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Moving During the Fall – The Tasks and the Music to Accompany Them

Relocating is a complex process, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. However, it’s also not something you want to do often because it takes a lot of hard work. How do you make moving during the fall less stressful without relocating a hundred times? With great tips and excellent music.

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Relocating is best during the fall because of smaller crowds and more affordable prices

Tips for Moving During the Fall – And the Perfect Soundtrack to Accompany It

Autumn is the best time to move for numerous reasons, from milder temperatures to more available long-distance moving services; it just works better than any other season. Tips for relocating during fall aren’t different from other seasons, either.

You must create a packing checklist to help you stay organized and ensure you don’t forget anything important. Ensure to label all boxes so you can easily find what you need while unpacking.

When you pack, put heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top, and if possible, try to use boxes of the same or similar size. This will make it easier to stack them in the truck. And, whatever you do, don’t forget to use packing peanuts or bubble wrap to protect your belongings during transit.

Ensure you have a plan for how you’re going to move everything into your new home. This will save you time and hassle on the day of the move. Have a friend or family member help you, if possible, so things can go smoothly and help you avoid injury.

And, to end this ultimate relocation guide, take breaks often to rest and avoid getting too tired. Relocating is strenuous, and you don’t want to risk injuring yourself.

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Why an Autumn Relocation Is the Best Choice

Relocating during fall has many benefits. It’s warmer and more convenient than relocating in winter, yet much cheaper than the summer season. It’s easier to plan a last-minute relocation with a long-distance moving company because they’ll be more available and flexible during this period.

Some more benefits of relocating in autumn are:

  • You won’t have to deal with the heat and humidity like in summer weather,
  • No ice or slippery surfaces like in winter weather,
  • There are usually fewer crowds at airports and hotels, so it can be easier to get to your destination,
  • Finding a new residence is easier since the real estate market typically slows down by fall,
  • Autumn is the ideal period for a fresh start,
  • You’ll be in a new home just in time for the holidays.

Plan to Pack Only the Essentials

It’s no secret that you can only move efficiently if you declutter. Removing unnecessary items means you’ll have less to worry about when packing and transporting your belongings. You’ll be able to focus on more important tasks if necessary.

Take time to declutter every room and figure out what not to pack. Get rid of anything you don’t need or use, and organize the rest into easily portable box storage. Put away seasonal items like winter clothes, holiday decorations, and sports equipment.

Go through each room and sort your belongings. Donate the stuff you no longer need or use to a local charity or thrift store. Recycle or trash any broken, damaged, or no longer usable (and used) items. This will reduce the waste and packing materials you must deal with during the move.

The Greatest Packing Songs for Moving Cross Country

No one said this move would be easy, but decluttering is one of the benefits of relocating. It may not seem beneficial for those relocating for the first time, but getting rid of junk and unwanted items is a blessing in disguise.

You’ll pay long-distance movers less if there’s less to carry, so if that’s not great, then your priorities are in the wrong place.

Now, packing and cleaning aren’t fun, but try motivating yourself with a song. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor can surely hit some emotional and energetic strings; you’ll be dancing and packing before the chorus begins.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor is another motivating classic, and let’s not forget the most powerful of all – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

Ensure Your Little Ones Are Settled in a New School

If you’re relocating with kids, you’ll have to do non-packing-related things to help them adapt to a different environment. One is learning the procedure for transferring schools while relocating during the school year. Every district has its process, so it is essential to learn it before doing anything else.

You’ll need to provide documents to the new school to complete your kids’ transfers which typically include transcripts from their old school, proof of residency in the new district, and immunization records.

Once you have gathered all the necessary paperwork, you can begin signing your offspring into another school. This process can take a while, so if you know you’ll be relocating during the academic year, prepare for the move by prioritizing this task way in advance.

How to Make Your Kids Excited for Relocating With Music

Your little ones may not be excited about changing their school mid-year, but an honest conversation with them will be the best parenting you could do. Explain why this move is good and how they can adapt to the change; be there for them, as relocation significantly impacts children.

You can play the classic “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper to motivate your kids to pack. They’ll get with the program and hear some cool old music, with the chorus guaranteed to stick in their heads for a while. For something more familiar to the young ones, play “What I Go to School For” by the Jonas Brothers. They’ll likely know these guys from that show on Disney.

