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Hannah Michaelson

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6 Tips for Moving in Together

Planning to take your relationship to a new level and starting to live with your significant other is a huge step. It brings plenty of excitement, and it also drives a handful of mixed feelings and some common fears. However, moving in together is a step many couples gladly take.

couple reading in bed When is it time to move in together? Learn when, why, and how before taking this step.

Is it difficult to spot the signs that you are ready for a change? And how do you move in together? With transparent communication, clear goals and boundaries, and the right amount of strategizing – this switch can be smooth and comfortable. Lastly, if you get help from professional cross-country movers (when you choose a new location to be your home), you’ll start living with each other in no time, liberated from a significant amount of stress. So follow these tips and begin to plan your relocation.

How Do You Know You’re Ready to Move in Together?

Before saying I think we should move in together, make sure the timing is right and everything else is just as it should be. If this feels a bit vague, here are some actual indicators that you should know and recognize:

  • The reasons to move are just right, and it’s not just a way to save up on renting an apartment,
  • You have agreed on the relocation budget, accepted the cost of living, and you’re on the same page regarding housing expenses,
  • Your schedules are aligned, and you will function well timewise,
  • You’ve already had a trial of living with each other, and you have traveled at least once (it’s implied that it worked out amazingly),
  • You are fine with each other’s mess, and you are both willing to come up with some creative storage ideas to gain more space and make it more manageable,
  • Chores are not a problem since you already know how to split responsibilities, even the most tedious work around the house,
  • There was a massive dispute that you have overcome successfully, and it only strengthened your relationship,
  • The terms regarding relocating with pets are perfectly clear, and you share the same attitude toward it,
  • Your rules about social media are compatible with your partner’s.

Lastly, it is imperative that you communicate clearly and without keeping secrets, especially when it comes to finances and other topics that impact your relationship. So, to wrap it up – How long should you wait to move in together? If you have already discussed your future and you planned it all meticulously, the time for you to move forward is now.

Couples Moving in Together Should Consider a Trial Period as Their First Step

Before finalizing the preparations to make a joint budget and rent a home, it’s a good idea for couples to spend a lot of time with each other. But more importantly, they should give it a shot and live together for a while – as a sneak peek into what the future will be like.

Don’t worry, it won’t be a waste of money if you give it a test ride before you take a leap and sign a lease. Every couple moving in together should give it a month or two to settle in and confirm that things are going smoothly. This should be sufficient to learn about someone’s actual needs and habits, and it is more than enough to talk things through prior to making it all official. Before you get in touch with your bank, post office, and other companies to notify when relocating, get solid proof that the choice you’ve made is spot on. And even if it turns out that you are not ready for the switch, it will be far less painful and much easier to move back home.

two people in a relationship painting a room after moving cross-country Spend a lot of time with each other before thinking of how to move in together.

1.  Learn What to Discuss Before Moving in Together: Talk About Your Goals and Fears First

Being under the same roof as your loved one is the ultimate goal. But if you want to have a smooth transition, you have to talk – and a lot. First of all, here’s a set of questions to answer together before one of you moves in:

  • Discuss how you’ll pay the rent, the bills, groceries, etc.,
  • Go over a few possible scenarios and prepare for the better and worse,
  • Be objective about your greatest fears, concerns, and frustrations,
  • Share your insights and thoughts,
  • Set some boundaries and respect each other’s privacy,
  • Plan on how you will handle some problems that are likely to arise in the future.

Your main goals for the relationship and the stuff that keeps you awake at night should come first. If you’re scared because your life will change, say it out loud. Find a way to overcome it with your partner’s help.

2.   Be Clear About Your Expectations from the Relationship and Your Partner

Moving into your partner’s place or renting a property together seems like a massive step in a certain direction. However, it doesn’t necessarily spell out forever, nor does it have to end in marriage. Different people have different expectations, aims, and perspectives, so it is vital to have a conversation about it. What is it exactly that you want? Be sure that your vision of the future has the same tone and shape as your partner’s.

3.   Discuss the New Financial Situation and Find a Way to Split the Costs

When you are dating, no one pays too much attention to who bought the tickets and who got the snacks. However, when you start to share a home, things will change. Finances become a matter of discussion. And the sooner you establish some ground rules, the sooner you’ll leave behind all potential drama and misunderstandings related to this subject.

