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Jobs That Require Relocation

Sometimes, career advancement is only possible if you are willing to move across the country. There are always countless jobs that require relocation all across the US and around the world. Even though life on wheels can be overwhelming, since continuity is something to dream about, this lifestyle can bring financial satisfaction. If you are seeking a life of adventure, check out the article below. We answered questions like what are jobs that require moving often and what jobs do people relocate for.

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Some careers will take you all over the world

Is Moving Cross Country or Around the World to Work Hard?

Dealing with all the consequences that frequent cross-country moving brings is not easy. Constantly organizing your moves, packing suitcases, choosing new homes, taking care of finances, making friends in a new city, and trying to adjust to a different location after moving, are only a few things that this whole experience provides. In some cases, people can feel so exhausted from those frequent changes that they could lose the sense of why they’re doing it and start experiencing severe adjustment insomnia, which is the first sign of relocation depression.

Insomnia and depression can bring to light questions like what is the real reason why I’m doing this, should I move back home, and start all from the beginning? All of this can be quite disturbing. For that reason, knowing what motivates you to continue relocating all around the globe or the country for the job is essential! Here are some tips on how to deal with moving stress when working one of the jobs that require frequent relocation.

Simple and Best Hacks to Ease Your Mind When Continually Movings for Jobs

Relocation is not simple, nor a one-day task. Although we believe that frequent moves have prepared you for a minimalist lifestyle, and you know to keep all the moving essentials ready, there are still a few simple hacks that can ease and accelerate every new move to a big city. Here are the hacks that will always keep you prepared and help you not lose time whenever you start packing to move to a new state:

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Being Archaeologist Is Nothing Like Indiana Jones Adventures, But it Will Take You All Around the Globe

Being an archaeologist is definitely reserved for adventurous types. However, when choosing their career, future young archaeologists might not have expected to travel frequently to get the job done.

Depending on the area and period they’ve chosen to research, they can work at the universities, laboratories, or directly on the excavation field. This also means that they can work within the country while exploring the potential sites, live in different places from year to year, or even change continents. All this is at some point affecting their personal life since they live in a constant change. However, the scientific satisfaction they get once they find the artifact that has the potential to change the whole historical course, worth every sacrifice.

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The delight archeologists feel every time they find an artifact is worth of often travelings

Tourism Related Professions – Animators, Guides, Cruising Staff Rarely Spend Two Years At the Same Place

If you ever wondered how do you find a job that will pay you to move, the solution is – tourism! If you want to ensure that the whole wide world is in the palm of your hands, that all travel expenses are fully covered, plus that you get paid, choosing a tourism-related profession is the best solution. Although these professions are much more complicated than it seems at first glance, still there is no better and more affordable way to see the whole world and meet a bunch of different people. Tourism is a lifestyle that guarantees constant change, activity, contacts, and close encounters with the destinations most people dream of.

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No matter what tourism profession you choose, be prepared for stress, money, and pleasure

Professional Massage Therapists Are Always Wanted!

Experienced massage therapists are wanted all over the world. No matter if you have learned some special skill, like Thailand massage, or are educated in this field, your knowledge will be greatly appreciated. High-quality spa and wellness centers and prestigious hotel chains are always on the lookout for good massage therapists. Explore the salary range and the cost of living before choosing a destination to move to, and enjoy the gifts of your talents and skills.

Salary Varies Depending on the Location

As with every other occupation, location dictates your salary. If you are hoping to earn a lot of cash while traveling and doing what you love, consider San Matero in California and Boston as your next destinations. According to the website ZipRecruiter, these are the cities with above the national average salaries for international massage therapists.

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Luxurious spa and wellness centers or hotels can be your next employer.

Professional Athletes Sign Contracts Worth of Millions, and Are One of Best-Paid Professionals in General

All those athletes who want to work in sports professionally should be ready for frequent moves. When you are good at what you do, you can easily get an offer to move across the world or the US and keep playing the sport you are good at.

Keep in mind that the contracts can last for a couple of years or decades. For example, Alex Rodriguez signed a 10-year contract with the Yankees, putting him in New York City for a significant amount of time. The longer contracts provide you with enough time to set up your professional and personal life in one place without needing to sacrifice one or the other.

