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Moving Cross Country – Who Can Give You the Best Moving Company Recommendations?

There are 7,000 movers operating in approximately 13,500 locations in the US. No matter if you are relocating locally or if you are moving cross country, you will need to make some important informed decisions. If you wish to find the best service possible, you will need good moving company recommendations to make the right choice. After all, you don’t need to deal with bad service to add up to the stress you already have.

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Before you hire professionals ask somebody for recommendation

It is no secret that relocation causes stress and that your anxiety about the move will only get higher if you don’t have reliable professionals by your side. One of the best ways to deal with this stressful situation is to make a good plan and strategy for the move, and the first thing on your to-do list should be finding reliable cross-country movers.

Moving Company Recommendations – Where to Start Search for the Best American Long Distance Movers?

No matter if you are relocating to a new state or down the block, stress-free relocation is nearly impossible without the help of professionals. Whether you hire them only for long-distance moving services or if you take the whole deal with packing service, storage units, or even car shipping, their assistance will be of the utmost importance.

But where to start your search? For example, if you are in the process of preparing your house for sale or searching for a new place to live in, start by asking the real estate agent for help. Being in a business where people relocate all the time, there is a great chance they can give you a solid recommendation. On the other hand, if you are selling a house without an agent, you can ask friends and family.

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Ask Friends and Family for Long-Distance Moving Company Recommendations

Did you know that on average, every American moves 12 times in their lifetime? Considering this fact, there is a great chance that some of your friends and family moved at least once. Ask around and see if some of your buddies relocated in recent years or maybe months. Even if none of your friends moved away, they might know somebody who did.

Getting the recommendations firsthand is usually the best way to find any company or service, but this doesn’t guarantee the quality. That’s why make sure to implement other factors and criteria when searching for a long-distance moving company. Also, there can be a great chance that the recommended mover is not available when you need them. So keep an open mind and always have at least three options to choose from.

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Maybe a friend of a friend knows someone who is good

Search Social Media and Other Platforms

First, you should post on all your social media that you are planning to move and that you need advice on picking the right movers. You are probably connected to many people online, and there is a greater chance some of your connections had a need for relocation professionals. Also, there are other lines of communication you can explore. Go on Reddit and find posts related to this topic or simply start a new topic. You will get a lot of recommendations and pieces of advice.

Bear in mind that some of the companies people propose may not be working in your area. But don’t give up. Post on Quora and other forums, or just search through existing posts and see people’s experiences, and who knows, you may even come across some other useful relocation tips.

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Do not give up easily there will be an interstate mover you can hire

Read Online Reviews

Aside from the tools listed above, you can use Google for research purposes. Type on your browser cross country moving company and see what kind of results you will get. Then go through each result and see what reviews people on Google left.

Also, if there are companies that stand out you can search those on Yelp or Better Business Bureau and see what kind of reviews and ratings people left there. Then go a step further, and check your movers’ website and see what people posted there.

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Read as many reviews as you can

Make Your Own Criteria When Searching for Movers And Make Decisions Based on That

Yes, reading reviews is just fine, but it is not enough. Not only do you not know if people were honest when posting those reviews, but you can’t even know if they hired that particular firm. Of course, most reviews are accurate, but it would still be good if you widen out your search based on other criteria.

For example, do they have insurance? Do they have assertive agents and good customer support? Do they answer phone calls and emails? Basically, the whole first impression needs to be good and professional, for starters. Afterward, you can choose based on other things, such as your relocation budget.

Check if the Company Gives In-Home Estimate for Services

If you are relocating for the first time, you probably don’t know what good cross-country moving services need to have. Well, luckily we can help you with that. For starters, it should have an option of a free online quote. Here you will fill out the information about where you’re relocating and how much belongings you are bringing with you. Based on those pieces of information, you will get a free initial quote for the move. Bear in mind that this is only an estimation. The real price can only be given at the in-home estimate or after the conversation with an agent.

