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How to Plan a Move to Another City – 12 Tips That Will Make Your Relocation Easy

We usually desire to relocate someplace else at least several times in our life. But the first time we wish to do it could bring some unease because an unknown world awaits us. That’s why it’s essential to know how to plan a move to another city and do so without breaking a sweat.

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Around 35% of college graduates don’t live in their home state

It’s common for most Americans to move and continue their lives elsewhere because we tend to move up to 12 times during our lifetime. No one claims, though, that it comes without any relocation stress and uncertainty. But since so many people are on the move for various reasons, there are plenty of witty hacks and awesome tips out there. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making a compilation of all the tricks for a stress-free move. Whether you’ve fallen in love so badly, you want to be together with your significant other under the same roof, or you want to prove to your parents you’ve grown independent and can live on your own, you shouldn’t discard the importance of moving tips.

How to Plan a Move to Another City by Becoming a Data Expert and Doing Your Research

If you go into research before the move blindly, you’ll most likely end up drowning in statistics about how many women under 30 move, which state has the highest GDP, and similar information. But the initial step to organizing your move is to sit down and figure out what you want from life in general (okay, that’s too general) and get to the bottom of the direction you want to take. So, what is your drive to move to a big city, anyway? Are you tired of the stale life you’re leading, so you want some urban excitement and to be surrounded by cultural diversity? Make the search all about finding the perfect metropolis. Is your job making you feel imprisoned? Check out the job market in other areas, away from your current place.

Planning a Move to a New City Should Include Finding Work

“How can I plan a move to another city when I’m jobless?” – you wonder. It’s always possible to move before you manage to find work in a new state by being really skilled to survive – you can crash on a friend’s couch or work two jobs at once until you land on your feet. But it’s the same as with everything else in life – it’s best not to go unprepared. Although figuring out how to get a job in a new state before you move there may seem like a hella trick to pull, it’s not any harder than finding employment in your hometown. Spruce up that resume like a boss, and start research through LinkedIn to find a work position that suits you in the metropolis of your dreams.

Let’s Talk Finance, and We Don’t Mean Bitcoin

Well, we’ll be painfully direct here – relocating is EXPENSIVE. You’ll have to set money aside for many things, such as cross-country moving services by reliable long-distance movers or enough cash for a deposit (it’s one of the crucial things you’ll need to rent an apartment.) But don’t give up just yet! There are cool and awesome tips out there that you can use to save money to move and significantly improve your moving budget. If you’re planning to move out for the first time, start saving up way ahead of time so you can cover the cost of the relocation. Cut down on eating out, move around with a bus more, less with your wheeler, and skip a yoga class or two. You’ll be amazed at how much you can gather in a short time.

Clean Up the Mess Without Regret

We’re not saying you live a messy life. It’s a fact of life that when we stay in one place for years, we pile up a shocking amount of stuff. And another fact is that according to the National Soap and Detergent Association (yep, it’s a thing), getting rid of excess items from your home would eliminate 40 percent of the housework. But what’s cleaning up got to do with your move? Well, those cross-country movers we’ve already mentioned will form their price on the number of items you want to transport. So, “less is more” is kinda true because less stuff means more money in your pockets. You should decide what to get rid of, so prepare some trash bags, some things should go on the “donate unwanted items” pile, and organizing a yard sale will even earn you a dime. There’s always the storage service for those things you don’t want to get rid of but won’t be coming with you.

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80% of the objects that we keep, we never use, and most of the clutter is a result of poor organization

Pick a Long-Distance Moving Company Which Will Take Your Stuff to the New Place

Now, here’s a tricky one – picking the right relocation specialists. It may seem easy at first, what’s there to be complicated? You grab your laptop, Google a company, and – voila! There they are. But what you should learn first is how to check if a cross-country moving company is legitimate and do your research properly. Yes, you could easily fall victim to some scammers and their fraudulent ways, and they can relieve you of your cash and precious belongings. But choosing to relocate by yourself can cost you a lot more than professionals. That’s why it’s essential to run a thorough check on a company by looking at their online reviews.

A good starting point is to get recommendations for relocating companies from friends and family that moved recently and have some experience. Avoid settling for the lowest bid because these usually have some hidden expenses and costs that will come as an unpleasant surprise. Create a list of several companies, decide whether you’ll pay for any additional services, such as an auto transport service, and compare quotes.

