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How to Choose a Moving Company – Ultimate Tips

There are 7,000 registered companies specialized in relocations in the US. Choosing the right one among all cross-country movers can be tricky. For that reason, we prepared the ultimate guide on how to choose a moving company and be sure it is a reliable one.

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Choosing the right relocators can be ticklish. Here is how to pick the right ones and avoid potential scammers

Relocating to a new state implies a long relocating to-do list of all the tasks to tackle. To successfully deal with moving stress and facilitate the whole relocation process, hiring professional long-distance movers to help you organize your move is one of the most effective solutions in this case. Especially if you’re moving to another state alone, or plan to move with kids.  Here is how to select a moving company, avoid some of the most common relocating mistakes, and, crucially, stay away from relocating scams!

How to Find a Good Moving Company?

After you’ve decided where to live, the next detail to arrange is finding a trustworthy cross-country moving company and scheduling a relocation day. The search usually starts online. Once you’ve faced the entire offer, making a final decision on whose cross-country moving services to use can be complicated. The ultimate tip to follow is that the cheapest way to move out of state is not always the best one. So, here is everything you need to consider before signing the contract and scheduling the relocation day.

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What Type of Relocation Does the Company Provide?

Every company is specialized in different types of relocations. So, depending on the type of move you plan, you’ll choose the movers. Some companies are specialized in local moves, others in long-distance moving, while some are experts in organizing interstate relocations. So, depending on the type of move you plan, ensure to choose the matching company.

Does Their Long-Distance Moving Services Entail Relocation of Appliances and Other Hard-to-Move Stuff?

Also, when deciding on what firm to hire, ensure to check whether they can provide you with relocation services that cover special items, like the move of a piano, safes, appliances, pool tables, or hot tubs. Choosing the firm that can cover the majority of your needs is the best way to move efficiently. So, when making a final decision, take into consideration all these details! Still, this is only the first step when answering the question, “How do I choose a reputable moving company?” And here comes more of what to be aware of when picking the relocation specialists.

Can They Help You With Car Shipping Too?

Relocating to a big city usually means you’ll need to take your car with you, which will provide you with the possibility to be completely mobile and explore the surroundings easier. Furthermore, if the relocation firm can provide you with auto shipping services, you could get a considerable discount for using this service combined with packing services. For that reason, knowing how car shipping works and if the specific crew can provide you with this type of service is definitely helpful when deciding on hiring it.

How Much Money Should You Set Aside for Usage of a Storage Unit?

Many companies provide one-month free usage of storage units when the customers use other moving services. Precisely, this means you shouldn’t calculate it in your cost scheme while your items are fully protected in storage units. So, if you want to take advantage of lower expenses, make sure that the specific firm is providing this benefit, and consider it for another plus!

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There are numerous details to keep an eye on when trying to pick a reliable team. Don't neglect those useful tips!

How Do I Find Trusted Movers? Check the Credentials and If the Movers are Fully Licensed

The search for the right crew has to be systematic to provide you with the best results. So, after you’ve mapped all the potential firms that could handle your move, it is the right moment for the next step – checking and evaluating their credentials. Here are the major details to analyze when checking if a relocation company is legitimate:

  • The company’s seat and the areas it serves are important information to check when picking the right relocators. If the firm can not cover the area you’re relocating to, then considering hiring it is entirely superfluous. The company’s seat is important to know when controlling other company’s business information, so ensure to write down the address and compare it with contact details on the website and the license to be entirely sure the firm is legitimate.
  • Years in business is another thing to help you decide upon who to hire. The more experienced the firm, the higher probability that the relocation will go seamlessly. Don’t neglect the importance of experience. This means that the firm has hundreds of relocations behind, that its team handled various problems, and is now experienced in organizing any type of relocation. Also, in some way, this is proof their business is providing quality service because otherwise, it wouldn’t be present on the market for so long.
  • Licenses, accreditations, and insurance policies are the next crucial details to check. The majority of states require a state license, and this is the safest sign you’re dealing with professionals. When it comes to accreditations, the American Moving and Storage Association is providing those types of certificates, so if you find this piece of info on their website, it is another hint they are reputable. Insurance policies are also something every relocation firm should provide to its customers, so take a look at the cost scheme and define what is included in the price and what should be paid extra.
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Ensure to explore all the crucial information that could prove the company's reputability

To Avoid Fraudulent Movers, Don’t Forget to Check the USDOT Number

The safest way to check if the firm is legitimate and fully licensed is to check up with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. For this purpose, FMCSA provided a mover search tool, where customers can research the USDOT number and see the records of safety performance and if the specific firm is a part of GPS fleet tracking. So, once you access the FMCSA’s base, you’ll find the complete company’s history including complaints, and other safety information.

