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Michael Vaughan

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Common Moving Mistakes to Beware Of

Relocation of your home is a serious feat that not many people go through often. What’s more, a lot of people will tell you that they have never moved before. If you’re one of those first-time movers, the risk of committing some common moving mistakes is high, which is why it’s a good idea to do some cautionary reading beforehand.

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Sometimes there is a way to avoid mistakes

Not Taking Precautionary Measures

Granted, sometimes it’s better to go through life not thinking about what could go wrong. However, there are some ventures in life where taking measures to ensure your safety is more than recommended. One of the biggest errors that are made after you figure out the reasons why you should move and where you should move is not creating an inventory for moving insurance. If you haven’t already, talk to your removal company about insuring the belongings from your household inventory list.

This is also not the only measure you can take to stay safe or get reimbursed if something goes awry. In case you are doing a part of your move without the help of movers, you should make sure to have the necessary equipment that will help you avoid injuring yourself. We cannot recommend enough using the proper equipment and supplies so that you can stay safe in your home.

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Forgetting Is One Of The Most Common Moving Mistakes

Even though this may sound crude in the beginning, there are plenty of issues that stem from forgetting something and being caught up in the whole mess unprepared. Here are some specific points that you need to be constantly checking in order to have a smooth relocation:

  • Don’t forget to make a relocating to another state checklist: Instead of doubting that a paper will make such a huge difference in the way you execute your move, designate a notebook or a flipbook for writing down items within your household and tracking progress, including unwanted items to donate. This will change the outcome of the move drastically and decluttering will also reduce moving expenses.
  • Don’t forget to acquire the best-sized boxes and different packing supplies: Acquiring supplies in advance is essential to the success of your move, since getting them last minute is difficult, time-consuming, and they may be of questionable quality.
  • Don’t forget to do a background check of your removal company. Sometimes, taking things at face value ends up being the worst mistake of all. If you’re planning on using moving services, make sure you contact your company, ask around about them, check their reviews and recommendations,  and see if the rating of the movers checks out.

Being Overly Optimistic with Time-Sensitive Tasks

Listen closely now, all of you who can relate to occasional procrastination sessions. Even though it may sound a tad theatrical, time is the only thing we can’t have back, and this is the crucial thing to remember during your relocation period. Give yourself double the time you think that a task needs to be completed, especially when it comes to packing or moving alone to another state or a big city. Now that we have established a neat segue, let’s make way for the mistakes related to the way you pack your home.

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Be aware of your time sensitive tasks

Not Researching the Common Packing Mistakes

Although you can say that you’ve had some experience with vacations, packing tips and tricks for a move are a completely different sport and can spur hundreds of issues and mistakes. We consider a mistake anything that leads to a damaged item, such as the use of wrong protective materials, improper use of bubble wrap and packing paper, or the incorrect placement of the objects within the box. Before you do some extensive research, let’s dissect some of these issues here.

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Get all the necessary supplies

Mismanagement Of The Articles That You’re Moving

Misplacement and mismanagement can be characterized as broad terms, but it all boils down to how well you organize the process and what methods you apply. You must not place heavy objects on top of light or delicate ones, especially when boxing up electronics or packing glassware for moving. And should not mix in books with, for example, decorative items in your home. This will all lead to damage or stuff getting broken, which is why you need to approach this with a solid strategy.

Conquer the Packing of Your Apartment or House – Employ the Right Techniques

Before setting off to get supplies, and getting a lot of them, try and divide your home into separate mental ‘boxes’ where you will place items. The most effective way of packing your furniture, boxing up your clothes, and handling other belongings is going room by room, but even that can’t be specific enough. Within the room, designate corners that have items that are similar that would all go into the same box. Share this strategy and moving day tips with a family member, and they can help you make this move extra efficient.

Mistakes Related to Moving Supplies

When it comes to the supplies you can use, there are two ways to go about them. You can check with your cross-country movers and order some supplies or receive them as part of professional packing services. Or, you can set out on an expedition to rent moving supplies. You will need sturdy boxes, which aren’t easy to find, and if you do end up buying some from your company, at least you know that they are heavy-duty and won’t fall apart mid-carrying.

Not Sealing and Labeling Your Boxes

Don’t go lightly on sealing the boxes either. This box has to hold on well, become impregnable, and impossible to crush during transport. Seal it with tape on all sides, and for easier unpacking, label the box with a marker. Use different-colored markers for different rooms, so that the unpacking becomes a breeze, and learn how to remove tape residue properly. This will save you time unpacking. Imagine moving in together with your significant other, and spending weeks rummaging through their and your boxes looking for everyday belongings. With labels, you will know exactly what goes where. Additionally, if you are moving during the holidays, you will be able to quickly decorate a new home, without opening all the boxes.

Avoiding Professional Help

If you’re adamant about saving money, you may decline professional help even before crunching the numbers and establishing a moving budget because you want the cheapest way to move out of state to reduce the costs of moving. The truth is, sometimes, a DIY move is more expensive and ends up taking weeks, even if you’re moving into a smaller home. If you want to be cost-efficient, don’t avoid professional help but request a free estimate from your movers.

This way, you can save time and money by employing them when you really need them, and finish the rest yourself or focus on changing the address, finding a job before moving to another state, checking the safety of the neighborhood, or house-hunting. Also, since you’re relocating long-distance, know that transporting a car across the country by yourself can be really challenging. It would be better to check up on how car shipping works and hire cost-effective auto shipping services.

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Don't forget to label and seal your containers

Wrapping Up The Move

In the end, the most important thing is to avoid as many of these issues and situations as you can. There are plenty of ways to do so, but this should give you a clear outline of the things you should pay more attention to when executing your move. Once you pick the best time of the year to move, deal with every problem swiftly, and you will be able to wrap up your relocation in the blink of an eye. With the experienced cross country moving company by your side you’ll be able to successfully cope with any moving anxiety, relocation depression, or moving stress you might experience.


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