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Moving to Another State Checklist 101

Have you been asking yourself  – what do I need to do before I move? You’ve been trying to find the most reputable long-distance moving company and prepare your belongings for the move? If you are unsure whether you are doing everything correctly, our moving to another state checklist will guide you through the whole process with ease. Let’s begin.

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Relocating to a new state can be overwhelming and exhausting for some people. There are a number of tasks that have to be properly completed before an appointed time if you plan on safely relocating to a new home. It is important to decide on the relocation budget, get rid of unnecessary items, research different companies, and prepare for the cross-country movers to arrive. In order to avoid relocation scams, follow our moving to a new state checklist so you can know exactly when and how each task should be accomplished. With our list, you will have a completely stress-free relocation.

First Task on Your Moving to Another State Checklist – Find a Place to Live

The first task is to decide where to live and find where you will work. Perhaps there is an employment opportunity in another city, or you are simply interested in making a radical change in your life. Evaluate which place ticks all of your requirements, such as acceptable living costs, a good school district, and vibrant culture.

When you decide on the city, you want to research the area where you will most likely live and work. It would be best to rent for the first few months until you get accustomed to the city and neighborhood. Also, get information on the house-hunting process and how to find a budget-friendly home. A trustworthy real estate agent, who knows the local market well, will speed up the process of house hunting, so you can add that to the list as well.

Finding a suitable living space is among your top priorities

Visit the City You Plan to Live In

Even before you decide to invest in cross-country moving services, you will want to get the feel of the city you are relocating to. Only one trip will be enough to see if you can picture yourself living there. It would be wise to get some brochures, guidebooks, and maps and explore what the town has to offer. Get all the relevant information about attractions, hot spots, as well as good neighborhoods, and green spaces. What you can also do is check online comments of locals and see what their impressions of the city life are like.

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Visiting the city will give you an opportunity to make a final decision

Find the Right Relocation Company

If you plan on hiring a relocation company, it would be best to go online and research all the available options. Start by reading testimonials, reviews, and comments of previous customers who gave their two cents. However, basing your decision exclusively on reviews and testimonials is not enough. It would be wise to research if there were any official complaints filed against the company and if it has a USDOT number – a registration number for the firm. Why is this investigation crucial? Well, one of the common relocation mistakes is hiring unprofessional movers or even rogue movers. Good research and planning will allow you to avoid scams and mistakes.

Get a Free Moving Quote

One of the wisest relocation hacks is to get free estimates from at least three different relocation companies. Contact the customer service representatives and ask for information on how much your move will cost? Professional companies will usually perform an in-person inspection of your home or require a video survey of your items before providing you with an estimate. Bear in mind that you should avoid any long-distance movers that simply give you a quote over the internet without inspecting your belongings. Also, a cause for concern is when you receive a quote that just seems too good to be true. Usually, it is, so don’t fall prey to those companies.

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Different estimates will allow the client to select the most suitable company

Set the Relocation Date at Least 8 Weeks in Advance

Deciding on the exact date of your move is the next step on our moving across the country checklist. Don’t forget to factor in relocation company availability, when your children go to school, your work schedule, and essential family concerns. You will be surprised to find out that the time when you move also affects the cost and the availability of the company.

For example, during holidays and summer, people tend to move more frequently, so you won’t be able to reduce costs when relocating. The same applies to weekends. But, on weekdays, you won’t have any problems scheduling your long-distance moving services, so there is no need to deal with relocation stress and tight deadlines.

Move With Confidence Get Free Quote

Change Your Address

Make sure that you have the accurate number and spelling of the street you will be living in. You cannot move without notifying the post office. You can update your address online and arrange for a specific start date. Don’t forget to do this on time because mail forwarding can begin too late if you fail to do this. Also, notifying tax agencies of your change of address should be on the checklist for moving to another state. It is quite simple to inform the IRS because you only need to fill out an online form. It would be best to reach out to your Social Security Administration, too, and inform them where you will be living.

When Relocating Out of State, Transfer All Important Records

Are you asking yourself – how do I start over and move out of state? It is crucial not to forget your documents and records, especially if you are relocating with kids. Your children will go to another school, so you will be obliged to transfer school records. Think about all the documentation required to be sent to the new school, such as evidence of vaccination, medical records, and recommendation letters. Make sure to have all the necessary paperwork before your child starts attending the new school.

