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Best Cities for Millennials in USA – the 2021 Edition

Looking for the best cities for millennials in the USA will be easy since many compete for the spot on the list. And probably the first places that come to your mind are some high-tech meccas such as San Francisco or LA. But other towns are slowly becoming a serious competition. If you are wondering, “Where should I live as a millennial,” stay with us and find out what cities are Millennials moving to.

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The competition is high when it comes to the most incredible places for young professionals

If you are planning a long-distance move and haven’t decided where to live, you came to the right place. We will show you some of the greatest cities millennials are moving to and what to look at when moving cross country, what to look for when finding a place to live, how to find the most fantastic neighborhoods and jobs, and, in the end, how to relocate most efficiently. We will cover everything from the best places in California for young adults to the costs of living in San Francisco and elaborate on the factors that distinguish these corners of the country from the rest. And once you are done reading, you will be ready to tell your parents you’re moving out of state.

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Best Places for Millennials to Live – What to Look For

First, we must see the major factors that make one city so trendy and hip for Gen Y. What are the characteristics and standards one city must meet to appeal to Gen Y to relocate there? And of course, there are many reasons to move. Some folks are finding a job in a new state, while some are relocating for a relationship. But no matter what the reasons are, towns with specific characteristics will be chosen before others.

Who Doesn’t Like a City with Plenty of Job Opportunities?

Currently, one-third of the workforce is made of the millennial population, and they are fleeing to towns with an abundance of job opportunities and high salaries. And it doesn’t matter if they are graduates or professionals with careers. They are more likely to relocate to another state alone in search of better work. Aside from finding a job in a new city, affordable housing options and living costs are one of the things Gen Y is looking for when searching for a place to move.

Entertainment and Lifestyle Are One of the Most Important Reasons

Quality of life is also one of the most important reasons Gen Y looks up when wishing to relocate to a big city. Aside from the good financial growth of a city, it is crucial to meet other modern standards:

  • Must be pet-friendly – Did you know that San Francisco has more dogs than babies? A town with good infrastructure for pets will be the most likely choice when relocating with dogs. Areas with pet-friendly stores, coffee shops, and parks will have more chances.
  • LGBTQ+ and liberal rights – Towns with a more liberal population are going to be more appealing.
  • It must be eco-friendly – This doesn’t only imply a good recycling policy. If a city has sustainable energy consumption, politics will also be a plus. Good infrastructure for hikers, bikers, and other outdoor-active folks is also a factor.
  • Vegan friendly – More and more young professionals are leaning towards a healthy diet, not only vegetarianism. So markets with fresh organic vegetables and meats whose origin is known are gonna stand out.

Check out this video for more information about what criteria a town must have to become popular among millennial folks.

Good Education Opportunities are a Major Factor, Too

Getting a good education is one of the factors why people of Gen Y decide to relocate. It’s only natural that you will get better employment if you have access to a great education. So it is no wonder that towns with the biggest economies also have better educational systems (we are talking about higher education here.) But other towns that are becoming more and more popular among the millennial population have invested in their higher education in the last decade.

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Access to a good education is crucial for many Gen Y folks

Up and Coming Best Cities for Millennials

According to recent research, metropolitan areas with 21 percent of the millennial population are considered to be good places for this generation. And if you plan to relocate to LA, you wouldn’t be wrong. This metropolis is still one of the most popular among Gen Y. But you will be surprised to see how many people relocate to Seattle or even to San Francisco. But not everyone can afford or want a living in urban hives. More and more people decide to move to the suburbs of Los Angeles or some other metropolis. That’s why many choose to settle in Concord or even Mill Valley.

Because of this new trend, some towns have revived their economy and even became popular with the middle class of Gen Y (Pittsburg or even Palo Alto have the rise in population). Also, the cost of living is not only the reason people decide to relocate to the suburbs but starting a family plays a part.

Highest Concentration of Gen Y Is in Boston

If you wonder what city has the most Millennials, the answer is Boston. Around 24% of Boston citizens are Gen Y, making the Hub one of the top five hotspots most appealing for that generation. And educated adults who decide to move here will get excellent infrastructure, affordable housing with a median rent of 1,600, an urban feel, and good schools. With a median home income of $71,000 and easy access to the job market, Boston is becoming one of the best places for millennials to work. Unique old architecture, good food, tons of attractions, and friendly neighbors will make your adjustment after relocation piece a cake.

Portland Is Back in the Game

Even if it hasn’t been in the first ten, Portland has claimed back its fame and jumped third in the rank last year. So before you pack your pots and pans, let’s see why everyone wants to go to a state where residents grow chicken in their backyard.

Many green areas are just one of the reasons, but the most important ones are probably a healthy lifestyle and organic food. If you are planning to relocate here, make sure to book your long-distance movers for cross-country moving services because you will need help in the form of their professional packing. Because here, you will be able to actually relocate your canoe and other bulky things you always wanted to have, and with professional help with packing, your unpacking after moving will be bliss. And even if the average home price is around $400,000, half of the residents here own their houses.

