilities, and Magazine Subscriptions

If you plan to transport your car across the country with you, make sure that you update your driver’s license and other information before putting your interest in how car shipping works and learning about car shipping benefits. You will have around 30 days to update your license, but the exact time you have depends on the state you are relocating to. But if you fail to do so, you will have to pay a fine. Again, many states offer you the option of ordering an ID online, but if they don’t, you have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You should know that the license is free and it will be delivered to you by mail in 4 to 6 weeks.

Gas, Electricity, Cable, and Internet

You require gas and electricity, cable, and internet as much as you need the driver’s license. Those are the things you will use on a daily basis, whether you’re relocating to a new city alone or with loved ones. So, when relocating, don’t forget to transfer your electric services and avoid unpacking in a home without heat and electricity. The same goes for cable and the Internet. We are highly dependent on the Internet, so living without it, even for a short period, sounds unimaginable. Having to unpack and be deprived of watching Netflix at the end of a long day seems unbearable.

Magazine and Catalog Subscriptions, Organizations and Clubs

Do you have a subscription for a TV guide or maybe a National Geography magazine? Reading your favorite monthly magazines can help you avoid relocation depression, so you wouldn’t want to lose those when you are switching houses. That’s why it is crucial to update your info. Most of the magazines have an option of online updates. And if not, you can always call their customer service and ask for an adjustment of location in your delivery details.

Are you a UNICEF donator? Maybe a member of a club or organization? Anyways, you receive a monthly subscription in the mail. Make sure that you notify them as well. If you are a part of a local organization that doesn’t have a website, calling and updating them on your location must be on your relocating to another state checklist.

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Change the delivery location for your magazines and other subscriptions

Banking and Credit Card Service Providers

We live in a world where it is almost impossible to go by without having a credit card or a bank account. You could inform your bank about your relocation by:

  • Writing the location on the payment form that is mailed to you.
  • Calling customer service to make sure your location is switched swiftly
  • Online revision – many banks offer this solution to their clients

Loan and Insurance Providers

If you are one of many that have school, home, or car loans, you need to let loan providers know about your move. In most cases, this can also be done online. You should let the agencies that provide you with health insurance, dental, vehicle, or life insurance know that you are relocating as well.

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Banks should be also notified about your new location

Help Your Friends and Family Locate Your Home

Your closest friends probably know that you are relocating from the moment you picked the best time of the year to move and made that decision or managed to find a job before moving to another state. But you might have a wider circle of acquaintances you want to notify about the move

If you are worried that you’ll forget somebody, make a list. When the list is made, send a circle email with your latest location. This is a good way of letting everybody know about your whereabouts. And if you are up to it, you can always send unique moving announcements to certain people.

You decided where to move, donated unwanted items, created a photo inventory, and now make sure that you have a highly recommended and reliable moving company that will assist you in that undertaking. Movers will help you even if you’re moving into a smaller home, by packing your clothes, furniture, and other stuff and providing storage space or car shipping if needed. You can also figure out how to reduce moving expenses. Find some other cheap way to move out of state like relocating during the cheapest time of the year with the help of our moving tips and packing tricks. Now create a list of all organizations and government agencies, double-check your location, and you will are ready to notify everybody about your move.


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