So no matter if you are relocating from house to apartment or the other way around, your interstate movers must give you an in-home estimate of the move. Only when professionals make a list of all the things you are bringing, they give you the exact cost of the relocation. If some enterprise gives you a price without checking out what they will relocate, you will probably pay more than initially said.

Do Not Hire a Business That Gives Low Cost

We all want to make a good deal and get the best service for a lower price, and there are ways you can move out of state cheaper. But if the crew offers a price that is almost unbelievably low, this should be a red flag. Quote, that is way below market value in relocation business usually means you will get bad service if you get a service at all. So, if a mover gives you a transparent quote and you understand where each penny goes, that is the best recommendation you can ever get.

See if the Company Has Wide Range of Services to Provide You With

Another great relocation hack you can implement when searching for a mover is to see what kind of services they can provide you with. If a crew only gives you a truck and men’s power, that is just fine. Maybe they are just starting a business. Why not give them a chance? And you can if you are relocating down the street.

On the other hand, interstate relocation is a totally different thing. It demands a lot of coordination, logistics, and means, so you would want experienced professionals to deal with your belongings. Professionalism in this line of business is really important, and if a mover can give you everything you need, there is no better pitch than that.

Also, with an all-in-one enterprise, you will get your move done with just a couple of visits and phone calls. There will be no need for you to rack your brain about anything at all, like do they have pods or storage units? All you have to do is to sit back and relax. Check out this video for more tips on what to look when searching for relocation services:

Pros of Having the Best American Cross Country Moving Services Pack Everything for You

Probably the most obnoxious part of every move is the fact that you have to pack your entire home, from packing plates and dishes to dealing with your clothing and even tools from the garage. You will have to think about different packing materials, where to get boxes, protect items for storage, and use bubble wrap. You will feel tired and exhausted all the time.

All of this is just because you refused to hire professionals to help you. But if you relocate enough time in your life, you learn to appreciate the advantages of hiring someone to do all the job for you. Just think about in order to pack everything you will have to be absent from work for at least one week, ergo money loss. Why not cash in that last salary and save your back and nerves? Enter a new chapter of your life without any stress.

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Professional packers will save you money and health

Why Is It Important to Hire the Best Company From the Long Line of Good Companies?

As we mentioned before, there are approximately 7,000 movers in the US, and they can not all be good ones. For this reason, you have to make an effort and try and find the ones that stand out.

The competition is high on the market, and lines of companies are fighting to get your attention. Use that to your advantage. Do not go with the first choice. Have at least three cross-country moving companies give you an in-home estimation and choose the one with the best price, customer support, agents, and a team of workers. Or maybe you will choose an enterprise that is more experienced, professional, and straightforward.

You Will Avoid Scammers

A common relocation mistake people make is that they go with the first business that offers the lowest price. We already mentioned why this should be a huge red flag. If you stumble upon some of these companies, you will have to do a thorough investigation to avoid relocation scammers.

First, check if a crew has a USDOT number. According to Federal law, all interstate companies must have a USDOT number and be appropriately registered. Also, reading reviews and ratings of the business will give you some insights into how it conducts the business. Another thing to pay attention to is if your movers of choice have an online presence. Do they have a website, reviews, and contact information? If they don’t exist, you should avoid them.

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Price without in-home estimation might not be the most exact

Why Hire Movers to Help You With Your Relocation?

When long-distance moving, there will be many things you must do – from packing your pots and pans, finding a place to live, a school for your kids, finding a job in a new city, and many more. And no matter what your reasons for relocating are, the process will be similar. And yes, you can do this on your own, but in the end, you will not save as much money as you think.

So why not outsource obligations and work that you can? There is no need for you to search for the best ways to transport cars across the country or deal with a china cabinet. You can let professionals organize your move and packing in the best and most efficient way possible.


How Can I Find Reliable Moving Company Recommendations?

