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5 Indispensable Tips on Moving Furniture

What’s the most important step when moving furniture? To be organized and know the right system of loading into the moving truck. You might be thinking that it can’t possibly be that difficult, but those who have gone through the relocation process know what the catch is.

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Lifting and carrying heavy objects could be tricky if you don’t know how to do it properly

First things first, having help is a must. If you think that lifting and carrying a heavy desk or bed is a piece of cake, the truth is quite the opposite. But, with some assistance from your friends, everything is achievable. Also, consider hiring skilled movers. Their experience in the packing services and reliability when carrying bulky things could make the whole thing much simpler.

Whatever your plans are, your household belongings need to be moved. Luckily, we can provide you with handy tips on how to ensure your move goes smoothly. Our advice will make your relocation a breeze, especially when it comes to packing your furniture when moving.

Make a Plan When Moving Furniture

If you’re planning to relocate long distance, it’s reasonable to create a household inventory list. Having in mind a clear picture of all possessions is an excellent starting point in your relocation schedule. Begin with the largest items and place them in the back of the truck. That said, lifting and loading can be backbreaking labor, as well as unloading. Try to organize as many people as possible to give you a hand.

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Having a good plan is the alpha and the omega of any relocation

Use Appropriate Equipment for Heavy Pieces

For all those who want to relocate on their own, there are several practical pieces of equipment for transporting your stuff. They are excellent for large and heavy pieces, and you shouldn’t even think about starting anything without them. Depending on your possibilities and requirements, you can either purchase or rent the equipment.

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Moving Straps

These belts are known as lifting straps. Among them, the most popular is the shoulder dolly – it facilitates the carrying process and provides your hands with more freedom of movement. It engages a much larger muscle group of back and shoulders. One of its great advantages is the adjustability to a particular size of furniture and the size of your body, too. However, be careful when going down the stairs – the weight might shift entirely.

Furniture Sliders

These tools are irreplaceable for DIY relocations – you don’t need to lift or carry anything, just move it by sliding. Place these pads under each leg or corner of the object you want to move. Their effectiveness is applicable both on hard flooring and carpeting. You can choose between two different options:

  • Plastic sliders for an area rug
  • Soft, sliding pads for firm ground

Furniture Dollies

You can opt for a four-wheeled square platform or two-wheel hand truck. What’s the difference? The first one comes with or without a handle to push, while the second one has a smaller base but is an excellent option for tall items. Before placing any item on the dolly, just make sure to use additional straps before you start pushing.

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Dollies are useful pieces of equipment for large and awkwardly shaped things

Disassemble the Furniture

You’ll be most grateful for the foldable furniture and those pieces that can be disassembled into the smallest parts. Be careful with small pieces, such as screws or nuts, and store them separately in small bags. Don’t forget to label them – it will make unpacking easier once you get to your new home.

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Break apart larger objects into smaller parts, so that your packing and relocation processes become much easier

Lift and Unload Your Possessions the Right Way

The worst thing that could happen to you during a long-distance relocation is to hurt your back. Luckily, if you use the above-mentioned equipment and apply the correct lifting technique when it comes to carrying heavy objects or going down the stairs, you can rest assured that everything will go without a hitch. Safety should be your primary goal, so take into consideration these tips on how to handle heavy pieces properly:

  • Carry the weight in your legs, not your back
  • Hold items close to your body
  • While lifting and carrying, avoid twisting or making fast movements
  • Stairs are particularly demanding – make sure you have help when going up and down
  • Unloading your stuff requires planning – bear in mind that you should count on someone, your friends or family, or even the services of professional movers
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Lifting, holding, and carrying should be performed in an appropriate manner

With Movers and Their Truck, You Won’t Need to Lift a Finger

If you’ve had a chance to speak with someone who has gone through a DIY relocation and, on the other hand, with somebody who hired professional moving services, you would hear two completely different stories. However, the essence is the following – moving on your own means more labor, energy, and nerves, but it could be the right choice when thinking about how to reduce costs. On the flip side, with professional service, you can expect efficiency, reliability, and skill, but the expenses might be higher.

So, what should you choose?

That depends on your organization, budget, and time. Also, keep this in mind – if you don’t possess enough knowledge necessary for packing fragile items, your total expenses might become even higher than if you hire movers.

Movers loading the truck. overlay
Professional movers could be your best bet

Everything is Much Easier With Professional Movers

Speaking about removal companies, skilled packers, competent crews, you can’t get a definitive answer when it comes to choosing the best way for the relocation process. If you prefer DIY projects and have the support of friends and dear people, then go for it. However, keep in mind that you might need to rent a truck or pay experts for their services to pack your crystal chandelier properly.

If there is a massive wardrobe or bed among your belongings that are awkward to handle, there is every chance you’ll turn for help to competent workers.

One more possible scenario is to have too many things that just don’t fit into your new home. The best possible way to go about this is to rent a storage unit and place your possessions there until you sell them or move to a bigger home. Good movers will be able to provide you with storage services until you figure things out in your new home.

Before you start moving furniture, weigh the pros and cons and decide what you should do. Depending on your moving budget, time, and your personal abilities, you may reach the final decision quickly.


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