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Don't leave your home without transferring all the necessary records

The Next Step Is Purchasing Packing Supplies and Materials

The best checklist for moving out of state is not complete without getting all the materials and supplies needed to correctly and adequately box up your belongings. It is essential to stock up on different types of packing materials and supplies at least a month in advance so there won’t be any problems during the move. Here is a list of things to buy:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Foam pouches,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Packing paper,
  • Duct tape,
  • Labels and stickers,
  • Box cutters.

If you are not keen on spending your savings on cardboard boxes, you can always opt for free containers available at local hardware stores, supermarkets, and retail stores.

Create a Packing List

So, are you wondering what to consider before moving to another state? Having a list of all the belongings that have to be moved will give you a clear overview of how and when you should pack certain items. Write down everything you are taking with you, such as clothes, furniture, electronics, and some necessities. You can divide the list into categories depending on the room they have to be unpacked or the person to whom the items belong. This method will make it easier to box everything up.

Here is a video of how to write down a packing list of your belongings correctly.

How to Pack Your Home

Start with the non-essential first, everything that isn’t required before the move, such as electronics, books, and winter clothes (if it’s summer, of course). Your essentials should be last to get packed and moved to the new home. These include kitchen items, toiletries, clothes, and furniture like beds and chairs. Packing and relocating large items may be difficult tasks for just one person, so you want to ensure that friends or family members are there to help.

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A good strategy when boxing up will speed up the whole process

Get Auto Transportation Services

You might be thinking that driving across the country is the best option for relocating your car. But that is not the case. You will put the vehicle under unnecessary pressure and risk getting it damaged. One of the best relocation tips for you would be to invest in auto shipping services.

Professional drivers will handle the car with care and load it into open-air or an enclosed carrier. The most frequently used option is the open-air carrier, where up to 10 cars can fit and be transported. Make sure to contact your cross-country moving company and get all the details about shipping your car.

What Are 5 Things to Consider When You Move Out on Your Own?

Venturing out on your own can be exciting as well as intimidating, but with the appropriate moving out of state checklist, you won’t have any problems. There are certain aspects of the whole transition that you have to take into account when preparing for a move. Researching how much rent costs, getting roommates, packing an essentials bag, and securing employment are some of the most important things to do before relocating on your own. Having all of this in mind will help you organize better.

Consider How High Your Rent Will Be

If you are in a situation where you are relocating without a job, you will have to check how much it will cost to live in a new city. First, apartments are expensive, and there are some requirements you have to fulfill when applying for them. Bear in mind that, for a decent apartment, a person has to have a good credit score, a savings account, an emergency fund, and some records of financial health. When searching for an adequate apartment, make sure to consider the cost of your utility bills, application fees, and security deposit.

Find a Roommate

What you have to consider and take time to think over is getting a roommate. Living alone in an unknown city will not be easy, so you should consider leaving enough time to find a roommate before you relocate to the new place. How can you easily find a roommate? The best way is to check with your friends or family members if they know someone trustworthy. Another option is to go online and research Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If this search proves futile, decide to look through the Craigslist website. Make sure to meet the person before living together.

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Having someone to split the bill will give you a head start in another location

Get Rid of Unnecessary Belongings

Your move will be much more expensive and strenuous if you have to move alone into a home and unpack dozens of boxes. That’s why you should consider decluttering and tossing anything that hasn’t been used in a long time. There are options such as recycling and donating unwanted items – there is no need to throw everything in the bin. Books, broken electronics, and worn-out clothes should not be packed and loaded into the relocation truck. Decluttering will allow you to have a fresh start.

Prepare Yourself for Finding a Job

If you already have a job before relocating, it should be helpful to research everything about the company you will be working for. However, if you are unemployed, make sure to have a good resume prepared and some essential relocation questions to ask the employer. Check online job fairs and read articles in newspapers, so you find a job as soon as possible.

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Get a job as soon as you move so you can afford to live in another location

Now You Are Ready to Write Moving to New State Checklist

It is obviously tiring and overwhelming to relocate to another city, but if you complete all of these necessary tasks weeks in advance, you won’t struggle. There are certain things that should be paid special attention to, like drawing up a list of belongings, purchasing supplies, and finding the right place to live. However, if there are some dilemmas or problems, your cross-country movers will be there to lend you a helping hand every step of the way. All you need to do now is finally begin your relocation process.


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