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Tips for Moving in Together – Things to Know Before Moving in With Your Significant Other

When you decide to start a life with your significant other, tips for moving in together could be more than welcome. It does not matter if you two are dating just for a few months or a couple of years; if you feel ready, starting a new chapter together will be a beautiful adventure.

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There are few things you should know before moving in with a loved one

But, before you open your suitcase, get on the same page with your loved one, and create a plan. It will help you achieve this important milestone as smoothly as possible.

One of the Best Tips for Starting a Life Together – Do It at Your Own Time

It happened! You’ve met, you went on a first, second, third date. Now, a few months оr years later, you are still dating. You get along so well, and you feel nice in each other’s company – you truly feel attached. All of a sudden, you think you’re ready for the next step called – starting a life together. However, you might be facing a certain level of reconsideration. You might be asking yourself a question – is it too soon? We have some good news for you – it’s not!

If moving for a relationship is your reason to move, any time is a good one if you feel so, just don’t let anxiety about moving out stop you from making such a decision. Some couples do it after a few months of dating, while others do it after a few years with the help of moving tips. For some, a period of dating is a relevant indicator, and for others, the quality of the relationship defines how soon they will make this crucial step. Either way, the right formula does not exist, except maybe one – follow your feelings, the best time of the year to move is whenever you’re ready.

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Have a Trial Period

There is one other thing. If you are considering starting a life together, you can do a trial period. Yes, you read it right. A trial period will help you be more confident about your decision and help avoid relocation depression.

When starting a romance, it’s common for partners to be together as much as possible. “Unfortunately,” that often comes down to just a few days of the week or going on a trip. The real feeling of living together comes only after they’ve shared the same space for some longer period. Try cohabitating for a couple of weeks or a month. You will be surprised by how many layers you’ll notice. You will discover some interesting parts of your personality and your partner’s too, and of course, you’ll get to know how you two function as a couple. If the trial period goes well, you can be sure that the right time for starting a life together is just around the corner.

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Spend some period living together and make sure that starting a shared life is a good idea.

Turn Your Search for a Future Nest Into a Fun Adventure

One of the first thoughts that comes into couples’ minds when they’re planning to move in together is – “where should we live?” Even though there’s always the option of one relocating into another’s flat, it’s certainly better if they try to check the safety of the future neighborhood in a big city and find something different, even if it means relocating to the suburbs. It’s much easier for both of them to organize and decorate a new place rather than reorganize the existing one.

Let us not forget – relocating is an overall stressful experience. Partners have to figure out how to deal with moving stress and look at this whole process as a thrilling adventure that will change their lives for the better. Although there are advantages to moving alone, doing it with your partner will make everything much easier.

The Size Of the Place Matters and Here Are Some Questions to Ask Yourself

When you start house-hunting for your nest, think about the size you would consider as the right one. Do you both want to move into a smaller home and start saving money for the future or downsizing is not an option? Here are some questions that could help you avoid making some common moving mistakes and decide how big of an apartment you desire:

  • How many rooms do you want? – Besides the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, you will probably need some extra rooms. They can be used as storage, guest rooms, or if you are one of those sweethearts who are considering getting married and having kids someday, these extra rooms can spare you from the unnecessary stress when this happy occasion happens.
  • Do you have pets, or would you like to have them? A lot of families consider pets as equal members. That is why all pet owners should think about the conditions in which their pets are going to live once they move into a new house. If are planning on moving with your dog or a cat, see what your partner thinks about having a pet in the house. The same goes if you don’t have a pet, but you would like to get one someday.
  • Are you planning to invite guests to your sweet nest? Talk about this issue. It is vital to be clear about this, mostly because when you are looking for an apartment, you will have to see if you can afford an extra room. If that’s not the case and you still want to have guest/s, see how much you will have to spend to buy an extra mattress for when a guest comes for a sleepover.
  • Do you need storage space? It depends on how much extra stuff you will bring into your future apartment. Are there some things that are not essential for you, but you don’t want to throw them away, like the extra glassware you have? If there are, think about renting storage space from your movers.
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Make sure that you and your sweetheart share the same vision of your future place.

Form a List of All the Stuff You Already Have and Want to Bring Into Your Future House

When it comes to making a selection of all the items that are going into your future home, forming a priority list could be of big help.

Agree with your loved one about the furniture, electronics, books, and other belongings you are going to keep. Maybe you have a great couch, and your sweetheart owns a spacier bed. You have beautiful artwork, and your significant other has an amazing collection of something. All of these belongings can be incorporated into your future home if both of you are ready to compromise.

