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Who to Notify When Moving – Who Should Know About Your Change of Address and Why

The jolliest part of every relocation is round the bend, and you guessed it right – it’s time for some documentation changes and updates. Who could not be excited about this period of phone calls, emails, and administration ahead? Going away parties are fine, but learning who to notify when moving is what we stay alive for, right?

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Getting this right can save you trouble later on

An average American relocates and enters a new home about eleven times in their lifetime, which means eleven opportunities to grapple with the change of address who to notify task. And if you’ve been through this adventure already, you must be familiar with how superb it can get. But, no, there’s no need to go into now more than ever seems it rich to die mood. Our guide has got you covered, and with us, you won’t have to contemplate whether it was all worth it in the end.

Plan It All Out Before You Start

If you don’t plan things out, chaos may ensue. One of the common relocating mistakes is believing you have it all covered before realizing that there is an undone step in the administration you didn’t consider. It’s not the end of the world if you wind up with some obstacle, of course, yet planning is the cure to most problems.

This means that once you complete your household inventory list, you need to write down all your providers and other institutions that need to be notified of your change. You should do research and familiarize yourself with what your deadlines and duties are. It’s great fun, we know, but it’s better than stumbling in the dark in your new place, trying to guess the password of your neighbor’s WiFi.

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Research can help you determine the answer to the question of who to notify when you move

Who to Notify of Address Change? First Things First

You need a system to get this right because you won’t go far if you go chaotically. There isn’t a proven method here, but it would make sense to start with the post office, utility providers, and IRS and narrow your way down to other institutions that need to be notified. The ones we’ve mentioned can cause you major trouble if not dealt with on time, but there’s still no need to plunge into relocation depression. You can do it all one step at a time.

The Post Office Should Be Among the First on Your List

Reasons to move can vary from person to person, but the post office stays the first instance to contact in any scenario. If you don’t want to get other people’s mail, interesting though it can be (yes, it’s a crime to open it,) ensure you finish your administration on time. The USPS offers this change online, but if those letters keep coming after you’ve done it all (sorry, uncle Vernon,) call your nearest office and go there in person to set the record straight.

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Don’t Pay Someone Else’s Bills – Notify Your Utility Provider

If you’re done with learning how to organize important papers, and you aren’t interested in paying for someone else’s electricity, make sure you contact your utility providers. If you need new providers, or to terminate or alternate contracts, take this into account while planning, too. In case you’re confused over what utilities are, here’s a list of basic ones:

  • Electricity and gas,
  • Water and sewer,
  • Internet and cable TV,
  • Trash,
  • Security systems.

Uncle Sam Needs to Know Too

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can also send you some papers containing sensitive info, especially during tax season. If you don’t want your tax return to finish in the wrong hands, ensure you do go in person, call or change it online in the IRS base. This can take from a whole month to a month and a half, so bear that in mind.

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Don't count on your owl - update this in the postal system

Inform Your Bank of Your House Change

Money is what it all boils down to sometimes. And if you haven’t got any Polyjuice Potion left to imitate a member of the wealthy pureblood wizarding family, you’ll have to inform your financial institutions. This is relatively simple, and all you have to do is update your mailing code the way your bank, credit card issuer, loan provider, or another institution requires. Even if you use online banking, this is still one of the moving essentials because these systems can always send you something via mail, which is why they demand to have the correct data.

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Financial institutions and banks must be aware too

If You Want to Go On Driving Legally, Contact DMV

Getting superb auto-transport services isn’t enough if you want to cruise the roads of your new town or state. Once you come to a new place, you should get in touch with the Department of Motor Vehicles to see how you can be on the safe side legally. You will have to file a change request, update your registration and perhaps even obtain a new license. And don’t forget to pay attention to deadlines in different states if you don’t want to get fines (or have your father face an inquiry at work, god forbid.)

Transporting a car across the country might mean you also have to notify the state authorities within the first ten to twenty days in some instances, and that will pass in a blink of an eye, so check how to do it as soon as possible.

