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4 Reasons to Move – Why People Do It and Why It’s Time for You!

Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children relocate each year. There are as many reasons to move as there are persons and families who do it. Yet, some of them are more common than others. Housing, work, love, and education certainly top that list. We’ll get to them in a moment, but first, let’s take a look at a more personal angle and what the signs might be that you are ready to create a photo inventory, pack and move.

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There are many reasons why people choose to move

Tips on How to Know When You Should Change a Home

The decision to relocate often isn’t easy to make. There are loads of things that tie you to the place where you live. It may be the place where you grew up, had many experiences, or even started a family. So when is the right time to turn the page and contact a moving company to get a quote from them and prepare a moving budget?

The shortest possible answer would be – when you feel like it. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. Relocation isn’t just changing your living address. It often means changing your entire life, and that’s something you should be ready and willing to do when the moving day comes.

You may yearn for total independence somewhere else, or simply a fresh start. It’s never easy to tell your parents you’re moving out of state, but it’ll pay off. Maybe you’re seeing that change is quick to come to your neighborhood, and you are not comfortable with it. Perhaps the crime rate is rising, or the social and economic conditions have gone down the drain. Have the local authorities decided to destroy your favorite park and build some abomination in its place?

Perhaps, after all these years, you simply can’t put up with the unbearable neighbors anymore, or you long for an adventure. Leaving your birthplace, especially when going overseas, will surely fulfill your expectations in that regard. However, while moving to another state alone broadens your horizons and allows you to learn and see exciting things, it is a great test of one’s limits and ability to cope without friends and family. On the other hand, wherever you move (whether you’re eyeing one of the suburbs of Chicago or you want to live in Boston), there’ll be potential new friends so don’t worry too much about relocation depression.

Lastly, there’s the climate. If you are tired of snow, winds, and ice in your Midwestern hometown, it is only natural that you might want to succumb to the summons of the shiny West Coast. Of course, going the other way and relocating out of San Francisco and figuring out where to move from Los Angeles is also perfectly legitimate and to be expected.

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Health Issues as Reasons to Move

Relocation can be dictated by health, too. In today’s world, folks sometimes need a literal breath of fresh air. Getting away from pollution is very important to many chronic patients. Harsh environments, both hot and cold, can seriously affect health. It is obvious, also, why those with bad knees or backs would opt to swap their skyscraper flat for a suburban or rural one-story house and relocate to the suburbs.

If any of this seems familiar, maybe it’s time for you to start gathering best-sized boxes for moving and learn some packing tips and tricks so you can avoid common moving mistakes. And now, let’s move on to the most cited reasons to move and discuss them in some detail.

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Relocating where you want or need to live

1. New Home as Motivation for Moving

Housing is probably the most important reason why people decide to relocate, and among the top things to consider when relocating to a new state. Your home may get too small for your needs and desires, but it can also become all too big.

Think of, for example, parents whose children have grown up and left. Their big family home suddenly feels like an empty husk. Moving to a smaller home is an obvious step for them. Or maybe your living space keeps getting cramped up by tons of stuff that you don’t really need. Again, a house or apartment of a more appropriate size is the solution. Fewer rooms mean that lots of things will have to stay behind, and a perfect way to get rid of them is by donating unwanted items. It’s much more effective than wasting time packing furniture, clothes, and other belongings just to let them wither away in some storage unit.

Lastly, going smaller is much more convenient in terms of maintenance, and expenses will undoubtedly be lower. If the cost of living is the reason for relocation there are a few ways you can reduce your moving expenses. The smart thing to do would be to find the cheapest way to move out of state, estimate the value of household goods, and decide what you can sell for some extra cash to reduce the costs of moving before you go house-hunting. However, before all of this don’t forget to make an inventory of your current home, so that you can have some lovely memories of it.

A Desire for a Touch of Bigger and Better – Recent Trends in Moving

Though small has its advantages, it is natural for people to aspire for bigger and better. When you figure out where you should relocate, you’ll probably choose to move to a big city, after all, that’s a dream of many boys and girls.

A bigger home is an obvious step for folks who are moving with kids. As the children grow up, they all want a room of their own. And to be honest, we all wish that our kids come of age in safer and more affluent parts of the city. Good schools in the area are also an indispensable asset when making a decision. It is well-known that certain high schools prepare teenagers for college much better than others.

