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How to Pack a Car for Moving Cross-Country

If you own a vehicle, moving cross-country will undeniably make you wonder how to pack a car for moving. For many people, leaving their dear four-wheeler behind is simply unimaginable, and they are ready to find any solution to take it to their new home. While some people decide to drive all across the country, others are more likely to entrust their car to a professional cross-country moving company. Whichever way you choose, the preparatory steps are pretty similar. Here is what you need to do!

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There are many details to keep an eye on when preparing your car to be transported cross-country

Regardless of whether you’re relocating with kids or on your own, having a car in another state will definitely ease the transition to the next home. Whether you need to go to the grocery store, meet your friends in the other part of the city, or have to take your children to school or daycare, your car will be your main ally in these missions. More importantly, it will save you a lot of time.

That’s why we’ve prepared the following relocation tips that will help you decide on the best way to transport a car across the country and what you need to do to make this transition safe.

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What Are the Essential Preparatory Steps Before Getting Your Car on the Highway?

No matter whether you’ll go for professional auto-shipping services or choose to drive to your new home, there are inevitable steps to take in both cases. These steps are vital because they tremendously affect the safety of this transition.

The First Stop Is the Mechanic – Check the Tires, Batteries, and Prepare the Vehicle Correctly

Scheduling a check-up with the mechanic is a must because you have to be sure everything is working properly so you can start the trip safely. Details like tires, engine, battery, and lights have to be in perfect working order.

Check the Licence and Registration Rules in the State You’re Relocating To

To ensure your driver’s license and registration are valid, don’t forget to change your address. Depending on the state you’re relocating to, the regulations differ. Approximately, you’ll have within 14-90 days to make these updates and pay for all re-registration fees. That’s why it is highly recommended to organize important papers before moving long-distance and explore how to update your address on time.

Decide Whether You’re Ready to Drive All Those Miles on Your Own

Whether you’re relocating from the West Coast to the East Coast or vice versa (or something in between), there will be many miles to pass. At the very start, you should be prepared to book accommodation for at least one night during the trip because driving all these miles will definitely exhaust you. Even if you plan to have a co-driver, it won’t be enough to ensure a safe trip. That’s why you should decide if you’re really ready for this challenge or need to find some other solution.

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Detailed preparations are key for fuss-free car shipping!

How to Pack a Car for Moving to Another State?

Expectedly, the first question that will cross your mind will be how much can you pack in a car? There is no doubt you’ll want to use every inch available to fill the trunk and the backseat. But some factors will influence how much stuff can be packed in the vehicle. Here is what to keep in mind!

How Many People Will Be in the Vehicle?

The number of people in the car will affect the free space at your disposal to be used for packing things. That’s why you should know the exact number of people traveling with you when organizing the move. Of course, don’t forget that they will all have their essential bags with them, too.

Forget About Putting Fragile or Large Home Items in the Trunk

Packing fragile items like glasses, vases, or decorations in the trunk or trying to move large items is definitely something you should avoid. The worst thing that could happen to fragile stuff is for it to get broken. But when it comes to large items, things become a little bit more complicated. Not only could large stuff overburden your car, but it can also even limit your field of vision in the rearview mirror, which will directly endanger your safety.

That’s why those and similar items should be entrusted to professional cross-country movers who have all the necessary equipment to handle them safely and deliver them to your new home in perfect condition.

How to Pack a Small Car for Moving? Buy or Rent an Overhead Carrier to Get Additional Space!

How to best pack a car for moving? Owners of small cars always have this dilemma on their minds when it comes to relocations since they have very limited space in the trunk. Luckily, there is a solution to move efficiently even if you have a small trunk, by adding an overhead carrier where you can put even more stuff. Of course, don’t forget to attach it properly and don’t use it for valuable or fragile possessions.

Learn What Items Movers Won’t Move and Decide if Any of Them Could Come With You

There are many items movers won’t move due to safety restrictions. Things that won’t be accepted on the moving truck and should be removed from your packing list, too, are:

  • Flammables,
  • Bottles under pressure,
  • Chemical products,
  • Gas and oil,
  • Pesticides,
  • Perishable food.

Those things are simply not safe to move or even store in a storage unit. Long-distance movers will also refuse to transport pets and plants since they don’t have the necessary conditions for them. However, you can always transport pets or plants in the backseat of your car. As for flammables and other potentially dangerous items, discard them properly.

When it comes to pets, put them in a transporter and be prepared for more frequent breaks. And if you want more useful tips about transporting your pets in a car, take a look at the video below.