Researching the mover with FMCSA is highly recommended since this institution is authoritative both for the industry and customers. Movers are obliged by law to provide every customer with the booklet named “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” whether in online or printed form. Moreover, FMCSA is the only institution that provides the opportunity for customers to report the fraud, whether they had a bad experience with the relocation firm, broker, or car shipping firm. All customers who had a bad experience can file a Moving Fraud Complaint or call 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238) and report the problem. The FMCSA will then undertake the necessary steps to resolve it and fine the firm accordingly to the violation it has done.

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The safest way to get assured that the relocation firm is trustworthy is using the FMCSA online system

Explore Online Recensions and Recommendations of Other Customers on Popular Third-Party Websites

Online recensions and reviews are also great indicators to help you get assured that the specific long-distance moving company is worth your trust. When searching for recommendations for relocation companies (aside from checking their website for customer reviews,) don’t forget to take a look at the third-party websites recensions, like TrustPilot, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, or Google. So, don’t miss to explore what are the top-rated moving companies in your area and the reason why they are recommended.

Still, when it comes to reviews, don’t make it crucial for decision making. Always keep in mind there are many unrealistic opinions and expectations. So, when going through all of them, always evaluate if they are trustworthy. However, in case that the specific relocation firm has really low ratings, this is a pretty certain sign something is wrong with it, and that it might be better to avoid it.

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Always search for realistic recensions when trying to decide if the firm is reliable enough

Request In-Person Cost Estimates for Your Home Relocation

The best way to learn how much movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment, or any other sized property, is to request the estimate of the value of household goods in person. Once the relocation firm sends its representative to your new home address to estimate the size of the move, you’ll be able to create your ultimate household inventory list,  which is necessary for setting a relocating budget. Also, having a cost estimation is important for finding ways to reduce costs when relocating.

Since all the costs are based on the inventory lists for long-distance moves, then cutting your items from the list is the possible solution for lowering the expenses. To do it successfully, decide what to get rid of when relocating and what is necessary to take with you. Donate unwanted items, give them away, sell them in a garage sale, or throw them away. Still, if the company refuses to perform a home estimate, be cautious. This is one of the most common signs they have fraudulent intentions.

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In-home estimate is necessary to help you set up your relocation costs

Knowing the Red Flags for Unreliable Movers Is Another Effective Solution to Stay Away from Them!

Another useful tip on how to pick a moving company is to inform yourself about all the red flags and indicators that prove you’ve bumped into scammers. Here is something to be cautious about when picking the right cross-country moving firm.

Low Bids on Your Home Relocation

Although low prices always seem attractive, in many cases they could be an obvious sign of potential fraud. The most common pattern scammers use to catch the victim in their web is offering significantly lower prices compared to their competitors, and charging their customers extra, after they loaded their stuff on the truck. When this happens, the scammers usually refuse to deliver the stuff until they get this extra payment, which is known as holding items hostage.  That being said if you are relocating to Idaho from Virginia’s Fairfax, and the quote seems low, it probably is. So, if you want to experience a stress-free relocating, don’t accept the lowest offer!

Uncommonly High Deposits

Generally, the highest deposit you should accept to pay is at most 20%. In case that the firm requires more than that, be sure it’s another red flag. Also, never pay the deposit in cash, always use your credit card because it can prove that transaction is made. If the firm does not offer other payment methods than cash – it’s a fraud.

Delays in Signing the Contract

Contracts are the guarantee of the agreements and conditions, and if you don’t have them in the written form, the other side can easily change them. If you notice that the firm is delaying signing the contract, don’t wait for the miracle to happen. Call them and cancel the relocation, and find another crew to help you. Make sure to get the reliable one this time, and start on time.

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Insist on signing the contract and having all conditions in written form

Ready to Initiate Moving Cross-Country?

Now you know all the tips on how to find a moving company, and all the things to be aware of, we are sure that the whole process will take you less time and nerves. To enjoy all the benefits of relocating using the assistance of professional relocators is of utmost importance. So, follow our ultimate tips, and you won’t have to worry about whether everything will be good with your relocation.


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