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Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic? Here’s How to Perform It Safely

Many things have changed, and it seems like every aspect of our lives has been affected by the outbreak of Covid 19. The same goes for the relocation. If you are thinking about moving during Coronavirus and you can’t delay it, make sure you stay safe with our useful tips.

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Find out more about moving during Covid

Moving during a pandemic can be very complicated. There are restrictions and guidelines that have to be followed. Otherwise, you might jeopardize your health or the health of those around you. Learn more about moving during Covid-19 – should you do it, under what conditions, and how to do it safely.

Moving During Coronavirus – What Makes it Risky?

This sudden and dramatic change has impacted the whole world in just a few months, and everything changed. Nothing’s like it used to be, and some of us haven’t seen our loved ones for a long time. The virus has caused a lot of problems, and the biggest risk is how easily it spreads. Droplets from the mouth and nose are transmitted from one person to another, and after just a talk with someone in close proximity, you could get infected. Closed spaces have become dangerous, while there should be a six feet distance between people in open space. Take a look at this short video that explains how coronaviruses work:

How Covid 19 Affected Relocation Companies?

Just as in all other industries, the relocation and transportation industry has been affected by these changes. A mover can’t start working remotely because this business asks for direct contact between the drivers and movers, as well as the contact between movers and the client. Workers also handle various items with their hands and visit several homes in one day. That puts them at a high risk of getting infected.

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Relocation Companies and Their Movers Have Adapted Since the Covid 19 Outbreak

The whole industry had to adapt to the novel virus so that they can continue to work. Professionals had taken measures to stay safe and to continue with providing their customers with the best service:

  • All of the equipment the movers use is frequently disinfected.
  • The trucks and storage are sanitized.
  • All movers wear gloves and masks at all times.
  • The client is only in contact with one person instead of the whole team.
  • There are video calls to estimate the value of household goods. This will also help you with making a household inventory list.
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Currently, the main goal of every mover is to keep themselves and their clients safe and healthy

What Do the USPS Data Show?

According to the data from USPS from February to July last year, millions of people have requested to change their address. Some asked for a temporary change, and some wanted a permanent one. The reasons vary – somebody moved to be closer to their family, and some folks just wanted to live somewhere less populated. Because of the change in all industries, many lost their jobs, which means that they weren’t able to pay their rent and bills anymore, and they had to move somewhere cheaper. College campuses closed, so students had to move as well.

USPS data shows that people didn’t stop relocating even with this virus. Almost 16 million people moved in the period between February and July 2020, which is more than in the same period last year. In 2019, 15.3 million residents filed for a change of address. The ratio between permanent and temporary moves is still similar, but the data shows that the most significant increase was with temporary filers, and it happened during the first six months of the pandemic.

A lot of folks have escaped metropolitan areas that are densely populated since the virus spreads between those in close proximity. The city of New York has lost almost 111,000 residents, and it’s followed by Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. On the other side, many Texas cities have gained residents. Katy, Richmond, and Frisco, TX, have gotten a few thousand residents more during 2020. Others who lived in highly-populated areas such as SF, LA, Brooklyn, NY, and Chicago have flocked to suburbs nearby.

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Almost sixteen million residents couldn’t delay their moves when the virus started spreading

Is it Safe to Move During Covid Pandemic?

The shortest answer is that it can be. However, it can also be risky. Apart from worrying about how to deal with relocation stress, you’ll have to think about how to stay healthy while moving during Covid 19. With the measures listed above, the exposure to the virus is reduced to a minimum, but it still exists. Even if you don’t get infected during a pick-up, you might still catch it during the move, depending on how you plan to travel to another state. Also, other people that you’ll be in contact with are also a potential danger. For example, if you plan to donate unwanted items to someone, you must stay socially distanced and wear a mask so you don’t jeopardize your health. Do everything you can to stay away from the virus when long-distance moving.

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Stay distanced with whoever you are in contact with when relocating

Can I Move During Coronavirus?

You can, the companies adapted to this situation, so there’s no need for the anxiety about moving out during a pandemic. Moving during lockdown wasn’t possible, but if there aren’t any restrictions from the states, you can easily move, just like before the disease hit. Just prepare your relocation budget, learn how to change your address when you move, and how to get a job before you move and you are ready to go.

If You Can, Postpone Moving During Coronavirus

On the other hand, it’s quite evident that moving during a pandemic isn’t the best time to move. If you have any flexibility and there’s a chance to delay your move, you should do that. This is especially important for those in a high-risk group – people with lung diseases, cancer, heart conditions, those older than sixty, chronic kidney disease, and more.

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If you haven’t already, check if you’re in some of the high-risk groups

How to Move During Coronavirus?

Many people don’t have the flexibility when it comes to their day of the move. If your reasons to move demand to do it right away, learn how to prepare. In case you got one of the jobs that require relocation, or you have a military move, you should take a look at our tips on how to move during Covid 19:

  • Keep the social distance, don’t shake hands, and talk only to the one mover representing the crew,
  • Don’t touch your face unless you washed your hands,
  • Keep the mask on and wear gloves,
  • Avoid physical contact with the cross-country movers,
  • Make sure that every mover has enough disinfectants available nearby,
  • Clean while you’re packing – disinfect all the surfaces that the long-distance movers will touch,
  • Pack a box with disinfectants and keep it in sight so that you can unpack it first once you arrive,
  • Buy new packing materials for the relocation – this could be one of the crucial moving hacks with this situation going on. The virus stays on hard surfaces for long enough to infect even those who were not in direct contact. According to the World Health Organization, the virus stays “up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, up to four hours on copper, and up to 24 hours on cardboard”.

In case you’re feeling even the slightest symptoms of the virus, such as cough or a fever, cancel your plans and stay isolated. This also stands for all of your family members if you’re relocating with kids. It’s better to have a last-minute move than to risk and spread the virus.

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It’s important to keep the virus under control and to do everything we can to stop the spread

What to Do After Relocating?

After your move is complete, there are still some measures you can take. Make sure you deep clean your new home before you start to unpack after a move. Find that one box you filled with disinfectants and wipe all the surfaces, light switches, knobs, handles, and floors. Since the virus stays 24 hours on cardboard, you can choose to wipe each box before leaving it in your new home, or you can take all the boxes to some other clean place such as a separate room. After one day, you can take them and start unpacking. Wash your hands frequently, and don’t touch your face. If possible, leave your windows open while unpacking.

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Liquid soap and warm water will save your health

If You’re Moving During the Pandemic, Choose the Best Company

Doing business with a reputable and trustworthy cross-country moving company has never been more important than now. You need someone who can provide you with every long-distance moving service you require and still respect all the measures. You should choose someone you can trust to help you with cross-country moving and auto shipping and provide you with international moving if that’s what you’re interested in. Their packing services should be impeccable, and you should be able to purchase all kinds of boxes and packing supplies from them. In case you need a storage unit, it must be sanitized and disinfected. If you decide to purchase an insurance policy, the company should provide you with that as well.

Professionals Are Open for All Questions You Would Want to Ask

If you are planning on moving during Covid, don’t hesitate to call or to send an email to the long distance moving company you chose. A team of professionals will gladly help you and answer all the questions you may have. Moving cross country isn’t a very simple process, and there might be quite a few dilemmas that could bother you. If you wish to find out how does car shipping work or how much do movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment, a crew of trained agents will have the answer for you. Check out the recommendations for relocation companies and their hourly rate, and choose cross-country moving services that fit your needs.


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