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Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

7 Things Newcomers Should Know When Moving to Oregon

The Beaver State has become one of the most popular relocation destinations, and population growth over the years can prove it. So, why has moving to Oregon become in? It could be anything from picturesque and diverse scenery over an excellent job market to the well-known quirkiness of Oregonians. If you consider it as the future home, ensure to follow our moving to Oregon guide and learn all the ropes about living here.

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The flag of OR is two-sided, on the back is the state's official animal - the beaver

#1 Portland Is Amazing, but So Are Other Places

Before hiring a cross-country moving company, you should get familiar with all the different possibilities that lie ahead of you. By not doing it, you’ll be making one of the most common relocation mistakes.

Even though Portland is always a first and sometimes only place many people see when thinking about OR, many other great places have so much to offer you. Follow our list of leading places to live in. Only after considering each one ask yourself Where should I move to in Oregon.

  • Eugine – moving to Eugene, Oregon, will provide you with a unique small big city feel. By surface, you’ll be relocating to a big city, but by population not so much. Remember that it has low crime rates, which makes it perfect if you’re relocating with kids. All necessary amenities combined with many green surfaces and breathtaking scenery will make you wish to be outside all the time. Emerald City is an excellent choice for those active and outdoorsy types, with many biking and hiking trails. But then again, so is every other place in OR.
  • Bend – another place with a small-town feel, Brend is known for its friendly and welcoming communities and almost unreal scenery. However, it is also a place to be if you want to launch a startup at OR. Keep in mind that Bend has the most new businesses per capita compared to all other cities in the state.
  • Salem – it is the actual capital of OR. And before you ask, it’s not THAT Salem. The one with the witches is located in Massachusetts. That, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t see some magic – you will just need to look at the nature around you. Another plus is that you’ll be only a short drive away from the amazing Pacific coast.
  • Corvallis – is the home of Oregon State University and is considered the top college town in OR. It has many festivals, a very active artistic community, and the most charming little neighborhoods. You will make friends in no time, which is important when dealing with relocation stress. Are you looking for a place with all good small-town stereotypes? You have it right here.
  • Portland – yep, we can’t go without it, as it is a state’s business, artistic and entertainment hub. It’s a place everybody loves, from people with families to young professionals looking for a career ladder to climb on. It also has an amazing food scene, so remember to visit all of Portland’s best restaurants after relocation. And on top of it, no matter which of Portland’s neighborhoods you choose, you will find famous Portland’s quirkiness in all of them. Younger generations will fall in love with this place. With its uniqueness and hipster scene, but also excellent job market, it has become one of the best cities for millennials.
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City's motto, Keep Portland Weird, was initially created to support local businesses

#2 A Fast-Growing Economy Will Provide You With a Lot of Business Opportunities

The Beaver State is home to several large companies that create a favorable business climate. Just keep in mind that Nike has chosen OR for its world headquarters. But it is not all concerning the job market. You’ve probably heard about California’s Silicon Valley, but have you heard about Silicon Forest? It is connected with a group of high-tech companies located in the Portland metro area (PMA).

That is why this region in OR has become a Mecca for the tech industry. If this is your field of work, there is no reason to have anxiety about relocation. Know that companies like International Business Machines Corporation, Intel, and Tektronix have offices in this part of the West Coast.

You don’t have to move to Portland in order to find work. Moreover, many smaller cities in the PMA are considered excellent places to find a job. Sharedwod, Westlin, or Lake Oswego all have low unemployment rates. And, seriously, how sad can a person be in a place called Happy Valley? On the other hand, if you wish to avoid the PMA, keep cities like Brend and Eugene in mind. Whatever you decide, ensure to research job opportunities in your desired destination before hiring long-distance movers.

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#3 Renting a Place Is a Better Option When Living in Oregon (for Now)

OR has experienced a fast population growth, which affected the growth of housing demand. Many are pointing fingers at CA, thinking that mass moving to Oregon from California has resulted in the rise of the state’s median home cost.

Right now, it is $438,100, which is significantly higher than the national average. That is why most people opt for renting instead of buying the place. Still, if you are determined to buy a property after moving cross country, ensure to find superb house hunting tips. Do everything you can to purchase inside of the relocation budget.

Renting doesn’t come cheap either, especially if you are not relocating to another state alone. For instance, in Portland’s neighborhoods, you would have to save up more than $1,500 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center. The transportation price is also above the national average, and all of it combined makes OR one of the ten most expensive states. At the same time, the expenses (and climate) are more bearable here than in California, which is why there are still many Californians moving to Oregon.

How Expensive Is Living in Oregon – Comparison Between Cities

Naturally, the cost of living is not the same at all places. If finances are one of your primary concerns, take a look at the table below before you decide where to live. It shows the average expenses in all places mentioned at the beginning.

Location Utilities Transportation Monthly Pass Three-course Meal in Mid-range Restaurant Renting a One-bedroom Apartment Renting a Three-bedroom Apartment
Portland $200 $100 $67 $1,310 $2,000
Eugene $156 $50 $60 $950 $1,730
Bend $185 $30 $75 $1,240 $2,080
Salem $215 $45 $55 $910 $1,580
Corvallis $130 $30 $50 $850 $1,470

Nonexistent Sales Tax Can Help WIth High Cost of Living

With all that talk about expensiveness, you will be relieved that OR is one of the few states that doesn’t recognize sales tax. That could mean an enormous amount of money saved on costly purchases. Pretty impressive, right? However, be prepared to pay slightly more when it comes to income taxes.

