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Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

Adjusting to a New Country

Moving somewhere across the world is an exciting adventure, but adjusting to a new country, its culture and environment can be a very difficult thing. Not to mention the constant worry about packing everything you need before moving abroad, and transporting it successfully to a future destination. One of the best tips is to embrace the novelty and get the most of it. After all, our experiences help us grow and build our personalities.

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It will take some time but you will adjust to a new place.

Research All Topics and Aspects of Your New Country

When you decide where you should move, figure out how to reduce relocation expenses, and pick the best time of the year to move, start researching. Information is power, so the first thing to do is get some books about the country you are traveling to and read about all the aspects of life there. Knowing where you are going will lower your relocation anxiety and help you avoid getting relocation depression and maybe give you even more reasons why you should move there.

You should also read travel guides and learn some packing tips and tricks to avoid common moving mistakes. For example, save up some money on relocation expenses by finding free packing materials for moving – especially bubble wrap and packing paper. Don’t forget to look up how car shipping works and schedule reliable auto shipping services to transport your car across the country.

Furthermore, long before you hire professionals that offer moving services that include packing as well as storage you should put a roof over your head. Do a bit of house-hunting online, check where to donate unwanted items, check the safety of your future neighborhood, and check websites or local newspapers online. Start learning language basics to overcome the possible barrier. Leave all prejudices behind and keep an open mind. You might not understand some traditional behavior but you can learn from each experience.

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Do the research before the move

Adjust to a New Country, Its Culture, and Quirks

No matter if you are moving for a relationship or in pursuit of employment and education, understanding the cultural behavior standards is essential if you want to adjust to your new life, so make sure you learn about the norms and restrictions before you make the trip. Manners are also important, as they may vary significantly from the ones you learned at home. Respect is something familiar to all cultures, so you should keep that in mind.

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Learn the Language Basics Before Moving

Obviously, it is better to learn the language before moving abroad, it will save you from additional moving stress. But if you are totally unfamiliar with it, you do not have to be fluent, the basics will do for a start. You can start with polite phrases, such as “hello,” “please,” “thank you” and move on to the ones that will make your life easier and make your first day of relocation better. Once you are surrounded by native speakers, you will get to the fluent level in no time. You can find free tools online. But, bear in mind that manners and nonverbal communication are also important.

Create a Familiar and Comforting Space in Your Home

Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home is an old saying which we should apply when moving to another country. This part is actually easier than you think as even small details can make you feel at home, like photographs, small pieces of furniture, a favorite blanket, or bed cover. Make sure you pack precious belongings when moving out for the first time. When you start unpacking after the move, get those sentimental things on the side and use them to decorate.

You can find comfort in memorabilia you collected from your previous travels or in your place of birth. Fill your future place with plants, even if you’re relocating into a smaller home, as they have a positive effect on our mood. Also, if you and your partner are moving in together, decorating a living room can be your group project. Furthermore, if you like cooking, concentrate on making your kitchen as cozy as possible, or if you are a reader, create a reading space in your living room.

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Respect other cultures when you relocate

Eat Local Delicacies

How many times have we found comfort in favorite cookies? Why not make them in your future home? Or better still, why not take the time and explore the local kitchen specialties, as it will help you learn about the culture, as well? Markets are the liveliest parts all over the world so start visiting them and get familiar with the local spices and food. And if you have the best of luck so you’re living in one of the best vegan cities out there, ensure you check out the most popular eateries.

Socialize and Explore

We sometimes find it intimidating to meet people in our own city, let alone in some distant culture. However, this is an important step to make, especially if you’re moving alone to another state or if you are relocating to the suburbs where usually locals know each other. With proper moving tips, taking this step won’t be a problem. Start with your neighbors and then move on to your local coworkers, if you are moving with your dog meeting people in the parks will be also easy. This will help you feel less homesick and lonely. Perhaps you can join some local communities.

Also, get some relocation tips about the places to visit, landmarks, tourist attractions, popular restaurants, and coffee shops. Exploring the environment is the best way to get acquainted with a different culture and blend in, but ensure you dress accordingly if you’ve moved to a cold climate.

Get Involved in Local Activities

Meeting people is easier if you volunteer in local communities. You will get to know the issues that matter and maybe assist in resolving them. If you volunteer to teach your native language, you will learn the local language at the same time. There is a variety of ads online and everyone has something to offer. This way you can make friends and learn about all the possibilities of the place you are living in, like sports clubs or cultural associations you can join. No matter if you decide to move during the holidays or in the summer, you will probably be able to find local activities that will help you make friends fast. If you are handy in repurposing old furniture, you can find some local enthusiasts and join them.

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Get involved in things locals do for fun

Find a Suitable Class and Teacher

Learning the local language is best by taking a course, but ensure you’ve brought a dictionary when you’ve packed for a move. Inquire with people you’ve met which the best school to attend is. By taking a course, you will get to meet more people with the same needs, share experiences, and broaden your social environment.

Find a Job or Internship

Long before you start packing clothes, arranging your knives safely, and taking care of your furniture and other belongings think about employment options. If possible, try to find a job before moving to another state, that will ease everything and help you reduce costs when moving. Students who study abroad should seek opportunities to work either through regular jobs or through internships. That is the best way for expats and students living abroad to meet people and learn about local life.

Other Related Things

If you are homesick, start writing letters and emails to your friends, share photographs you took and videos you made to discuss with them your daily dilemmas. It is crucial to get out of your comfort zone and make an effort to meet people and learn about the new culture you’re living in. It will help you cope with stress when moving. Additionally, if you are away from your significant other, you could plan a long-distance Valentine’s Day.

Explore popular sites and take long walks around the city to find out about the local coffee shops, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and the post office. Also, if you are living with a host family, get to know them better, learn from them and teach them about your culture. Ask them for any tips about food and places you can explore. Show them you appreciate their culture by being open to new foods, events, and similar experiences.


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