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Wanna Go for a Hike? These are the Best Outdoor Towns in the US

Americans love to chase adventures. Luckily the US is so diverse and rich that here you can do everything from chasing down waterfalls to conquering extreme hikes. However, if you want to have those adventures available all the time, settling in one of the best outdoor towns is the solution. So, without further ado, check out the list of all the greatest spots all nature-lovers should consider as their future home.

small outdoor town overlay
The next spot you call home should offer plenty of wide-open spaces

How Can You Tell Where Is the Best Place to Live if You Love the Outdoors?

When one of the main reasons for your move is the need for wide-open spaces, answering questions like Which state has the best outdoors and Where do you move if you love the outdoors is a must.

With that in mind, long before you start gathering packing materials and looking for appropriate long-distance moving services, write down all the basic things the new location should offer. Check the parks, other open spaces, as well as hiking and biking trails. However, don’t forget to look into basics such as housing, job opportunities, and safety levels.

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Before hiring a long distance moving company, ensure the new location can offer everything you need

Wyoming Has Some of the Best Towns for Outdoor Lovers

The state of Wyoming is broken by many mountain ranges, which is great news for people looking to settle in one of the best locations for nature-lovers. Different ecoregions create colorful foliage. So if you want to relocate to a place where you can enjoy fishing, but also at the same time hiking and biking, there are a few towns in Wyoming you should check out.

Cody is a true cowboy town that is the perfect getaway for those looking for adventures in Wyoming. From Cody, you can spot various mountain peaks and access the Shoshone River. The place is rich with entertainment options, so you won’t ever be bored.

Another place to consider is Jackson. It offers challenging hikes that will put to the test even the fittest people. When you settle in, make sure you check out Paintbrush Divide, a 14-mile hike up to Sleeping Indian and Teton Crest Trail. You won’t regret it.

Wooden cabin in the middle of the meadow overlay
Scenery in Wyoming leaves everybody speechless

There Are More Than a Few Spots in California Ideal for Enjoying Nature

There are plenty of cities in California great for raising children, as well as amazing spots for young adults. However, the question is – what are the best locations for nature-lovers? The answer to this question will depend on your needs. Do you prefer the beach over the mountains? Biking and hiking over sunbathing? Whatever your answer might be, California surely has a place you can settle in.

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It Is Possible to Spend a Perfect Day Outside

With 840 miles of coastline, California has plenty to offer when it comes to water sports, sunbathing and other beach-related activities. However, the state is not only about the sandy shores. Yes, San Luis Obispo and LA are made for surfer types, but if you are more into hiking, there are other spots you can settle in.

Incredible diverse landscapes make this state a special hiking paradise. There is something for everyone from snow-capped Mount Shasta, where you can find Gray Butte Trail, to Sea Lion Point Trail in Point Lobos. No matter how fit you are, you will be able to find the trail that you like.

A man standing at the top of the hill overlay
Diverse scenery makes California ideal for hikers

Big Sky in Montana Is One of the Best Outdoor Cities in the US

Located in Montana, just south of Bozeman, lies Big Sky, a paradise for all nature lovers. The area is just outside Yellowstone National Park, and it is located along the Gallatin River. With so many natural sights in its vicinity, the town is ideal for people that want to spend days exploring wide-open spaces.

From breathtaking scenery to hiking trails that go for days, there is always something new to see and explore in Big Sky. You just have to pack good shoes when leaving the old place. After you settle down and unpack the boxes, start exploring some of the top-rated hiking trails, such as:

  • Ousel Falls Hike – a great 1.6-mile round hike with moderately sloped areas is great for everybody, no matter their level of fitness. Also, there are several spots with picnic tables that are great for having lunch in the woods.
  • Bacon Rind Hike – this easy walk 2.1 miles long is very kid-friendly. Meaning that those relocating with kids can bring them along to explore. If you want to spot wildlife, start your walk early in the morning. However, you should avoid hiking after dusk because bears are spotted on multiple occasions.
  • Red Cliff Hike – is a trail at least 10 miles long, and it goes to the Red Cliff camping site. The red cliffs and blue river provide all the hikers with breathtaking scenery. However, you should be wary of wildlife.
  • Beehive Basin Hiking Trail – is one of the most popular trails in Big Sky. Its primary use is for running, backpacking, hiking, and camping. The trail is pet-friendly, making it an ideal visiting spot for those relocating with dogs.

Remember, if you are dreaming about relocating to a large city, settling in Big Sky might not be the answer since it is home to approximately 3,000 residents. However, if your wish is to settle in a spot with large open spaces and plenty of entertainment opportunities, you can’t go wrong with Big Sky.

For more information about this location, check out the video below.

Colorado Has Some of the Best Outdoor Towns in America

Those that want to relocate to Colorado have plenty of things to think about when choosing the location to settle in. Let’s start with a small, tight-knit community that is Salida. With a population of around 5,500, this is the place where you can fish, hike and bike around without having to worry about the traffic. Also, there are open trails all year round, so the fun doesn’t stop when it starts to snow.