How Do You Pack a Car to Move? What Types of Boxes and Items to Choose

If you were wondering what the best way to pack a car is, the solution is to choose the right belongings to put in the trunk. In general, if you’re using the services of an auto-shipping company, the best course of action is to leave the car empty. However, some shippers might allow you to transport a limited amount of stuff in the trunk. So whichever option you decide to go for, the principles are the same.

Things Like Linen, Clothes, and All Other Soft Belongings Should Be on the Trunk Packing List

The first rule when it comes to packing your trunk is to choose soft and lightweight goods. That’s why stuff like clothes, linen, pillows, or even children’s toys is an excellent solution. This is applicable in any case. Whether you’ll be driving by yourself or hiring a long-distance moving company this is advised to be put in the trunk.

Buying Vacuum Bags Is a Great Solution to Save Space

Another useful tip to use the space to the maximum would be to buy vacuum bags. This way, you’ll save a lot of packing area in the trunk and be able to put some other things in it. Clothes like sweaters, scarves, or ski suits are perfect for vacuum bags. Medium vacuum bags are real space-savers, and one bag will allow you to put up to twelve sweaters in each. So don’t forget to buy a few of them and get your clothes ready for relocation.

Choose the Right Sizes of Boxes to Put in the Trunk

Once you use the vacuum bags, there will be plenty more space in the trunk. And the best way to use it to the maximum is to choose the best-sized boxes that are large enough for a lot of belongings, but not too big to fit into the trunk.

A good choice for trunk luggage could be books or an essentials box. Just make sure the boxes are not too large for two reasons. First, because of your spine, second – because you’ll be able to put more into several small or medium-sized boxes than using only one large box. In case you want to take some snacks with you, plastic boxes could be a great solution for this purpose, so ensure to get a couple of those, too.

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Get vacuum bags, follow these tips, and packing a car for the move will be a breeze

What Is the Easiest Way to Pack When Moving? Use Cross Country Moving Services

Undeniably, the easiest way to prepare your car for relocation is to go for professional long-distance moving services. However, keep in mind that a stress-free relocation is possible only if you choose a reliable company.

That’s why the first step would be to explore recommendations for relocation companies, see the opinions of other customers, and then check if a relocation company is legitimate. Once the basic conditions are met, the very next step is to understand how car shipping works. This will give you an idea of how to prepare the car. Here are some essential rules when it comes to shipping with a carrier.

Clean the Interior and Exterior Thoroughly

Thorough cleaning is an essential step in preparing a car for relocation. This entails washing from the inside and outside, vacuuming, and polishing it to perfection. In case this sounds too complicated, you can always find a professional car wash to provide you with all the necessary services.

Remove All the Trinkets and Documents

Nothing should be left in your car when relocating to a new state, so you better decide what to get rid of. All trinkets, bottles, documents, tools, receipts, coins, pens, maps, and everything else should be removed, so ensure to put that task high on the to-do list.

Decide Whether to Use an Open or Enclosed Trailer

One of the most challenging dilemmas people who want to ship their vehicles have is choosing between an open or enclosed trailer. The truth is that the answer is simple – different types of vehicles require different modes of transport.

All expensive or rare cars should be transported on enclosed trailers since they provide better protection. This means greater safety during harsh winter times and full protection from the elements. So if you skipped the summer to move and are ready to relocate in winter, that’s the solution.

Open trailers are, on the other hand, a more affordable option. Compared to enclosed trailers, open ones can cost up to 40% less, which will considerably support the relocation budget at your disposal. The reason why open trailers cost less is that more vehicles can be put there. Also, open trailers are the most common way of transporting vehicles cross-country.

Learn Everything About Car Shipping Insurance

When taking responsibility for clients’ vehicles, an auto-shipper is required to provide an insurance policy. This policy guarantees reimbursement in case of external damage during transport, and it covers all expenses up to $100,000 on open trailers or $500,000 on enclosed trailers. So don’t forget to ask the shipper about these details before confirming the quote!

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A reliable auto shipping company will provide you with the best and most accurate information regarding all dilemmas you may have

Are You Ready to Become a Packing Expert for Cars?

Now that you know all the hacks to plan a move to another city when it comes to your vehicle, there is little chance you’ll make a crucial mistake. Just ensure to be in touch with the company you chose or take care of all obligations if you plan to do it alone, and your four-wheeler will be delivered in perfect condition right in front of your new home!


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