Now that you’re more intimate and spend days with each other, you should plan a budget for everything – starting with the move itself. Will you pack yourself or hire professional packing services? How much stuff do you need to transport, and will relying on cross-country movers be too pricey? What will you do to reduce costs when relocating?

After the move is finalized, there will be other expenses to tend to. Don’t postpone the big talk about them. Plan your ways ASAP and be honest with each other.

couple having a coffee and holding hands while discussing long-distance moving Cover the budget and other essential things to discuss before moving in together.

4.  Agree on Taking Time Alone When You Feel Like It

Sharing a home and responsibilities doesn’t mean having to do everything together. The ideal scenario is precisely the opposite. Each partner should sometimes do things independently. Whether it’s reading the books you packed, watching a chick flick, or doing a self-care routine – you’ve earned it. The only thing you should do is to talk about these needs to your significant other. Don’t make them feel neglected or like they’ve done something wrong. Talk about the alone time each one should take to enjoy certain hobbies, activities, or hanging out with friends.

5.   Be Sure that Both Partners Feel Like the Place is Theirs

In order to be comfortable with saying you need some space every now and then, you must both feel like the place is yours. And you should treat every room, corner, and drawer that way – by keeping them as organized as possible.

Still, there are other significant things besides dusting off the figurines and other fragile items in your living room or sharing tips on how to pack clothes for moving, traveling, or simply to gain more closet space. You have to truly embrace your new environment and want to be continuously involved.

Suppose you need some extra room to set up a home office. You should discuss it and create it in such a way that will suit you both. Do all the repairs, plan them together, repaint a few walls, and select some decorations that will reflect your style. Having a cozy environment that depicts your personality will help you both adjust quickly.

6.   Stay Tidy and Organized

While getting ready to move in with your significant other, you’ll follow all the essential packing tips to get it done easily and promptly. By keeping in mind the words of professional packers, you will be able to remain tidy, use the right packing materials and boxes, and move efficiently. However, there’s a lot of clutter waiting for you to unpack after the move. To avoid it, you should:

  • Come up with a strategy and place your bags and boxes tactically,
  • Start by unpacking the relocation essentials and other stuff you will immediately use,
  • Be extra careful with kitchen and bathroom items and deal with them first,
  • Tackle the rest of the stuff while maintaining order.

Now, once both of you are settled in and want to enjoy the perks of taking the relationship one step further, you should develop similar strategies you’ll use daily. Aside from simply not tossing your stuff all around the house, divide chores and be sure to stick to the agenda. Both of you should be equally in charge of keeping the household clean and organized. If you’ve moved to a smaller home, rent a suitable storage unit to keep your belongings there – at least until you figure out a better solution.

a plant on a white cabinet Stay organized and keep your household clean.

The Question You’ve Been Afraid to Ask: Do Relationships Change When You Move in Together?

We all look forward to changes, but we simultaneously dread them. The same goes for every move – some relocation stress is bound to happen, especially when you move in with your partner. What can be different? Here’s what to pay attention to (and find a way to handle it painlessly):

  • Frequent arguments, primarily about the finances,
  • Minor things that lead to letting the other person down (like forgetting to take out the trash – again),
  • Small disputes regarding the chores (such as: who has done the dishes more times this week),
  • Irritability that sometimes comes as a result of these insignificant fights,
  • Boundaries and alone time could also be an issue if you don’t set them immediately,
  • Some people start to take their partners for granted too.

Even though overcoming these new issues may seem tricky, you can avoid them easily if you are open and honest from the start. Finally, some couples get tired of each other and feel like the spark is gone. Keep dating even when you’ve lived together for a while – don’t give up on what made you fall in love in the first place.

And although each relationship will unquestionably change a bit at this point, some simply entail a different sort of switch and adjustment. If you want to find ways to rekindle your romance and have a healthy, prosperous connection, watch this video and learn more about it:

Make Sure You’re on the Same Page and Start Planning the Move

Statista’s research shows us that most Americans move for housing reasons, a new job, and love. Relationships and changes in marital status have always been among the prime reasons to relocate. Once both of you are in the clear regarding what to know before moving in together, making plans, getting packed, buying and moving furniture together, everything else will come naturally.

Do some research and look for recommendations for movers in order to get the best long-distance moving services. That way, once the big day arrives, you will be able to relax a bit and enjoy each other’s company more.

Look carefully into the signs and determine whether you’re ready to start living with your partner. And when you spot these signs, organize the move correctly and start off on the right foot.


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