The next place worth mentioning is Fort Collins. Here two things reign – beer and biking. This is the college town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, so you know there will be some excellent hiking trails for you to explore. It is not only about fun and games, it is also a great place to start a tech startup if you are relocating looking for a job.

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Embrace wide open spaces Colorado has to offer

Traverse City in Michigan Is an Excellent Spot for All Nature Lovers

Moving statistics show that the main trend when it comes to relocation during corona is going from huge metropolises to smaller areas. If you are one of those people looking for a spot where you can bike, hike, fish, and enjoy other nature-related adventures, Traverse City in Michigan might be the answer.

Even though it might not be a metropolis, it certainly isn’t a remote outpost. The area is a foodie paradise, where you can find some excellent culinary creations. It is also a place with more than 35 miles long beaches. On top of that, a 17-mile long Leelanau Trail is just close by, and it offers to its visitors picturesque scenery, vineyards, ponds, forests, and lakes.

Traverse City Is the Best Place if You Are Planning to Buy a New Home

When relocating to a new home, you have to go over the moving budget and decide whether you are going to buy or rent a place. Luckily, when relocating to Traverse City, becoming a homeowner is not just an impossible dream. After all, around 62% of all the population are homeowners.

With a median home value of $266,100 (according to Niche) and a good variety of properties to choose from, you won’t need a lot of time to close in on a deal. Just remember to employ all the house hunting tips imaginable, and you will surely land a dream home.

A house and cows in Traverse City overlay
The area is famous for promoting a farm-to-fork eating culture

New York City Has Plenty to Offer to Newcomers

Not a town per se, but the city that never sleeps. As an urban and concrete jungle, you might wonder how it can be an excellent place for nature-lovers? It is quite simple actually, NYC is huge, so there are plenty of parks, beaches, and hiking trails you can explore when you start craving wide-open spaces.

Relocating to NYC will put you in a spot that has more than 1,700 parks across its five boroughs. Depending on where you live in NYC, some locations will be closer and more accessible than others. However, no matter where you end up, there are so many things to do in NYC, and here are some of the greatest ones in each borough:

  • Bronx – Start your adventures by exploring Thain Family Forest, the largest original woodland of NYC. Or stop by the Botanical Garden and enjoy different flora that’s growing on 250 acres of land. Also, when you are done visiting the Botanical Garden, check out the rest of the Bronx Park. It has 718 acres, so there will be plenty of places you can walk around.
  • Brooklyn – Those settled in this borough shouldn’t miss out on Brooklyn Bridge Park. Not only is it alongside the river, but it also offers a beautiful view of Manhattan. Bird-watchers will be happy to learn that they can enjoy their hobby by visiting Salt Marsh Nature Center whenever they want. Also, there you can kayak, paddleboard and bike.
  • Manhattan – the borough is not only about business people and huge buildings. Here you can enjoy kayaking at Pier 26, stroll through Bryant Park, and play golf at the Hudson River Park.
  • Queens – Go to Fort Totten Park and explore it on foot. There you will find an abandoned Civil War fort and many open green spaces. Also, stop by Brooklyn Grange Farms and Apiary (yes, they are in Queens), and check out the largest rooftop soil farms.
  • Staten Island – exploring this borough should start at Silver Lake Park. The spot nowadays includes tennis and golf courses, bike and hike paths as well as softball fields. Everything a person needs for a fun day outside. Next on the list should be the Chinese Scholar’s Garden, a location where you can enjoy Koi-filled ponds and cherry trees.
Central Park NYC overlay
Urban jungle also has vast open spaces for newcomers to enjoy

In Burlington, Vermont You’ll Never Run Out of Outdoor Entertainment Options

If you are wondering where you should move and still be able to enjoy the small-town culture and great outdoors, Burlington might be the answer. This town in Vermont is just south of the Canadian border and on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain.

Here you can spend mornings getting groceries from the farmers market and then hop in the car and drive to Lake Champlain and enjoy the rest of the day. And when you get there, if you are in the mood for hiking, there is a 12-mile path that goes along the shoreline. With the Green Mountains and Adirondacks just close by, this path gets really popular during the fall because people just appreciate the foliage.

Furthermore, when you finally settle in, you can explore the rest of the area. Just remember to pack up warm clothes since the winter can be pretty cold.

White boat on the lake in Burlington overlay
As the most populous city in Vermont, Burlington has a lot to offer to newcomers

Moving Cross Country to an Outdoor Paradise Will Be Easy With the Right Long Distance Movers

When you go through our list and figure out exactly what you want and need in your next destination, it is time to start planning the move. Start by finding the top-rated cross-country moving company to help you with the whole process. Next, go over all the cross-country moving services, and opt for those you need the most.

For example, cross-country movers can provide you with packing assistance, as well as with a car shipping service. And while the movers are doing all the heavy lifting, you can prepare for a new beginning in a town filled with entertainment options of your choosing.


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