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Is Hiring Movers Necessary When Moving Cross Country?

If you plan to move to another state in the near future, you probably have a million questions regarding the process of cross-country relocating. It’s a complex process with countless factors you need to consider. One of the most important ones is hiring movers – is this something you absolutely need or can do without? Let’s find out.

How to Make Moving Day Preparation Easier?

Moving cross country can be a complex and challenging process, taking weeks, even months. Even after you’re done packing, you’ll still have to deal with the relocating day. That’s why moving day preparation is necessary, to make sure everything goes smoothly. There are plenty of activities you can do that are going to help you prepare properly for this important day.

Moving in the Summer – A Guide to Avoiding Sunstroke While Getting Ready to Relocate

People take advantage of the warm weather to move but heavily underestimate how the heat can affect them. While it may be a fun time to pack and head to your new home, it can also be challenging. Read our tips to make moving in the summer as smooth as possible.

Moving to a New City Alone – Best US Cities for Singles

Starting life on your own is not a small decision to make. And if you want to venture into some exciting unknown places, you will need some tips for moving to a new city alone. But most importantly, you should choose your future location wisely.

How to Perform a Proper Move Out Cleaning

You might be thinking that as soon as your cross-country movers arrive and pack up your belongings, you are free to leave your keys and move to another location. But, before movers even arrive, you should organize a move-out cleaning day. Leaving a spotless home is key to executing a stress-free move. Follow our instructions on how to leave your home tidy and clean.

Moving to Another State Checklist 101

Have you been asking yourself  – what do I need to do before I move? You’ve been trying to find the most reputable long-distance moving company and prepare your belongings for the move? If you are unsure whether you are doing everything correctly, our moving to another state checklist will guide you through the whole process with ease. Let’s begin.

When and How Much to Tip Movers

It’s common courtesy in the USA to acknowledge the service that has been provided to you. The same applies when hiring a cross-country moving company. But you may be wondering how much to tip movers, especially if you are moving cross-country for the first time. Although there is a national standard of 15%, various factors can potentially lower or raise the tips.

Things to Consider When Moving to a New State

No one has ever said that leaving the safety of your everyday setting was easy. After all, there are many things to consider when moving to a new state, and you may start feeling overwhelmed. But if you gradually go through the preparatory phase, the relocation itself will be a piece of cake.

The Best Moving Out List for Your First Move

All those who have gone through leaving their parents’ home for the first time and embarked on adulthood full of responsibilities know how hard it is to organize the whole relocation process. Insisting on a structured approach is the best way to deal with it, and creating a moving out list will be one of the most effective ways to keep everything under control.

Tips for Not Losing Your Mind on the First Day of Your Move

Being excited about relocating is normal, but it’s also OK if you feel stressed out. Relocation is a big event, and it can cause some big feelings to come out. That’s why you must prepare to stay mindful and present during the first day of your move. We have some tips on the essential tasks for moving out and how to stay on top of each one.

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