Clean the House After Packing and Rake the Leaves Out Front

After decluttering and packing, it’s essential to clean up thoroughly so you don’t leave any mess behind. If you’ve sold your house or were just a tenant paying rent, the next residents must find the home in perfect condition. You’d hate to see a dirty place, so put yourself in the next person’s shoes.

Move-out cleaning means wiping all the surfaces, including the walls, and vacuuming and mopping the floors. If you can’t manage to do it yourself, hire a professional cleaning service or pull in favors with family and friends. At least ask someone to look after your dog or cat if you’re relocating with pets because they’ll just be in the way.

Additionally, we all know the weather is fickle during autumn, and that’s not something we can affect. If it turns out that you have to move in the rain, ensure your driveway and doorway are clean and obstruction-free. Rake the leaves in your front yard, as they can make everything a lot more slippery and difficult.

Cleaning Isn’t Fun, but This Playlist Should Make It Better

Cleaning is a bore for many people, but it’s all OK with music. You need something motivational and upbeat to get you started on your cleaning routine, and a playlist on your chosen streaming service will be ideal.

For anyone that doesn’t know where to begin, start your cleaning journey with Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s global hit “This Is What You Came For.” This dance-pop song is the ultimate upbeat motivator and extremely catchy; you’ll be singing it for a while, and cleaning hours will go by quickly.

Continue with “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony, and when you begin cleaning up the leaves in your driveway, put on the classic R’n’B hit “No Scrubs” by TLC to finish the process.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Address and Cancel the Utilities

When relocating, you must change your address with USPS, and you can do this online, by phone, or in person. This is mandatory since all your mail may not be delivered correctly if your address isn’t updated, and you may miss important notifications or updates. You must also keep your contact information current with the IRS for any tax refunds or credits you may be eligible for.

You’ll also need to cancel your utilities and sign up for service at your next address. Utilities include electricity, gas, water, trash, sewer, cable, and internet service. Many people decide where to live based on their utility providers, as they may provide some benefits if you stick with them.

If you forget to do these things, sooner or later, it’ll come back to bite you. Put a reminder around one month before relocation day and cancel everything on time.

The Perfect Music to Get You Motivated for the Small Tasks

These relocation tips may mean little if you’re not motivated enough to do them. We’ve found the perfect song to get you hyped up for changing your address – The Jam’s “I’ve Changed My Address.” This fast-paced rock song from 1977 will pump you up for a life-changing experience.

If you like timeless rock music, have “2120 South Michigan Avenue” by The Rolling Stones as your go-to relocation song, too.

Fall Is the Cheapest Season for Cross-Country Moving Companies

It’s no secret that cross-country moving services can be pricey, but their costs decline during the autumn months. Generally, not calling cross-country movers for help is a common relocation mistake, whether you’ve never done it before or have done it a dozen times.

Our tip is to wait until August is over to choose a cross-country moving company; you’ll get the full package for a better cost. Most companies offer quotes based on your inventory list (which emphasizes the importance of decluttering) and can provide you with a storage service and some highly desirable relocation insurance.

It’s a much better idea to move with professional help than to force your relocation by trying to be self-sufficient. Packing services are excellent for this purpose, too – you won’t have much to do or worry about on your first day of relocating.

Follow the Movers’ Tips Carefully

On relocation day, wait for the movers to arrive and let them do their thing. If you’re relocating large items, they’ll know how to pack and lift them without getting injured. If you need someone to help you pack a car for relocating, they’ll assist you before the car shipping service picks it up.

While the movers pack and prepare your home for departure, you can regale them with some nice tunes, like “Down Under” by Men at Work (pun intended!) or the catchy, country-rock tune “Smoke Break” by Carrie Underwood.

Music Makes Everything Better, so Why Not Use It to Improve Your Move?

Need the motivation to schedule a cross-country moving service? Do you dread relocating to another state? Whatever troubles you may have while the relocation process lasts, music will be there to resolve them.

Even if the tunes you listen to aren’t themed or related to your actions, your favorite music will help you relax and boost you to finish your daily tasks. Play some songs, get into the groove, and make your relocation experience unique.


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