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Kate Holland

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Things to Consider When Moving to a New State

No one has ever said that leaving the safety of your everyday setting was easy. After all, there are many things to consider when moving to a new state, and you may start feeling overwhelmed. But if you gradually go through the preparatory phase, the relocation itself will be a piece of cake.

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Before you leave through the front door, decide where you want to land

People are driven to move for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because life leads them in another way, and sometimes they take the initiative to make a significant change. Some of you are moving out of state alone, and for the first time, so you have no idea what awaits you nor what to expect. And others have made a hard decision to leave their current workplace, pack up the whole household and take their family with them to seek better career opportunities. But since moving from one state to another can prove to be quite complex, you need to be ready as much as you can.

One of the First Things to Consider When Moving to a New State Is Your Future Location

If you are relocating for a relationship, you’ve already made a huge decision of leaving your independence behind and settling in another part of the country where you’ll be with your SO. It’s a bit easier when you know where you are going, especially if you are relocating to an area you’ve managed to visit multiple times. But if you simply need a change of scenery and you are on the lookout for the best outdoor towns, you will have to sit down and do proper research.

The Costs in a Potential Destination Are Among the Most Decisive Factors

While it’s important to figure out the best cities to raise a family in Florida because you’ve always dreamed about living in a warm climate, you will need to get acquainted with several things first. Planning a move to another city must include getting familiar with the job market (major industries and employment statistics,) the costs of living there, as well as the climate. Once you decide which area is a perfect fit for you, it’s time to pick the city.

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Research the City of Your Dreams and Visit if You Can

Depending on what you’re seeking in your future life, you may choose to relocate to San Diego or to live in Austin. One is known for its pristine beaches and near-perfect climate, with thriving start-ups and tech companies, while the other is a hub for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. But whichever place you prefer to call home, you should get to know it, in every aspect.

Even when the cost of living is high, like the cost of living in San Diego is, the place may make up for it with a fantastic job market. If you’re looking for the best places to live in California for young adults, you are probably interested in the nightlife and entertainment options. Those searching for the best cities to raise a family in the US will seek popular educational hubs with high safety levels, too. But to get a true feel of the city, you should visit it if you can. No one can explain or present the vibe of a place like when you experience it firsthand.

Decide on the Corner of the City You’ll Call Home

While lists that name the best neighborhoods in Seattle or any other place in the US can be helpful, after you pick the destination of your dreams, you need to consider which parts of it suit your personality and lifestyle. Here are the types of neighborhoods you may come across in your search:

  • Urban cores are mostly located near the downtown of a city. They are usually highly walkable with great access to public transportation. They are also densely populated, with high-rises and other tall buildings dominating the area. If you’re looking for the urban hustle and bustle, access to fantastic dining opportunities, shopping, and major business areas, this is the type of neighborhood you should look out for.
  • Master-planned communities are a perfect fit for those who want to live in larger residential districts. They are usually located near the center of a city but are also strategically planned to include many amenities while being very walkable. You’ll find many single homes here and a lot of outdoor opportunities, right next to grocery stores, parks, shops, and everything else a family or a young professional could look for.
  • Suburban districts are a contrast to urban cores – being far away from the core and all the urban buzz, with residences more spread out and lower walkability. These neighborhoods offer peaceful living and usually incorporate a great commute connection to busier parts of the place.
  • Active adult neighborhoods are very similar to master-planned ones, with single homes, high walkability, and many great amenities incorporated. They are also strategically planned, but with one huge difference – they are age-restricted. These communities are created for ages 55 and up and are great for encouraging an active lifestyle with its residents.
  • Historic districts have a great appeal both to tourists and future residents. They are quite charming and incorporate stunning architectural styles preserved by their residents. But just because an area has beautiful architecture doesn’t mean it’s deemed historic. This is determined by the United States Department of Interior and then entered in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Pocket communities are a great pick for those that want to be in a neighborhood that is tucked away inside a larger area. They usually have tight-knit communities and give off a feel of cottages that surround a green open space. Many people find this type of neighborhood highly appealing, especially in large metropolitan areas.

Each of these neighborhoods is distinct culturally and offers something different to future residents, so pick wisely when choosing an area to your liking.