If you are moving with a dog know that in recent years, more and more families choose to relocate to more pet-friendly or greener neighborhoods, or they have simply made and saved enough money that they can afford a new place. Maybe they want a specific household design from scratch. They can, at last, have the study they wanted their entire life. Why not get it, then?

Being a homeowner carries a lot of responsibilities, but you’ll be on your own turf. No more splashing hard-earned money on rent. Every cent you spend on your abode becomes an investment. The opportunity to practice your hobbies in the comfort of your room is a nice enough perk if nothing else. More level-headed folks might take into account the cost of utilities, insurance, and local taxes when opting for a place to move.

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Choice of a better house is a top reason to move

2. Relocation for Work

The job comes up second among the top reasons to move. Today’s world asks for a mobile workforce, and both current and potential employees should be ready to relocate at any given time. The economy is such that there are many jobs that require relocation. The new workplace can be in another US state, or even overseas. Therefore, it’s important to know what potential relocation questions to ask the employer. If there’s a chance that the employer sends you far away, you should at least be aware of the conditions. An employee can be sent away to do a specific task or to boost another branch of a company.

Another possible situation is when a person moves somewhere else to get a job. In the neighboring town, a stellar career and a high salary from a stable job with lots of room for advancement may await.

Going to another city or relocating long-distance without a solid plan may seem like an adventure, but we don’t recommend it. Such endeavors can end up badly and can cause relocation anxiety, so try to land a job before you move. Knowing that something is waiting for you on the other side is a mighty moving stress reliever, and don’t we all need as many of those as possible?

If you’re single and have to move because you found a job before relocating to another state, consider renting storage for your belongings, especially if you expect to be back in your hometown after a relatively short time away.

You’d Like Your Home for Retirement Someplace Else

There are also those who relocate not to get a job, but because they no longer have to work. As we grow older, our needs change. The fierce desire for new and exciting stuff gets replaced by the wish to be closer to family and to increase safety. So older people might prefer living closer to their children and grandchildren, but also further from the urban jungle. Life can be much more comfortable that way.

Also, as we grow older, our needs for medical care might increase. Retirees usually want to be situated in a calm and safe area, with mild weather conditions, lots of green spaces, low crime rates, and many amenities with easy access. Lower costs are always a plus.

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Relocating for a job may mean better living conditions, not just a change of place

3. Family and Love, Found or Lost

Relocating for love is one of the best experiences in the world, as many would argue. Whether you are just married, your family became larger and you need to live in a larger space, or you and your significant other decided to turn a long-distance relationship into a conventional one and move in together, it is an exciting experience.

There are somewhat different needs and requirements, though. Families will first ask about how kid-friendly or how safe a neighborhood is. Also, while looking for the best cities to raise a family in the US, schools will be of paramount significance, like parks and playgrounds. On the other hand, if you’re moving for a relationship, the main concerns will probably be how you two will handle the transition and the storage space to stash your stuff. In both cases, auto transport may have a significant influence. You better check up on how does car shipping works and transport a car across the country efficiently.

Of course, there is the opposite side, too. Unfortunately, marriages and relationships sometimes break apart. After that happens, one of the partners has to move and find a new house or apartment for themselves.

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Live together to be happier

4. College Application Accepted? Time to Pack!

Getting admitted to the preferred college is one of the most significant events in a young person’s life. It might also mean that they will have to move to another city. A college dorm will become their address for the next few years. New people and a chance to live on one’s own rules – exciting, indeed. In a way, going to college might fulfill the young person’s yearning for adventure and discovering so far unknown shores.

What People We Know Also Cite as Reasons to Move

So, those were the most common reasons for people to relocate. But they’re not the only ones by a long shot. They vary from person to person. Some of them will say that they wanted to meet new folk. Some went overseas to master the language of the destination country. Others just got bored with everyday life and opted to live in another city. More level-headed folk might save some cash and decide to go for that home in the rapidly changing neighborhood before the price spirals out of range. Maybe the landlord decreed that the house or apartment a tenant lives in isn’t pet-friendly anymore.

After all, the “why” isn’t all that important once you feel that now is the best time of the year to move. As soon as you give yourself an affirmative response to the question “Should I move?,” you can sit back, relax, and start to ponder on the question “Where should I move?” and “Who should I hire for cross country moving services.” But be prepared for one side-effect. Believe it or not, most folks who have moved say that being far from home has made them appreciate it a lot more.


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