Don’t Forget About San Francisco

We all know that you will not find a cheap place in SF and especially a big affordable place. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment downtown is $2,500, while for a three-bedroom, if you find one, it is $7,500. Still, San Francisco is growing. A lot of new neighborhoods have been built in the last couple of years, and demand for good apartments is always there. And if you wonder about the most amazing places for millennials to work, you can stop now because Frisco will not disappoint.

Even if San Francisco is expensive in every single way, do not scratch it from your list. Your salary will go through the roof, you will get the greatest education for your kids, and they will have good starting points with employment. And we do not need to mention how liberal and open-minded citizens here are. Eco-friendly industries and plenty of shops and coffee houses with fresh juices and organic bagels will be waiting for you. So pack light, save money for the move, book your cross-country movers, and relocate to one of the top cities for millennials.

Houses in San Francisco overlay
Frisco is still one of the most popular

Stay Active and Fit in Denver, Colorado

If you decide to relocate to Denver, you should seriously consider shipping a car there. Even though the Mile-High City is one of the most walkable in the country, you will need a car to explore the surroundings. It’s ranked first for green areas and many outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, and biking in the amazing mountains surrounding it. But foodies and beer lovers will not be disappointed either. Amazing bars and Denver restaurants are hard to miss. The cost of living in Denver is 28% higher than the national average, but it is pretty affordable for a metropolis. If you choose to move to some of the neighborhoods in Denver like LoDo (short for Lower Downtown,) you will pay a $2,800 rent for a three-bedroom apartment, while in suburban parts of Denver, you can even find it for $2,300.

Picture of the river in Denver overlay
Plenty of outdoor activities and beautiful nature is what you will find

Discover New Tech Hub in Seattle, Washington

Its proximity to both water and mountains and growing tech industry makes Seattle appealing to young professionals. If you relocate to Seattle, you will be thrilled to see how inclusive people are and accept all kinds of views. Seattle is considered to have progressive and liberal residents, and no matter what Seattle neighborhood you choose, you will surely find a welcoming and warm community. Also, there are tons of things to do in Seattle, from outdoor activities to fun all year round festivals, music shows, concerts, and art performances that you will have a hard time picking one to do. Not to mention eating in famous Seattle restaurants. But once you relocate to one of the best US cities for millennials, you will have all the time you need to see and feel the vibe.

Seattle is becoming a new hub for tech industries

Make Your Own Start-up in Tampa, Florida

You are probably thinking about retirement when you say Florida, but you couldn’t be more wrong. More and more Gen Y folks decide to leave the metropolis and move to Tampa Bay. Aside from beautiful beaches, you will get a home for a median value of $238,900. And it is probably one of the most affordable cities for millennials. But cheap housing and affordable life are not the only things you will find here. In recent years Tampa has become a true hub for start-ups, especially in the tech sector. Aside from charming and vibrant nightlife in the downtown, diversity in food and culture is also a plus for many folks who moved here.

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Have your dream life and move to sunny Tampa

Austin, Texas, Has Most Amazing Music Scene, Vibrant Nightlife, and It’s Good for Families

In recent years, many Texan areas developed into some of the best cities for millennials to live in, and Austin and Dallas are in the top five. Austin has pretty much everything that Gen Y wants. It is excellent for single folks but for raising a family too. Austin has invested very much in green areas, so finding a place to cool off on sunny days will be easy. Housing options are considered to be affordable, with a median home value of $330,000. And if you decide to relocate here, you will have a lot of space in your home, so finding a place for the belongings you put in the storage facilities of your cross-country moving company will not be a problem. Also, Austin has an outstanding economy across all sectors, so finding work will not be a problem.

Skyscrapers in downtown Austin overlay
Austin has everything for everyone taste

Charlotte, North Carolina, Is Good for Rent

If you wonder where is the best place to live in your 20s, you can stop wondering and book your long-distance moving company because you’ve found it. Charlotte is ranked as the greatest for renting, especially for the first time. One-bedroom apartment in the center is $1,600, and outside of it is $1,080. It’s no wonder that many young adults decided to hire long-distance moving services to relocate here.

Charlotte buildings overlay
Great for rent, tech industries, and outdoor activities. Charlotte has it all

Book Your Movers and Start New Chapter Without a Fuss

Now that you know what your options are and you made your mind about the move, it is time for the next step.Because no matter which place you decide to move to, you will need to find reliable movers. Go online and check reviews other customers left about companies that caught your eye. Most importantly, check if the company is registered and has a USDOT number – this way, you will avoid relocation scammers. A cross-country moving requires a lot of planning and preparation, not to mention how much of your time and energy will consume. This is why people usually decide to book professionals for help. Because aside from changing your entire life you will have a lot of other obligations you must finish, like finding a job and place to live.


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