Furthermore, besides being famous, you might even get super-rich. The great benefit of professional sports contracts is the fact that they are measured in hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, presenting one of the most lucrative fields to choose.

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Professional athletes are some of the best-paid positions in the world

Military and Law Enforcement Move Because of Duty

“Real heroes don’t wear capes,” and working as a military or law enforcement officer is what being a hero is all about. Even though these are some of the most stressful careers to choose from, they come with many benefits.

These are careers that require a lot of dedication and selflessness. One day you might be stationed in the US, next shipped halfway across the world. However, there are many benefits that military moves bring, like shorter years of service or the possibility for moving expenses deduction. Still, constant moves are something that influences not only the person in service but also the whole family. However, once you choose this career, there is no way to avoid the relocations, even to other continents.

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Danger and not a wide range of options is the main characteristic of military service.

Maintenance and Repair Workers Are the Most Wanted Employees of Today

The number of people employed as maintenance and repair staff has been steadily increasing, and that there are around 663,350 people employed in the field in the US. These statistics show that the maintenance and repair workers are highly wanted.

However, those that saw easy employment opportunities probably didn’t expect that they’d just picked one of the jobs that require relocation overseas. Since the basics of this occupation are maintaining and repairing machines, equipment, and monitoring buildings, you can find work anywhere around the world. You’ll get paid to travel and do the job you love, what’s there not to like?

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One of the most required professionals of today are repairman and maintenance workers

Veterinarian – the Most Prospective Profession of the Next Decade

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics research, it is estimated an increase of 15.9% in employment for veterinarians between 2019. and 2029. As projected, around 14,200 new working places should open up. All this means that the opportunity to move to another US state is something to expect and look forward to. Since this profession provides an opportunity for starting your own business, it is easy to estimate that you can choose the place to live in and not depend on an employer. So, if you want to experience life in different states, or even continents, it will be possible to do it!

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If you search for a profession that can provide you with the freedom to choose a working place, choose a veterinarian

Sales Training Professionals Are Also Often Required to Undertake the Relocation to New Destinations

Sales are one of the most required skills of today, so when it comes to sales training professionals, they can be required to move often too. Especially if they are working for a multinational corporation that wants to improve their staff negotiation or sales skills. Although a very responsible job, sales is a very lucrative profession that provides many benefits for people who are willing to work in it. The best thing of all is that sales training professionals are working on developing other people’s skills and improving the businesses simultaneously.

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Sales experts are usually required to relocate to other countries to train their employees.

Bonus Info: What Companies Help You Relocate?

Companies that have developed their business all around the globe require different skilled employees that can teach and guide others. If you happen to have a unique set of skills, the company will more likely than not offer assistance for relocation. This applies not only to the company’s employees only but to their families too. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What Is it Called When a Job Pays You to Move? Or, What Is Employee Relocation Assistance?

Suppose the company is about to offer to move an employee to another state or country due to their further business development. In that case, it should provide its employees with all financial and logistical support. Here are the details of what the company should cover in terms of costs and adjusting to different surroundings. All of this is called employee relocation assistance, and it includes:

  • The total costs of moving, which includes the hiring of a long-distance moving company.
  • House-hunting expenses – traveling costs, real estate agent, house inspection.
  • Temporary housing until the permanent apartment or a house is not ready,
  • Travel expenses for the whole employee’s family to their next location – airplane tickets, visas, hotel.
  • Assistance in the financial cost of selling a house or breaking an existing lease agreement.
  • Help with assimilating into communities.

The Company Should Cover the Expense of All Cross-country Moving Services You Need to Relocate to New Destination

When your main reason to move is inspired by the needs of the corporation you are working for, as we have already mentioned, the company should cover all the expenses related to your move, making it free for you. This entails hiring a cross-country moving company to provide you with all long-distance moving services, including assistance like auto-shipping services – to relocate your car safely to the next destination, packing services – to pack the whole household at the record time by professional long-distance movers, and storage services – to keep your belongings in a safe way. So, once you have agreed on moving days and dates, make sure to search and hire reputable cross-country movers who will help you move to your next home seamlessly.


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