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If you want to get driving, don't let this slip

Taking Care of Health Records Throughout Your Long-Distance Moving Might Save You Unnecessary Headache

If you’re staying in the same state, see whether you can have health records sent to your new location. And in case you’re in the middle of cross-country moving, you’ll probably have to change certain providers. Either way, health is one of the first things to think about, and if you are moving during coronavirus, you must have realized it by now. So, don’t tarry and wait for Dobby to tell you that terrible things are about to happen. Hop on to doing all tasks related to this.

Your Health Specialists Need to Know

Falling behind on your medication bills is not something you want to wind up doing. For that reason, make sure to let your doctor, dentist, and other specialists know of your relocation. If you are moving with kids, you must do this, and if you are relocating with pets, it’s also a concern to be aware of.

Contact Social Security Administration

People getting any kind of social security benefits are supposed to let the SSA know their whereabouts. You can fill in the application for this online or via phone. So, be it last-minute moving or not, you want your earnings and contributions paid through payroll taxes to be kept hidden from curious eyes and away from the wrong heirs.

Don’t Forget the Insurance

The last of the mandatory points on your who to notify of change of address checklist is your insurance company, and they should know this to transfer your bills. One of the best relocating hacks here would be to let your insurance agency know well before you relocate so that you have time to research all your options before the new chapter starts.

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Health should come first, so don't risk future problems

The Show Must Go On and Who to Notify When Moving Is Not Over Yet

Be it moving to another state alone or looking for the best cities to raise a family in the US, it’s crucial to take care of the administrative issues mentioned above. But, now that is settled, you can start thinking of other institutions and providers of services who need to know about your relocation.

Your Employer Needs to Be Informed

Another critical point while thinking about where to update your address when you move is to contact your employer. Even if you didn’t have to google how to find a job when you move to another state because you’ll be working for the same employer, you still have to let HR know of your intentions for the simple reason of companies sending specific papers you don’t want anybody else to see.

Let Your Cell Phone Provider Know

You may be wondering why this is necessary. However, the billing address needs to be updated even if you found the cheapest way to move out of state because the residence is a factor that determines tax rates on the wireless bill.

Voter Registration Needs to Be Updated Too

All registered voters have to change their addresses to be able to take part in the next election. Sometimes when you find out how car shipping works and update your license in the DMV, you automatically get your voter’s registration changed, but sometimes that is not the case. So, do check this if you care about your political rights.

Shopping Websites Demand Updates Too

All the purchases you are used to making on your websites also go through certain systems, so if you don’t want your Amazon, eBay, or other retail chains to deliver to the wrong address, ensure you do update these as well.

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If you're into online shopping, don't let this stand in the way

Finally, Take Your Time to Say Farewell to Loved Ones

Needless to say, when all the hard work is finished and you update the address in all official registers, it’s your family and friends who come up next. You can’t forget them when you start to wonder who should you notify when you move, as it’s an essential part of rounding your story up. It’s never easy to understand how to tell friends you’re moving but inventing your answer to the question of what is the best way to notify of address change is crucial.

A Moving Away Party Might Be the Best Way to Finish It Off With Your Family

The best way to inform your family about the change of address can be by hosting a party. You can discuss issues, such as moving budget, or some other ones, such as relocation day tips. And you can bask in the fact that the days of administration are behind you, and the broken syntax of the former question when you move who should you notify no longer invades your mind. It wasn’t easy, but you managed it all with flying colors.

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This can be the hardest bit of learning how to leave home

A Long-Distance Moving Company Can Give You a Boost

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door, and there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. But, with top time management skills, nobody can steal the ring or push you into administrative problems. If you were wondering when should you change your address when moving, start well in advance to enter your new life on the right foot.

A reputable cross-country moving company can be your much-needed boost in the entire hustle. Their spot-on cross-country moving services that include packing service and materials, as well as top-notch storage facilities, all covered by premium insurance, are sometimes all you need to stay calm and finish your home relocation without a hitch. So don’t hesitate to call your cross-country movers ASAP.


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