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Moving to a New City Alone – Best US Cities for Singles

Starting life on your own is not a small decision to make. And if you want to venture into some exciting unknown places, you will need some tips for moving to a new city alone. But most importantly, you should choose your future location wisely.

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Around 41% of US residents ages 18 to 29 are single

Whether you’ve set your eyes on another location not that far away from your place or plan to tell your parents you’re moving out of state, you will need to be sure about the destination. As a young individual, you should look for various factors to help you make up your mind, such as the dating scene, entertainment options, but also that boring adult stuff like work opportunities. Above all, relocating to another state alone implies that you pay attention to the costs, too. When you combine these factors, it’s easier to narrow the choices and take a pick.

One of the Best Tips – Don’t Make Rushed Decisions

According to Statista, in the US, around 36.2 million individuals lived in single-person households in 2020. But before these people moved, they had to make a sound decision on where to live and what their landing point will be. So, before you head out of your parents’ nest, consider the factors that matter the most.

Check Out the Dating Scene Before You Leave Home

Swiping left and right has become a usual way to swim in the dating pool nowadays, probably mostly thanks to the pandemic. But nothing beats exploring unknown areas, making friends in another city, and getting to know people up close. So, how do I start a new life alone in a new city? One of the main components of a metropolis that you should look into is the opportunity to date and find love.

You Should Get To Enjoy Nightlife and Entertainment Before You Grow Old

Whether you are looking to date or want to remain single, the best tips include getting to know how the residents of a certain location spend their pastimes. No matter how important it is to build a career, it’s also vital to have various things to do around the town when you’re not working. You may look for the best vegan cities, or perhaps the best hiking towns are more up your alley if you feel like an outdoorsy person.

Looking Into Work Opportunities Should Also Be a Priority

Although all of us would like to live somewhere fun, where each day can be memorable, it wouldn’t last long without a source of income. So, before you start browsing the web for a cross-country moving company and invest in cross-country moving services, you should start inquiring about jobs. The best way to get a job before you move is to get a resume ready and search through LinkedIn. Keep in mind that you should widen the search to another geographical area, as it may help you choose between two cities.

Moving to a new city alone without a job is also doable but not recommended. If you don’t land a good position the moment you move or juggle between several part-time jobs, you will have trouble meeting ends each month. Not paying the rent on time will do no good to your independence, nor will it affect your credit score in a good way.

Knowing the Costs of a Place Will Prepare You for the Life There

The costs of an area may be the most decisive aspect when choosing a place of living. Although planning the budget will involve the cost of packing service, one of the best tips is that it should also contain enough funds for starting another chapter of your life. However, to be able to figure out how far your budget will stretch, you should learn certain things about a place.

How high do the rent prices go? And, should you live alone when moving to a new city? Believe it or not, these two questions have a common answer – get a roommate. A high rent doesn’t automatically mean you should give up on a specific area that fits your wishes. The problem can be overridden by getting a roommate and splitting the costs. Take some other costs into account, too – the prices of groceries, utilities, public transportation, and entertainment.

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Top 5 of the Best US Cities for Singles

There are many things that make a metropolis or a town great for the unattached. Besides the obvious elements that can drive you to pick a certain spot on the US map, there are some key factors that can make you fall in love with it. A town can have all of the above advantages, but if it doesn’t suit you by its vibe or culture, or you can’t seem to find your group of friends, it may just not be it. So here are the picks of the best metropolises for singles that the US has to offer:

  • Boston, Massachusetts,
  • Austin, Texas,
  • Seattle, Washington,
  • Atlanta, Georgia,
  • Portland, Oregon.

A younger Millennial or an older Gen Z member, gay or straight, enjoying warmer weather or a bite of cold, there’s something on the list for you.

The Dating and Socializing Scores of These Cities

When it comes to dating and socializing, the table below shows what you can expect from the cities we’ve listed. It can also help you figure out the answer to – “Is moving to a new state alone a good idea?

City Total Social satisfaction Dating satisfaction Dating affordability
Boston, MA 89 81 100 64
Austin, TX 72 92 71 73
Seattle, WA 68 79 60 85
Atlanta, GA 82 94 69 85
Portland, OR 55 64 42 75
Denver, CO 69 82 69 75
Minneapolis, MN 81 83 85 75

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Let’s Start With Boston, Massachusetts

Living in Boston means that you will be residing in one of the nicest cities on the East Coast, and it’s especially attractive to singles. This Massachusetts metropolis has a strong feel of American history in its vibe, a thriving professional sports industry, excellent urban walkability, and plenty of outdoor activities. So, if you’re wondering about things to do in Boston, there are plenty of activities all year round. Furthermore, relocating to Boston means you get to live in one of America’s top college towns. It is home to prestigious universities such as MIT and Harvard University, making it a perfect location for singles looking to further their education.