If you’ve never taken a sneak peek into any master-planned communities, you can take a look at the following video and see how lovely the Sienna community in Texas is.

Analyze the Job Market and Apply for a Position

While it’s essential to start saving money to move as soon as you decide to relocate, the more important thing is to find a job when relocating to another state. Start off by thoroughly analyzing the job market, and be on the lookout for an open position in your field of work. Check LinkedIn regularly to be sure you apply right away when the opportunity arises.

Additional things to do before moving out of state include sprucing up your resume and adding all the past experiences and skills. A bonus tip is to exclude your current address and mention it in the cover letter, along with a general date of your move.

Check the Safety of a Place Before Moving Cross Country

No matter whether you’re relocating with your family or on your own, the safety of your future area is an important factor you should consider. There are various tools to help you check how safe your neighborhood is, like seeking information about a district through NeighborhoodScout. You can also get informed through a local police station.

It’s worth noting that the safer a neighborhood is, the better the education system will be. And with better schools come higher housing prices. It’s a good thing to have in mind when looking for house hunting tips.

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The safety levels of a place are an important factor to consider

The Healthcare System Is an Important Factor, Too

We all have different factors we look for in a place. When we’re young, we usually don’t pay any attention to whether the healthcare system in our place of living is good or bad. But since we’ll be changing the health insurance to another state, informing ourselves on healthcare should be one of the decisive factors. People who are taking their families with them, along with those who have some health issues, will consider it their top priority and high on their checklist for moving out of state.

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Statistically, employers in the US cover over 80% of healthcare costs

Consider Other Factors When You’re Moving Out of State With a Child

Figuring out how to move to a new state when you’re relocating with kids takes a few more steps. Arrangements can get a bit chaotic as the relocation day draws near, so you should not only prepare yourself for it but your children, too. Parents should put an emphasis on it, no matter how many organizational tasks they will have to take care of and however complex the move is. After all, if your kids are enjoying the change, it will help you organize your move more efficiently and with less stress.

Talk to Your Children About Moving to a New State and Prepare Them for the Move

No matter whether you are a parent to toddlers or teens, changing the environment is not a small change for them, just like it isn’t for you. There can be many effects of relocating on a child, and parents should turn negative feelings into positive ones by talking to them. Prepare them not only physically for the move (by paying for packing services to take care of their toys and clothes) but also emotionally. They will be leaving all their friends behind, their school, home, and their known surroundings.

You can overcome any anxiety about moving out that can overwhelm them by talking to them. You should point out all the benefits of the relocation and remind them that they can stay in touch with their peers on a regular basis. Also, include them in the preparations, and make them feel like their help matters. If you are relocating with pets, let them be responsible for their furry companions. Also, let them help throughout the home, and pack their own stuff.

Get Informed on the Best Schools and Transfer Records

What should you look for when moving to a new state? If you’ve already looked up which are the best cities for education, the next step is to consider which school will suit your kids, and perhaps your budget, too. Research the public schools, and take a look at the private ones in that area before you make your final decision. You should also contact their current school to let them know about the upcoming relocation and obtain the records. Transfer them to another school as soon as you move, so your children don’t miss out on their education.

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Parents may consider better education for their kids one of the top factors for a relocation

Contact Cross-Country Movers to Know the Cost of the Move

Getting professional help for your move is a wise choice, so make finding a reliable long-distance moving company one of the crucial things to do when you move to a new state. Hiring movers may not be the cheapest way to move out of state available, but nothing tops the safety and efficiency of a great cross-country moving company and their invaluable cross-country moving services.

If you are interested in the cost of the move and other expenses you might have, give them a call and ask to estimate the value of household goods. Make sure you consider getting a fast and secure auto transport service for your vehicle. Also, think about investing in a storage service if you are not sure whether you’ll be relocating furniture with you or not.

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A reliable company offers unparalleled help for any type of move

After Thorough Preparations, Set Your Sails Towards a Fresh Start

Finally – is moving to a new state a good idea? Changing your environment and making a home elsewhere can be very beneficial both to you and your family. It will allow you to learn a thing or two, gain experiences, expand your views and enjoy living in a completely different setting. After you’ve decided where to live, all that is left is to call long-distance movers, make sure you have packed your bags, and then simply step into the sun with a smile on your face.


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