Also, form a list of all kitchen elements you have. If you have some in double, it is clear that one should be left behind.

And last but not least, don’t forget about all the things that hold sentimental value. Yes, a flat has to be functional, but you live in it, and your sentimental belongings give that place a meaning. If you have some concert tickets that you want to save as a happy memory or an old music box, keep them. They are worth it!

After you’ve made a selection of what goes in and what goes out, you will have to purchase boxes and moving supplies. It is also time to decide whether to hire packing services or pack clothes, electronics, and other things by yourself with the help of some packing tips and tricks. No matter what to chose to keep out of all of your things, make sure you label your boxes because that will make the unpacking process so much faster. In case you want to insure some of the expensive stuff you have, make sure you create a photo inventory for moving insurance.

Packing also includes all the things that will not go into your new nest. In this case, storage space can do some work, but, as an alternative option, you can always throw away, donate unwanted items or sell some of the things that will not be a part of your new household.

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Sort, write down and start packing all the items that will be the part of your future nest.

Have the “Money Talk”

Ok, this is maybe the trickiest issue when it comes to planning a future together. Not just in emotional relationships, but in general, a lot of us don’t enjoy talking about our finances. We find it uncomfortable to talk about it as well as ask others about their income and how they spend it. But, when it comes to living together, the money talk with your significant other is inevitable.

Think About Your Financial Desires

You and your sweetheart are planning a life together, so you have to think about your financial stability. First of all, think about how much money will be necessary for renting an apartment and how to reduce costs when moving. Secondly, calculate your monthly expenses, such as grocery shopping.

You should not forget that most likely you would want to travel once in a while and see a play or an interesting movie. Or perhaps have a nice dinner in some fancy restaurant. You have to plan your finances based on these little pleasures as well.

Don’t forget the relocation costs, planning your moving budget, and finding the cheapest time of the year to move in case you don’t want to spend too much money. If you have a tight schedule when it comes to relocating, at least think about finding the cheapest way to move out of state. That way you’ll have more money left for other important things. If you’re planning on transporting your vehicle across the country with you, make sure that you understand how car shipping works, and don’t forget about that cost as well.

It is crucial for every couple to plan a joint budget and figure out how they will contribute to it. It will positively affect their shared life, making it more comfortable. Partners will be able to focus on some other things rather than financial matters.

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One of the most important things when it comes to starting a life together is making a budget.

Keep Your Romance Alive Even After You Start Living Together

When partners start a life together, they tend to forget about the importance of small romantic gestures. An activity like a date night could easily refresh your romance. Schedule a date night with your loved one, go for a movie, or see a play. Make a reservation in some fancy restaurant and go for a walk. Or simply, cook some dinner with candles in your place.

Compromise Will Become Your Best Friend

Being emotionally attached to someone and, most of all, sharing the place with that person, requires the use of one powerful word – compromise.

When starting a life together, sharing house chores is vital. Let’s say: You don’t prefer cooking, and your sweetie enjoys it; Your loved one hates washing dishes, and you enjoy it. See, in this case, sharing chores is easy. But, if none of you want to do groceries shopping or throw away the trash, you have to compromise. Fairly divide the work, or simply do it together. Be a team!

Another situation in which you should compromise is how you will organize your separated activities. Time management is an issue even after you start a life together. From that point, you should discuss how you will arrange your separate activities. It might sound confusing, but having your own time, even in a committed and serious relationship, gives you a feeling of freedom and independence, which are the crucial needs of every human being. Even though the relation between two people is the most important thing for couples, each one of them is still an individual with separate interests, hobbies, and wishes. Therefore, when you start a life together, reach some agreement about how you will organize alone activities. It will contribute to the quality of your romance.

Loving someone is all about affection and support. It means that you understand and appreciate each other. Being able to compromise shows your maturity and willingness to make your bond stronger.

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Every long-term relationship is based on compromise.

All You Need Is Love, Support and Respect

There’s a song “All you need is love,” and that’s almost right. In a world in which a lot of us walk alone, finding that special someone is a true blessing. But living with your soulmate requires a lot of effort. Of course, affection is the primary impulse for starting a relationship. Still, if you want to make it last, you have to offer your dedication and patience, be a listener, and keep an open mind.

When you figured out a way to reduce moving expenses and hired a cross country movers to help you, you are ready. Starting a life together with your loved one can be a fantastic adventure, and if you do your best, even the bad days will not be that tough. That’s why the key to every successful love story is made of support and respect.


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