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Relocating Service Is Not the Only Service You Should Think About

If you’re thinking about who to notify when relocating, what probably comes to your mind are your friends and family, and no services and providers can seem significant at the moment. But a great tip, and no less significant than the others, is to take care of utilities and all the other important things before you move out of the current home. Contact electricity, water, and gas companies to transfer utilities and agree on the connection date in the future place (and disconnection date in the current if you’re leaving it empty.) Do the same with the internet, phone, and other providers. Contact the USPS (you can change your address through an online form,) your bank, insurance provider… You get the picture.

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More than 40% people decide to let the movers handle everything

To Pack or Not to Pack – It Is Not an Effortless Task, but It Could Be

When it comes to moving to another state, most people will envy you because it takes boldness and a sense of adventure to raise the anchor and set sail into the sunset. But there’s one thing no one envies, and it’s packing all the belongings you want to bring with you.

  • Suppose you want to start on the right foot, head to the supplies store, and stock up on boxes and other packing materials. It’s essential to get enough boxes of all sizes, although you’ll mostly use the medium ones. You can visit a local retailer or liquor store to get some free cartons or find them on websites such as Craigslist. Be sure you buy some heavy-duty tape, cushioning materials like bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and packing paper. Obtain scissors, a tape dispenser, and a marker, too.
  • After packing each box, check if it’s properly closed and label them on both sides and the top. It’s a relocating hack that will make unpacking after the move pretty much effortless. You can label by room or quickly write down the contents. Making a photo inventory is also one of the best tips out there, and you can do it by using your phone camera.
  • There’s another tip that shouldn’t be skipped – and it’s to pack a bag of relocating essentials. Basically speaking, it’s a package that will help you go through the first few days in the future home devoid of panic and tension and without breaking a sweat. It should contain essential toiletries, some kitchen utensils, a change of clothes, chargers, snacks, and a few other things you’re going to need.

If you have followed our tips for decluttering though, there’s no need to dread this process, as you’ve already relieved yourself of anything you don’t need. If you want to save up some more, you can use garbage bags and other everyday items for packing. But to be completely sure everything arrives intact to your future home, it’s best to invest in the packing service.

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Around 90% of all products in the country are shipped in cardboard packaging, and it’s a perfect solution for relocations, too

Make Your Arrival Unforgettable and Get To Know the City Right Away

And now we’re coming closer to the final steps to moving to a new city – getting to know your way around. This is something you should do right away, as it will help you avoid any relocation depression and ignite the excitement only unknown surroundings can bring. Learning how to get around the neighborhoods, figuring out the public transportation options, and finding the best places to dine are all a part of the natural process of settling in.

A Roommate Can Help You Split the Costs

If you still think everything is too expensive for your budget, you shouldn’t give up. Finding a roommate is not at all uncommon; in fact, according to the US Census Bureau, about a quarter of US residents aged between 18 and 34 lived with roommates in 2015. Having a roomie is a great option to split the costs, have someone to talk to, and drink morning coffee. You can search through popular roommate websites or find someone through Facebook groups.

Join Any Social Gatherings You Can Find in Your Surroundings

Blending in may not come as easy for you, especially if it’s a fresh experience for you. If you haven’t found your tribe yet, you might be considering “should I move back home?” But you should not let it be an option. Instead, go out of your way to make connections around you. You can find them at college, at work, or while you go bar hopping. If you have moved with dogs, walking with your furry companion can give you a perfect daily routine through which you can get to know the place you’re living in.

Reach Out to Others and Make Friends

If you have moved for a relationship, you won’t feel so alone. But you should also make friends with whom you can spend time when you and your SO are not together. Your workplace may be the perfect starting point, as you can easily organize with your coworkers to go and grab a drink after working hours. Another great tip is to agree to any invitation you receive, whether it’s a barbecue at your neighbors’ house or to a club of book lovers. Making friends will help you overcome any potential issues you might have because you’ve left your friends and family behind. If you need some fresh tips on making friends as an adult, check out the following video.

Enjoy Starting Your Life Anew

Perhaps your move started with a “where should I move quiz,” or maybe you’ve always known in your heart which metropolis calls to you. But whether driven with desire or simply with a wish to advance on your career path, relocations never come easy. It’s not only hard to organize and stay on top of everything; it’s equally hard to leave everything behind and venture into the unknown. But all these tips can help you organize like a skilled professional, and when you relieve yourself of stress, you can start to enjoy the opportunities ahead of you.


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