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How Much Do Movers Cost for a One Bedroom Apartment?

Millions of people move every year. If you’re about to join the ranks, you might want to know how much movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment. We gathered some average prices and other details for you. After all, having a properly thought-out budget is a cornerstone of a smooth transition to a new home.

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Want to know the average cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment? You're in right place

Wondering How Much Do Movers Cost for a One-Bedroom Apartment? Here Are the Things to Keep in Mind

The exact cost of relocation if you hire professional moving services depends on many factors, but some average basic expenses can be calculated. Overall, the price ranges from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars.

The Rate of the Company Matters

Not every moving company charges the same amount. So before you book a date, contact as many companies as possible and get a quote for their services. You’ll also find out what is included in their offer. For example, whether they provide free storage space or auto shipping services. If they do, it would be useful for you to know how does car shipping work before booking the transport of your car across the country.

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Is the Rate the Same for Moving Locally and Cross Country?

No, it’s not. If you’re relocating to the suburbs nearby, it is good to know that local moving is usually charged by the hour for a crew of two and a truck. But, if you’re relocating from Dallas to Atlanta neighborhoods, i.e., a long-distance move, you’ll be charged based on the household inventory list, mileage, number of rooms, or a combination of those. The American Moving & Storage Association has calculated that the average cost for local relocation of a one-bedroom apartment is around 2,300 USD. At the same time, long-distance one is almost double that amount, 4,300 USD.

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Calculating the costs of moving to a new home is complex and you need to take many factors into account.

Timing Does Count

Your moving budget will be affected by the timing of the move as well. So, what is the best time of year to move? The peak of the moving season runs from May to September, so moving in the summer is quite steeper than moving in winter, due to higher demand. Also, whatever might be your reasons to move, keep in mind that relocating on weekends and moving during the holidays will be more expensive. Choosing winter for house-hunting and relocation could be the cheapest time of the year to move. So if you have not found a job before moving to another state, and you’re more flexible with dates, this is something you should consider.

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Companies charge more for their services in warmer months when people are off from work and school

What Else Affects the Price

Have you decided where to move? If so, it is time to figure out what affects your overall relocation price. The basic quote you’ll get from shipping companies covers only labor and transport of your belongings. Everything beyond that is subject to additional costs. For example, you can pay a company for full or partial packing services. It is also possible to buy boxes and packing supplies such as bubble wrap and packing paper from them. Disassembling furniture often isn’t covered by the basic price. However, some not so obvious things are also charged for.

How Much Do Movers Cost for a One-Bedroom Apartment – Special Additions

Though they may seem like a natural part of the moving process, stairs, for example, are a source of additional moving expenses, in case movers have to carry your belongings up or down. The same goes for the use of elevators. So, if your home is in a residential block, there’s little chance to avoid being charged for those services.

Then there are long carries. Different shippers have different rules about the distance their movers carry boxes. Once that distance is exceeded, certain fees kick in. Additional expenses also await if the moving truck can’t park in front of your home, so the stuff has to be shuttled to the nearest available parking spot. Besides, depending on the quality of work and preferences, you might want to tip the workers when the job is done.

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If movers have to provide specific services, from packing up your home to long carries, it'll cost you more

Special Items

If you’re lucky enough to own any valuable but heavy and difficult-to-move object, such as a piano, be prepared to splash some more cash into relocation. Packing up and relocating pianos counts among the more specialized services on the market. In some cases, there’s the need for hoisting, e.g., lowering the instrument from a balcony or window, instead of carrying out through the front door. Hoisting usually isn’t covered by the basic price.

Tips for Lowering Costs When Moving

So far, we talked only about expenses and more expenses. Luckily, there are also ways to reduce costs when moving. For starters, estimate the value of household goods and then sell or donate unwanted items, especially if you’re moving into a smaller home. That is one of the cheapest ways to move out of state –  you’ll lower the volume of stuff, there won’t be bulky furniture or many boxes filled with books, that need to be shipped.

The other possibility is to get packing materials for moving yourself. With a bit of leg work, you can get all the boxes you need for free from the local retailers or warehouses or at a cheaper price from others who have moved before you.

Save the Receipts

A useful tip in this regard is to save receipts for everything you donate to charity. Once all is done and dusted, they can serve as a basis for a tax deduction. In special cases and places, relocation costs might be tax-deductible.

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You can go the extra mile to reduce the relocation expenses, from packing up yourself to selling stuff from your home

What If You Have to Go DIY

Of course, events sometimes take a surprising turn, maybe you’re forced into last-minute moving, you have decided to move in together with your partner in a spur of a moment, or you simply don’t have enough money to hire professionals. In that case, you’ll probably have to find best-sized boxes, pack your furniture and clothes on your own, and face some (dis)advantages of moving to another state alone. But it can be done if you manage to avoid common moving mistakes and quickly learn and implement tips for packing quickly such as how to pack glassware for movinghow to box up a computer or other electronics, or even how to move house plants. Before you start boxing everything up create photo inventory if you plan on getting insurance for your move. Fortunately, wrapping up a small flat isn’t too tricky, especially with the help of a couple of friends who know some packing tips and tricks.

The only thing that remains is to rent a truck, load it, drive to the new home, and unpack after a move. The average starting price for a small rental truck is around 20 dollars. Rental companies then charge by the mile, and you’re often required to fill some portion of the tank before returning it. Other expenses you can count on include food and accommodation for the trip, as well as tolls, plane tickets, various packing supplies, and so on.

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Relocation without help from a shipping company is possible, but you'll still have to rent a truck and pay for gas

The Price of Professional Cross Country Moving Services Is Usually Worth It

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a big city, or a smaller location, relocations are mostly a matter of experience and routine, but if you want to avoid getting relocation depression, ask for help. Therefore, it’s best to leave it to professionals and even more so in the case of international shipping so you can focus on roommate websites and other stuff. Still, local or not, paying others to do the heavy lifting is among the better ways to deal with moving stress. That, combined with a few adequately applied moving day tips, will show you that every cent given for recommended professional shippers is money well spent.


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