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Hannah Michaelson

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The Most Important Relocation Questions to Ask Your Employer

If you are relocating to another city or country for a job position, there are many relocation questions to ask your employer that you should consider beforehand. Usually, big companies have whole relocation plans and packages that make the lives of their employees a lot easier. This is especially important if you are moving to another country because of a job that requires relocation. If you don’t have support from your employer, you will have a lot of research on your hands. Sometimes, you may not even be eligible to take out a residence or work permit in that country. This is why most serious companies have a system set up that will get all the paperwork in order before you move.

There are important questions your employer should answer when offering a job

What Are the Most Important Relocation Questions to Ask Your Employer

Some basic living and working conditions are something you need to know before you decide to pick the best time of the year to move because it will help you cope with moving stress. If you are relocating with your entire family, including your kids, you have to arrange all the paperwork and living arrangements for them too, and also to check the general safety of your future neighborhood. It is much easier to avoid common moving mistakes if your firm will do it for you. Ask about your obligations, your basic living arrangements, moving day tips, the city itself, healthcare plans, schools, living standards, quality of life, social, economic, and political situation in the country, etc. This will significantly impact the future of your family because you can’t just move into a smaller home far away from everything.

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What Are the Strings Attached?

Just because your company is organizing the whole process that doesn’t mean they will cover all the costs of it. When signing the agreement, get into all the details. Know exactly what your obligations are towards them and what expenses you will have to cover. One significant instance is the question of the initial finances – will your firm finance the moving services or will you have to pay back the costs? If they have a payback program, you are going to have to prepare a budget on your own.

cross country moving for better job opportunity is worth every effort overlay
Besides knowing the benefits, you should know your obligations

Can You Change Jobs Inside the Company or Some of Its Subsidiaries?

If you are applying for a particular work position in the company and trying to find a job before moving to another state, you might want to consider your options at some point. There may be a new position opening at a different city or a position that suits you better, but you can’t take it if you are obligated by contract. Most employers will bind you for an obligated amount of time if they are covering all the costs of the process.

What Kind of Relocation Package Your Company Offers?

When you are relocating to a new country for a job, you’ll have to think about all the amenities you have to set in place for a functional everyday life. Health care, visa, residency and work permit, school if you have children, travel arrangements, vacation arrangements, etc. Covering for the expenses of an international school is not something many companies will do. Since you know what your everyday life requires, you have to ask about all the necessities that will make it possible.

Does the Company’s Relocation Package Include Your Family?

Moving alone to another state is one thing, but when you are moving with kids for a work position, you have to include them in the package. Housing arrangements should be tailored to your family’s needs and relocating to the suburbs is something you should consider. There should be a possibility for commuting through the city for work, school, and essential life facilities for all of you to help avoid relocation depression. Your family needs a visa and a residence permit that they will acquire through you and your employment contract.

Is There a Health Care Package?

Health care is very important and not so easily accessible all over the world. Depending on the country or state you are moving to, you may be able to access only private clinics. That can be very expensive if it is not a part of the health care package. Health insurance should also cover your family if they are coming with you.

if you are moving cross country with your family make sure this switch will be acceptable for them too overlay
Setting up a secure health plan for you and your family is crucial

What Are the Living and Housing Arrangements?

Some companies may cover all the housing expenses for the duration of your contract and provide you with a decent place to stay alone or with your family in the new city. Some companies will cover the costs for a couple of months, and some will not finance it at all, so that’s something to consider if you’re looking to reduce the costs of moving. If your company is providing you with a housing solution, be sure to look into the condition of the apartment and see if it fits your needs.

parents and kids in the living room getting ready for cross contry moving overlay
Arrange your housing plan before you move

Can the Company Make Arrangements If There Aren’t Any in the Contract?

If your new firm doesn’t provide you with a residence, they can maybe arrange the one that you will be able to cover financially or give you some valuable house hunting tips. It is easier for them to arrange for housing on the spot than for you from afar. Give them your requirements and let them try to find a proper house or apartment for you and your family.

What Does Your New Job Entail?

When you get the job it is essential to know how your contract will obligate you towards your employer and vice-versa. Sometimes, if you fail to realize all the obligations in the agreement, you will have to reimburse your employer for all the expenses considering your relocation or pay some severe penalties.

moving cross country for better paid job overlay
Know exactly what is required from you and the goals the company had set-up

What Is the Living Standard Like?

You have certain living standards that you are used to at your current place of living. Sometimes, that standard can’t be reached in some other places. Besides, researching your new location on your own won’t be enough. Ask for the first-hand experience from your management or colleagues.

are you ready for long distance moving to boston? overlay
Is the living standard in the country something you can adapt to?

What Is the Quality of Life in the Area?

Quality of life is not just about the amenities, living standard, and your salary. Water and air pollution can have a significant impact on your life, as well as the climate, surroundings, and the mentality of locals. Think this through when you are deciding where to move and what are your most important reasons why you should move.

explore your surroundings after long distance moving overlay
Living in a healthy environment is not always achievable

What Will Your Social Life Be Like?

It may not sound important now, but there may not be a possibility to change this aspect later. Social life can be very important. When you are leaving your home, it will be tough enough to tell your friends and family that you are moving away. If you are relocating closer to your family, this can be a smooth transition. But, if you are relocating far away from your friends and family, you might end up feeling isolated at times. To mitigate the loneliness, you should try to make friends in your new city.

What Are the Conditions If You Want to End the Contract?

If by any chance, you have to or want to end your contract prematurely, you have to know what the conditions are. Life is unpredictable, and there can be many reasons for you to have to leave your job, whether it is a better position, living arrangements, health problems, or family issues. Some companies have a system set up for penalties, and some don’t. Know in advance what it will be like to leave your contract before the expiry date and be prepared for it.

make sure to sign the contract before moving cross country overlay
Before signing up, check out what the conditions are for terminating the contract prematurely

This Decision Asks for a Lot of Thinking and Planning

Relocating your whole life or the life of your family, packing everything from clothes, furniture to electronics to another place, and starting from scratch has to be planned and prepared to the smallest detail. Figure out how to lower moving expenses. Also, try to learn some tips and tricks for packing such as making a photo inventory once you donate unwanted items, or rely on professional packers to handle that time-consuming task. If you are moving to another state or abroad, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional moving company to ease the transition and ease the anxiety about moving out instead of focusing on figuring the cheapest way to move out of state. Save your energy and time for more important tasks such as changing your address and saying goodbye to friends. After all, you can easily find cost-effective and reliable long-distance movers that will help you move and transport your car across the country.


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