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Explaining Anxiety About Moving Out

Did you decide to move? Or you just settled into your new home? But feelings of nostalgia and sadness won’t leave you? Anxiety about moving out is not an uncommon thing. It happens because of too much stress and reconsiderations about the relocation. The unknowns and uncertainties only increase the anxiety and the only way we can tackle and overcome it is by having a support system and good relaxation techniques.

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It is hard to understand what happens in our brain once the anxious thoughts start taking over the control.

Having Anxiety About Moving Out

If you are feeling sad and anxious about the future, current, or recent relocation, you might be suffering from moving anxiety depression. It is a psychological condition that is followed by negative feelings that don’t last too long but often appear out of nowhere.

If you are experiencing this type of anxiety, you might have difficulty keeping up with your everyday responsibilities. If relocation depression gets overwhelming, it might cause you disturbance in work, sleep, and socializing. This type of anxiety, although easier than other types, can still cause feelings of sadness and nostalgia.

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Fear of the unknown is the most common trigger of anxiousness.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Anxiety Symptoms

If you want to treat your anxiety, you need to learn how to recognize it first. Many people suffering from this type of disorder manifest:

  • Illogical worries
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Stomachache
  • Lack of concentration
  • Tachycardia
  • Breathing problems
  • Perspiration
  • Paranoia

If you are thinking about changing houses or you are in the process of planning your moving budget and trying to find a job before relocating to another state, and you find yourself with these symptoms, try to take a deep breath. Try to find somebody to take on your tasks, at least until you calm yourself. But if the symptoms endure, you should seek professional help and reconsider if now really is the best time of the year to move.

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How to Stay Calm During a Move – Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Dealing with stress comes easier for some people than others. However, if you can’t decide should you move during the holidays or in the summer, or if you are finding it challenging to stay focused during the house-hunting process you might want to try some calming techniques: 

  • Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, and cigarette consumption
  • Avoid unhealthy food that contains high levels of refined sugar
  • Evade salted and buttered foods as well
  • Stay active, take walks and do something physical that will not tire you out

Being careful about the things you put in your body is one way to lower stress levels and avoid anxiety. Other is having a good plan for the move. Give yourself time to plan and organize everything. Doing things in a short deadline can increase anxiety symptoms. Try to make a moving out checklist with daily tasks and with tasks for relocating, including the making of an inventory once you donate unwanted items. Don’t forget your free time on that list. Remember, if you keep yourself healthy and well-rested, anxiety symptoms won’t affect you that much.

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Try finding something that calms you down and relieves anxiousness.

Fear of the Unknown Increases Anxiety

Don’t think you are the first person to suffer from relocation anxieties. The fear of relocating to a new home stems from the unknown. You have no clue how your life is going to look like, you don’t know how to reduce costs when moving, etc. There are many unexplored things.

The next chapter of your life will be filled with challenges and problems. Just thinking about them causes you to worry and question your own decisions about relocating over and over again. Have in mind that this is the main reason you feel anxious and scared of change.

If you are going to overcome anxiety, you should stay positive and focus on the reasons why you should move. Concentrate on the opportunities the new home is offering you and the good things waiting for you.

Leave the Old Home and City Behind  

Your house is your sanctuary, and you probably have strong feelings about it. That’s why leaving a place you call home can seem scary at first, especially if you’re moving into a smaller home.

The unfamiliar location calls for a period of adjustment, especially if you’re relocating to the suburbs or abroad for the first time. You have to adapt to new furniture, rooms, smells, or even a completely new culture if you’re moving to a different country. This type of change might lead to anxiety. To avoid the feeling of sadness and nostalgia, try to make your new place feel like yours. Try to arrange it the way you like it, use colors and artificial lights to create a relaxing environment. Turn the strange, unfamiliar place into a cozy home.

Changing houses brings many unknowns. New streets, coffee shops, people. It’s a lot to take in. Try to avoid anxiety by waking the time to get to explore your city and make new friends. Take long walks around the hood. Get to know your neighbors. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the uncertainty of a fresh beginning.

If you are moving for a loved one, you are probably wondering how to get a job before you move, or how to change your address when moving, those are all essential relocation question that can trigger anxious thoughts in no time. Thoughts about money such as finding the cheapest way to move out of state, or not being able to relocate during the cheapest time of the year can also cause anxiety, and so can worries about the general safety of your future neighborhood. When it comes to handling clothes, furniture, electronics, and other belongings, pick up some packing tricks and you will lower your overall costs, at the same time decreasing the anxiety you are feeling.

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Leaving everything behind is scary, but you should keep in mind all the new opportunities ahead of you.

Learn New Ways to Avoid Blue Feelings – Play It by Ear

How to cope with stress when moving became a burning question for many. Defeating anxiety takes time and effort, and since there is no universal remedy, you will have to find a method that suits you. If you want to be content in your house, without feeling blue and nostalgic all the time, make sure you try some relaxation techniques:

  • Breathing – when it comes to anxiety, taking deep breaths is crucial. It helps you focus and stops the attacks.
  • Daydreaming – if your anxiety strikes and deep breathes don’t help, try to think positive thoughts. Envision your life the way you want it to be. Those images will suit your mind and help you relax.
  • Enjoyable smells – aromatherapy is used as a technique for relaxation.
  • Talking – sharing your worries and sadness can be helpful. Make sure you have an excellent support system of friends and family that will be there for you. Nowadays, the internet helps us stay in touch even when we relocate. So, call your friends, message them and talk about the things you miss from your old place.
  • Routine – keeping up with the things you did in your old city can help you feel less alone. Make sure you go to bed, as usual, cook your favorite meals, watch shows.

All this can help you avoid or lower your fears and concerns, making sure you experience the city in full.

a person doing yoga overlay
Some people meditate, others rely on breathing techniques, you just have to find out what works for you.

Support System Matters – Talk About Questions That Keep You up at Night 

It is always healthy to talk about your problems. Even when you thoroughly research where you should move, changing homes can be pretty stressful, and you might want to talk to your friends about the things that bother you.

Keeping things bottled up won’t do you good. Anxiety levels rise with the number of things you keep inside. That’s why it is crucial to have a good support system. Family and friends can remind you of the benefits of your decision to move. And when the process of relocating gets too hard, they can pick up some of your tasks and help you do them. The support system goes beyond the move itself. In the process of settling in, you can also reach out to family and friends when feeling down and blue.

If you managed to overcome relocation anxiety, and you still want to move, you should pick the right moving company to help you with the technical aspect of the process. Ask your friends and family to get recommendations for movers. The trustworthy firm can assist you with everything from packing and moving to international shipping and storage space, making sure you don’t stress too much. Knowing how the moving process looks like will take away some anxiousness, so feel free to ask them anything you want to know. That way you will find out how car shipping works, in case you opt for transporting your car across the country. You’ll also discover what is the best way to reduce relocation expenses and how to avoid common moving mistakes.


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