August 12, 2019 By Anna Young

3 Tips to Help You Get Recommendations for Moving Companies

When planning your move, your first priority should be to get recommendations for reliable and professional moving companies. Trustworthy recommendations are always a huge help, but when it comes to choosing which mover to hire for the upcoming relocation, such advice easily becomes invaluable. Here are our Cross Country Moving Company top 3 moving tips on how to get recommendations for moving companies.

Before you hire professionals ask somebody for recommendation

Ask Friends and Family

We begin with the best way of getting recommendations for moving companies, through personal references from people you trust. That trust factor is absolutely essential here to help you avoid anxiety about moving out and additional moving stress. Why? In a world where everybody claims to be the best to entice potential consumers, it can be refreshing to get an unbiased opinion from a friend or a family member who recently relocated to the suburbs or another city, especially if you’re moving alone to another state and looking to reduce the costs of moving.
The best thing about asking friends for recommendations is that they will not have any reason to lie or distort the truth. In fact, you can rest assured that they will tell talk about all the good and the bad about these companies. Basically, there are two ways to get recommendations for movers from friends, family members, work colleagues, and neighbors. You can do that:


If you happen to have enough time because your reason to move isn’t urgent, then you can meet friends who have used moving services recently or in the immediate past. The goal here is to learn about the firm they hired and hear their experiences. Try to understand why your friends would or wouldn’t recommend a moving company.

Using Social Media

If you’re having a last-minute move or aren’t really up for meeting some friends, ask them to send recommendations via social network sites. Describe your situation briefly, are you moving into a smaller home, how much stuff you have, do you need auto transport services, and so on. Hopefully, this will get you a few names of companies nearby.

Check Online Moving Company Reviews

If you figured out what’s the best time of the year to move, how to reduce relocation expenses, and where you should move go online and check what other people say about companies. This is the next best way to obtain recommendations for professional movers is to check transportation firm reviews and ratings on specialized websites. Examining the online reputation of companies is an important step when looking to find the best-rated movers in the area.
People who have used professional transportation services will often leave feedback after the move is complete. In these brief narratives, customers tell what they did and didn’t like about the movers, including any problems or misunderstandings that they might have had with relocating and packing household items such as clothes, glassware, electronics, books, and furniture.

Why Check Reviews?

Customer reviews can be beneficial when getting recommendations because they are supposed to show how trustworthy a moving company is. Under perfect conditions, such reviews should serve as a good guide, giving you a general idea of which movers are safe to hire and which ones are not. When looking for the best long-distance movers who know all packing tips and tricks, visit the most trusted relocation review websites like Yelp or MyMovingReviews. There, you will be able to access hundreds of customer reviews and overall ratings for free, which should help you choose a reliable relocation company and avoid making a costly moving mistake.

These reviews can indicate a professional company, but remember that not all online reviews are genuine. You might run into a small number of fake reviews as well, so take those ratings with a pinch of salt and use the online recommendations only as a general guide.

Check Business Ratings

The third way to get recommendations for a moving company is to check the Business Bureau ratings of companies before you decide to hire their services. The Better Business Bureau provides strict standards for business accreditation aimed at enhancing trust and confidence in companies. These Accreditation Standards are built on eight principles that highlight the importance of creating and maintaining trust in any business. You should keep away from movers that are not accredited or ones that have very low Better Business Bureau ratings.

The Better Business Bureau usually sets high standards for maintaining trust between consumers and businesses. The Bureau uses ratings from A+ to F to show how trustworthy a business is, and this also goes for professional movers.
The Better Business Bureau rating system uses seven major elements to rate all the information about moving companies, including all official complaints made about a specific mover. Each rating element helps to determine the final Letter Rating of the firm.
It is important to note that customer reviews have no effect on the calculation of the Better Business Bureau Letter Grade Rating.

So, with dependable recommendations from friends and a score of customer reviews from trusted moving company review websites, the third and final step is to visit the Better Business Review’s website and check the company’s ratings. As a general rule, you cannot go wrong with a Better Business Bureau accredited movers with letter ratings ranging from A+ to A-.


When checking the safety of the neighborhood, changing the address, and relocating to another place, know that you will not always have the time to get recommendations or to research the moving company as thoroughly as you should. Try to get in touch with pre-screened movers that are properly registered by the US Department of Transportation and are adequately insured against relocation-related accidents. You can always create a photo inventory and purchase moving insurance in case you want to be completely sure once you donate unwanted items.

So, if you happen to be in a hurry to find a good moving company because you managed to find a job before moving to another state or you’re busy house-hunting, don’t let relocation depression catch you – consider hiring Cross Country Movers. We are one of the best movers in the country and can help you move to and from anywhere in the US. Our Cross Country Movers provides moving services to safely and quickly transport all of your things. Plan your moving budget and contact our Cross Country Movers customer support staff which can answer any questions you might have. For instance, they will advise on the cheapest time of the year to relocate or help you learn how does car shipping work in case you want to transport your vehicle across the country and book auto transport services. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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