Ask friends, family members, or coworkers who have recently moved for recommendations. They may be able to provide valuable insights into their experiences with different cross-country moving companies. Look for online reviews of moving companies on websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and the Better Business Bureau. Contact multiple cross-country moving companies and request quotes. This will give you a sense of pricing and services offered by different companies, which can help you make an informed decision.

Where Can I Look for Reviews and Feedback on Different Moving Companies?

Websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s List are popular review sites where customers can leave feedback on the long-distance moving companies they have used. Check social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for reviews and advice. Many cross-country moving companies have their own social media pages where customers can leave comments or reviews.

What Are Some Trustworthy Online Sources to Find Moving Company Recommendations?

The best and most reliable sources are Yelp, Google Reviews, and the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote ethical business practices and provide consumers with information about businesses. You can search for long-distance moving companies on the BBB website and see their rating, complaints, and reviews from other customers. Google Reviews is a platform that allows customers to leave reviews and ratings for businesses, including cross-country moving companies. While on Yelp you can search for moving companies in your area and read reviews from other customers who have used their services.

How Can I Ask for Recommendations From Family and Friends Who Have Recently Moved?

Let your family and friends know that you’re looking for a moving company and what specific cross-country moving services you need. This will help them provide you with more targeted recommendations. Don’t just rely on one recommendation. Ask multiple family members and friends for their recommendations so you can compare and choose the best option for you. Keep in mind that different family and friends may have different priorities and preferences when it comes to moving companies. Consider their experiences and how they align with your own priorities.

Are There Any Professional Organizations That Can Provide Moving Company Recommendations?

Yes, there are several professional organizations that can provide moving company recommendations. Here are a few to consider:

  • American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) – The AMSA is a trade association that represents professional moving and storage companies in the United States.
  • International Association of Movers (IAM) – The IAM is an international trade association that represents the global moving and forwarding industry.
  • National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) – The NASMM is a nonprofit organization that represents senior move managers, who help seniors and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of downsizing and moving.

Can I Check the Better Business Bureau or Other Similar Websites for Moving Company Ratings and Reviews?

Yes, you can check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other similar websites for moving company ratings and reviews. These websites can be helpful in providing information about a moving company’s reputation, complaints, and overall customer satisfaction.

How Can I Tell if a Moving Company Recommendation Is Biased or Unreliable?

It can be difficult to tell if a moving company recommendation is biased or unreliable, but there are some red flags to watch out for. For example, if a moving company recommends another moving company, this could be a potential conflict of interest. If a recommendation only contains glowing praise and no specific details about the moving company’s service, it could be biased or unreliable.

Should I Consider Hiring a Moving Company That Offers a Referral or Incentive Program?

While it’s not necessarily a bad thing if a moving company offers a referral or incentive program, it’s important to consider other factors when choosing a moving company. The most important factor when choosing a moving company is their reputation. Look for reviews and ratings from independent sources, such as the Better Business Bureau or Yelp, to get a sense of the company’s track record. Make sure the moving company offers the specific services you need. Some cross-country moving companies may specialize in local moves, while others may focus on long-distance or international moves.

Can a Real Estate Agent or a Landlord Provide a Recommendation for a Moving Company?

A real estate agent or landlord can provide a recommendation for a moving company, but it’s important to keep in mind that their recommendation may not always be unbiased. A real estate agent or landlord may have a financial interest in recommending a particular long-distance moving company. For example, they may receive a referral fee or have a personal relationship with the moving company. Even if there is a potential conflict of interest, the recommendation may still be helpful if the real estate agent or landlord has had a positive experience with the moving company and can provide specific details about their service.

How Can I Compare and Evaluate Different Moving Company Recommendations to Find the Right One for My Needs?

Comparing and evaluating different moving company recommendations can be overwhelming. Start by creating a list of potential moving companies based on recommendations from friends, family, and online sources. Look for reviews and ratings from independent sources, such as the Better Business Bureau or Yelp, to get a sense of each long-distance company’s track record. Make sure each company is properly licensed and insured to protect you in case of any accidents or damages during the move.


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