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Shopping without calculating sales tax will be an even more pleasant experience

#4 Diverse Scenery Will Take Your Breath Away

With desert at one side and ocean at the other, landscape diversity should be expected. However, it’s one thing to know it, and the other one to see it for yourself. OR is created for those in love with nature and the outdoors and offers plenty of possibilities for activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, and alike. If you’re one of those, getting long-distance moving services and relocating here will be a dream come true.

OR hides many national beauties, like Crater Lake, the deepest one in the US. Amazing blue water surrounded by high mountains and forest sometimes seems like a place out of this world. A sight on Mount Hood, a volcano with a white snowcap on top, will also make you speechless, even just for a second or two.

The Pacific shore is public property, with laws against privatization, so you won’t have any problem exploring and enjoying it. After getting auto shipping services, just hop into your car, go on Pacific Coast Highway, and prepare yourself for one highly scenic drive. And when you start forgetting how OR is weird, go to Malheur National Forest and pay a visit to the largest single organism on earth, the Humongous Fungus.

Weather As The Key Point When Choosing The Place

While OR is considered to have generally mild weather, rainfall can be a lot different in different places. For instance, the east part of the state usually remains dry, while the west part gets a lot of rain. So, if you know that rain affects your mood a lot, do the research and explore dryer cities before you get cross-country moving services in order to move. Keep in mind that Klamath Falls, for example, is the sunniest place in OR.

Man standing under the rain after long-distance moving overlay
Portland's reputation as a rainy metropolis often precedes it (and it's true)

#5 Oregon Is Really Green, Literally and Ecologically

Oregon’s on the top of the list when it comes to the greenest states in the USA. Almost half of OR is covered in forest. It could be a haven if you come from some overcrowded and unbearably polluted cities. However, Oregonians are green when it comes to their views, too, and it’s one of the leading benefits of relocation here.

They are all about recycling, energy efficiency, and low carbon emission. It all led to Portland being not only one of the most eco-friendly cities in the US but in the world! And how cool is it that Oregonians have a green tax? It is usually directed to large companies that are not environmentally friendly, while the money is used for financing eco-friendly solutions.

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Bike When Moving to This Part of the West Coast

One of the most efficient ways of lowering pollution is reducing gas emissions. That is why bicycles are considered excellent car replacements. Note that OR is one of the best places for bicycling and bike lovers in the US (it must be tiring being at the top for so many things!)There are many programs and events that promote numerous biking activities and the state’s infrastructure that can match them. And on top of everything, with all that glorious nature OR has to offer, every ride will undoubtedly be magnificent. So, when preparing for relocation, find a few tips and tricks for packing bikes. Or just get packing services and let professionals help you with it.

Two girls riding bicycles after cross-country moving overlay
Commuting by using a bike is a common choice for Oregonians

#6 Coffee, Wine, and Theater – Oregon’s Holy Trinity

OR is a well-known wine-growing region, with almost one thousand wineries inside its borders. Because of the climate diversity, Oregon’s vineyards produce about 100 different kinds of grapes and as many types of wine. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or Pinot Blanc – whatever you choose from this state’s vineyards, be prepared for prime quality.

It’s not a new occurrence that someplace has turned wine producing and tasting into a culture. After all, California is also well known as a wine country. However, what you probably didn’t realize is that OR has a coffee culture as well. Making coffee has become a form of art for Oregonians. New roasting on brewing methods in different cafes is all designed for one thing only – to make a piece of heaven in your mouth.

There is something else Oregonians are obsessed with, and the culmination of that obsession is Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It is held annually in Ashland, from February to October. It’s excellent entertainment for those who love plays and literature. However, more than 800 performances a year are also a great opportunity for someone who wants to make theater arts their career. If you are intrigued and want to find out more about this festival, don’t miss watching the following video:

#7 Pumping Gas on Your Own Is Illegal

Yup, you read that right. It is against the law to pump the gas in your car all by yourself. If you’re questioning What should I know before moving to Oregon, it just has to come up. So, if you don’t want to be a law-breaker, sit tight in your car and let the gas station workers do their job. Remember that fees for stations can be very high in case you are stubborn.

Girl pumping gas in a vehicle before long-distance moving overlay
Are you used to doing this action on your own? Get used to a different approach

Are You Ready for the Adventure of Moving to Oregon?

Moving to Oregon and the pros and cons of it will occupy your mind for quite some time until you make your final decision. However, it all comes down to the question: Is Oregon a good state to move to? Out of this world scenery and benefits of clean air on your health should be good enough reasons to move, but as you can see there are plenty more.

So, why wait any longer? Find the most reliable long-distance moving company and let cross-country movers help you with the perfect new beginning. They will take care of most of the technicalities and enable you to move efficiently. With a stress-free relocation, you will be able to focus your attention on the amazing new experience that awaits you.


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