Moving to a City Alone Implies Getting to Know the Costs

Before you contact your cross-country movers of choice, you should know a thing or two about what to expect from Boston and the cost of living there. If you are looking to buy a residence, you should know that the median home price on Boston’s market is around $740,000, according to Zillow. Renters can expect around $2,500 median monthly rent. The unemployment stats show that there are around 8% unemployed residents, and as for the safety, it’s safer than 15% of cities in the nation.

Austin, Texas – the Live Music Capital of the World

Relocating to Austin will appeal to singles. This thriving Texas metropolis offers a rich employment market, affordable housing, a fantastic food scene, and a quirky motto: “Keep Austin Weird.” Furthermore, being the Live Music Capital of the World, ATX is an excellent location for attending big music festivals and seeing live music every night of the week. Living in Austin, Texas, may be the spot for you if you’re seeking a fun environment to meet other people.

How to Move to a New City Alone – Explore the Rent Market and Costs

All future residents should know Austin’s cost of living to be able to pick the best neighborhoods. If you are looking to become a homeowner, you should take into account that the median home purchase price is around $681,000 (according to Zillow,) while the median rent is around $1,550. It’s a metropolis safer than 20% of the cities in the country, with an unemployment rate of 5%.

Welcome to Seattle, Washington – the Emerald City

Seattle is the spot to be in if you’re a young single on the lookout for a metropolis with a mixture of everything. Relocating to Seattle, a Pacific Northwest treasure, means you’ll be near companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. It also houses some of the finest cafés in the country, incredible recreational opportunities, and environmentally conscious society. It’s no surprise that Seattle is considered one of the best locations to dwell on the West Coast, and each part of it can be considered one of the best places to live in.

Is It an Expensive Spot to Live In?

We’ll be honest – the median prices on the housing market here are pretty high, and they raise the bar on the cost of living in Seattle. Zillow’s median purchase price for a house in this area is $985,000. But renters have it somewhat easier, as the median monthly rent is around $1,900. It’s also safer than 5% of the metropolises around the country, so you should be somewhat more careful when picking among the best neighborhoods. However, the unemployment rate makes up for it, as it’s really low, 5.1%

The Space Needle's sketch was originally done on a napkin

You’ll Love the Nightlife Options in Atlanta, Georgia

Relocating to Atlanta is a wise choice because it’s considered one of the greatest cities in the South for the unattached. This Georgia metropolis not only offers job chances with major firms like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, but it’s also a reasonably priced location to live. The Big Peach’s busy nightlife scene, year-round professional sporting events, and eclectic music culture will appeal to singles.

Consider Whether You’ll Buy or Rent Before Moving Cross Country

The best thing about this metropolis is that the cost of living in Atlanta is really affordable. If you are considering getting a mortgage and buying a home, you can expect a median price of $390,000. Renters can expect to pay around $1,700 for a 1-bedroom apartment. The crime rate statistics show that Atlanta neighborhoods are safer than 4% of the cities in the US., and the unemployment is 10.4%.

The City of Roses – Portland, Oregon

If you are considering relocating to Oregon, you should take into account that Portland is a hip metropolis and also one of the greatest locations to reside on the West Coast. Additionally, it’s one of the top places for young professionals, making it ideal for singles. Outdoor experiences are a-plenty in this Pacific Northwest metropolis, which also boasts a burgeoning arts scene. Relocating to Portland also gives you access to a plethora of homestead restaurants and job opportunities with major corporations such as Intel, Nike, and Xerox.

Consider the Costs Before You Invest in Long Distance Moving Services

While the things to do in Portland are plentiful, knowing the costs is essential. Zillow shows that the median house purchase price is around $600,000 in this metropolis. Renters, on the other hand, can expect to pay around $1,500 a month. Its unemployment numbers show that there are around 7.5% unemployed residents, and compared to other US cities – it’s also safer than 9% of other locations.

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A median income in Portland is around $76,000, and the median age of its residents is 37.5

Moving to a New City Alone Is Easier With a Reliable Long Distance Moving Company

While packing and taking care of everything by yourself may give a sense of adventure to your venture into independence, perhaps the wiser choice is to contact long-distance movers. And since the professionals will handle all the hard work, that leaves you with enough time to thoroughly think about life on your own.

You should also check the public transportation of your future destination, so you can decide whether to invest in auto transport service or not. Although, a car is always handy to have, especially if you want to explore the surrounding area of your home. And, in the end, all that is left to do is to make friends in another state after you move.


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