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Where Should I Move Quiz

Picking the wrong destination for your relocation could easily have negative consequences.It is only natural that you ask yourself ‘Where should I move?’ If you’re not happy with your new home, you will not be as driven to work on yourself, socialize, or take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. This is why you should make sure you do all you can to make the right decision. Take a look at our test, ask yourself these questions, give us the answers, and we’ll tell you which city, town, or state in the US would make the most suitable home for you.

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This is not your typical quiz.

Whether You’re a 1980s Baby or a Generation Z – Our Quiz Matches You With a New State to Live In

Don’t worry, this quiz isn’t some made-up five-minute entertainment. We’re not trying to choose a place for your next home based on your zodiac sign. You will be presented with a test with questions and statements regarding your personality, habits, daily routine, hobbies, preferences, career, reasons to move, and so on. Based on this information, you can create quite a good idea of what the ideal choice for a clean slate in your life would be. Every answer may contribute to the final choice, so be honest.

It would be of no use to you to give hip responses just for the sake of it. If you really crave quiet life in the mountains but keep getting West Coast as an ideal place to live, something is not right. This quiz is here for you to define in detail what you love, and what constitutes perfect living conditions. In a world of today, peace of mind is of utmost significance, and for that, you have to love where you are and like what you do.

Popular Categories in Every ‘Where Should I Move’ City Quiz

When it comes to categories of cities, they mostly revolve around the same issues. And rightly so. Is the air clean? Are the traffic networks well developed? Do you prefer to share space with lots of men and women, or a few of them? Is the city’s folk educated or not? Quizzes do not ask these things in vain. Think, for example, how much a taken-for-granted thing such as food affects your mood.

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Tell Us About Your Hobbies, Recent Experiences, and Preferences

Time to take the quiz! Prepare a pen and paper for this test, write down the cities we recommend based on your choices. By the end, you will have a list of the best places to move to.

Start A Quick Personality Test

Before we tell you what the right location for you is, we need to get to know your personality better. Read the following questions and statements in our test and decide on your answers. Think about what is important in your life. Is it the weather? Or maybe your love for food? To be in the same time zone as your long-distance significant other? Is moving into a smaller home an option? Living in the area with lots of jobs, being able to find a job before moving to another state? Or do you wish for a town with vast options for different food? Or a living in a town that offers other joys of living that you may share with your partner or friends?

Each answer to these questions gives a small sign of where you would wish to live.

I prefer summer activities, water sports, and warm weather to gloomy winter days.

  • Yes. If you enjoy warm weather, your ideal destination is a destination that offers summer temperatures year-round. You should look into cities and towns in California and Florida. And if you don’t mind being further away from the ocean, we would definitely recommend Arizona as well.
  • No. Whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast or simply don’t like sweating waterfalls, there are cities all across the US that offer lower average yearly temperatures. Have you considered moving to Alaska? If you’d prefer staying in mainland US, we’d like to recommend the Dakotas. Just keep in mind that there are some things to consider when moving during winter months, besides the fact it could help you reduce the costs of moving.
  • Neither. If you are somewhere in between, or simply undecided, you’ll be happy to know that most locations in the country offer a fair share of both – colder winters and warmer summers.
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Are you a fan of surfing?

I’d rather live close to work and walk than commute.

  • Yes. If you’re a fan of walking or moving with dogs, you’ll be interested to learn that some of the cities in the United States that rank highest in walkability are Washington, D.C., Oakland, CA, Chicago, IL, and, of course, New York, NY. Also, our guide to relocating with your pet can be handy to avoid some common moving mistakes.
  • No. If you prefer the comfort of your car, want to transport it across the country, and you’re interested in how car shipping works generally, here are some locations you should look into: Tucson, AZ, Greensboro, NC, and Fresno, CA. In general, you should avoid larger cities, as they tend to be quite a drag to drive through.
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I’m looking for a family-friendly neighborhood

I recently graduated and am a career-oriented person.

  • Yes. Many cities in America are great for young professionals and established experts alike. These include Scottsdale, AZ, Orlando, FL, and Colorado Springs, CO, to name a few. If you are a young and aspiring professional, you’ll be happy to learn there is a long list of cities that will cater to your career-oriented needs.
  • No, I am family-focused. Do you find it more important to live in a family-friendly area with the high general safety of a neighborhood? Then some of the locations you should look into include Beaverton, OR, Ann Arbor, MI, and Moscow, ID. They all share a community spirit, offer great schooling options, and have numerous amenities. Also, check out these 4 tips that will help you prepare to move with kids as well as some packing tips and tricks that can come in handy when you are boxing up clothes and furniture and creating a photo inventory.
  • No, I’m trying to have fun. If you are at the age where your career and family aren’t that big of a factor yet, and you’re just trying to have some fun and meet people to share a beer with before you settle down, we have some recommendations. Why not look into moving to Miami, FL, New York, NY, or San Diego, CA? The advantages of moving alone are numerous and adjusting to a new country will be a piece of cake for you.

Where Should I Move? – The City Preference Quiz

Of course, the kind of person you are is only one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing the right place for yourself. You should also think about what kind of place exactly are you looking for.

I prefer big cities to smaller towns.

  • Yes. Do the lights of a metropolis brimming with people always leave you speechless? Then you’re bound to fall in love with cities such as New York, NY, Miami, FL, or Chicago, IL. In fact, pretty much every state in the country boasts at least one large city that offers all the opportunities you could imagine and thousands of people to share memories with. Bigger cities are always more expensive than small towns, so consider opting for the cheapest way to move out of state if you’re relocating on a budget, as well as selling or donating unwanted items.
  • No. Luckily, our country also abounds in quiet small towns for people who prefer that kind of a lifestyle. Ever heard of Traverse City, MI, Jacksonville, OR, or Dahlonega, GA?
  • I’d rather move to the country. If the countryside, ranches, and open areas are more of your jam, you can rest assured there is a perfect location for you in the U.S. The states of Kansas, Texas, and Wisconsin offer some great choices.
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Wish to live in a spot where the world looks endless?

I’d rather live on the beach than inland.

  • Yes. The most popular beachfront cities to move to include, among others, Santa Monica, CA, Honolulu, HI, and Ocean City, MD. They all have their fair share of a city-vibe while still being close to the beach and water.
  • No. If you don’t care much for the beach, you should look into some of the greatest inland cities in the United States. These include Minneapolis, MN, Santa Fe, NM, and Asheville, NC.
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Quizzes are many, but the final answer is one.

Of course, the most important thing you should take into consideration when deciding where you would like to move to is the simple question: where do I want to live? We’re sure you have some top choices on your mind already. Whether it is the town you grew up in or one where your best friend is, we all have particular preferences. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge these wishes when making your final decision, it will help you avoid relocation depression. No test or moving tips we share can truly tell you what you want – only you know that. The best time of the year to move is whenever you are ready, so take your time.

We Guess Right? Here Are More Articles to Help You Choose

Are you still not sure where you would like to move to, even after taking our quiz? No need to worry – we’ve prepared some more articles and blog posts to help you reach your decision without getting moving stress. Check out our list of the best cities to live in the United States. You might also be interested in learning everything you need to know if you’re planning to move to the countryside, the suburbs, a big city, or simply a state you have never been to. Furthermore, when you decide where you will relocate, check out some ways you can reduce moving expenses and save up money.

Have you chosen the best destination for yourself to start house-hunting yet? Then don’t waste any more time, give Cross Country Moving Company a call and let us help you with your relocation. From moving services to auto transport, we do it all. Give us a call today and one of our customer service agents will provide you with a quote for our services and answer all your questions. We are looking forward to helping you move.


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