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Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

When we talk about hoarding, Americans are on top of the list. Nearly 9 percent of all American households rent a warehouse unit. Even if 65% of warehouse renters have a basement or garage, there is still an apparent need for more space. But with a couple of creative storage ideas, you can arrange your household in such a way that you have all your stuff but without much mess.

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Organization of your house can be easy with a couple of tricks

No matter what size your home is, you probably have a lot of stuff you are not using or don’t know where to put it. And somehow, those are always in your way. Here you will find some of the most creative solutions for your stuff.

Declutter Your Home First

If you wish to organize your home in a better way, you will need to clear one room in your home where you can put items you are not constantly using, like Christmas ornaments or tools you don’t need that often, so you can have more capacity for things you actually need. The best solution is if you have a garage or basement and start your organization from there. If you don’t have an extra room, you can always rent a warehouse facility and put your stuff there. There are self-storage units where you can put your belongings for a longer period of time, but if you need some short-term solution, if you are renovating or relocating to another state, you can take a storage service as part of your cross country moving service. You can even hire cross-country movers for packing service as well. This way, you will know that your items are properly protected for the storehouse. Organize a yard sale and get rid of all items you don’t need. You can donate unwanted items as well.

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Get rid of all the junk you don't need first

Refurbish Your Old Furniture and Use It for Storage With These Simple Tricks

If you have a garage filled with unwanted stuff now, it would be a good time to declutter and organize it. On the other hand, if you live in a small house and don’t have a garage, you can create your own “like a garage area”(where you can put your tools and other items) with a couple of tricks. For instance, if you have a china cabinet, you can repurpose it. Put your china away, refurbish your old cabinet, put it in your house, and use it for your tools and other things (fragile items, for example) you don’t know where to store.

Take some packing materials, and as you may know, there are different types of packing materials, but you’ll need to buy some basics, like plastic containers, best-sized boxes, maybe some bubble wrap, and of course some packing paper. Also, you can put a pegboard on your cabinet’s backside and use this to store your tools. Or, if you don’t have a budget for a pegboard, you can try the DIY method and transform your whole cabinet wall into a shelf with a couple of nails and small wooden planks.

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Hang your tools on walls

Don’t Waste Space on Your Wall

If you are relocating to a smaller house, you will have to get creative and use every inch of the house. For starters, don’t waste your walls. Picture frames are not the only thing you can put there. Try to put that frame on a DIY shelf. And as we mentioned above, pegboards are simple solutions to make your walls useful. For example, hang them in your kitchen and hang your pans and spoons there. You can put some pegboard in your bedroom as well. Take a pegboard and hang some shelves on it, too, and put your makeup there if your bedroom is tiny and doesn’t have a dressing table.

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Put your accessories on a pegboard too

Make a Shelf on Your Doors

If you are good at crafting things with wood or other materials, you can design a rack inside your doors. For example, repurpose the inside of your pantry doors and create shelves about 3 inches wide there, like your refrigerator doors, and use this area to put your spices and canned food there. There are racks that you can hang on a door, so if you don’t know how to build your shelves or don’t have enough material, you can easily have a rack for little money. Also, there are hanging shoe holders you can repurpose for other things like keeping your food there or makeup and other hygiene products on the back of your bathroom doors. Also, you can hang a shelf on your closet door and store slippers or some accessories there.

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Design a rack on your pantry doors like the ones you have on your refrigerator

Organizer Rack and Shelves for Smart Creative Storage Ideas

If you rent an apartment and don’t want to invest money in expensive renovations, you can easily organize your items with all kinds of racks you can order online. If you love Ikea furniture, you know that you can find some of the best creative storage solutions. For instance, if you don’t have a room for a nightstand in your bedroom, you can use the area behind your bed and put a rack there. There are Ikea racks you can buy and screw them on the headstand of your bed. But if you don’t have enough money, you can screw some box-shaped racks above or next to your bed and use this as a nightstand. Buy some open-shelf racks or racks with drawers to store your towels or underwear.

There are also ingenious racks for organizing your refrigerator called under-shelf hanging racks – if your refrigerator needs organization (and it probably does,) as the name alone says, these racks go under your refrigerator shelves and you can put vegetables there or plastic containers.

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Use Organizer Rack for Your Kitchen and Cabinet Organization

Take an under-cabinet hanging rack to organize items stored in your kitchen. Buy some under-cabinet hooks and shelves where you can hang your mugs or place your plates. This way, you will get open storage and more space in your cabinets for items you don’t use that often. One of the most clever storage ideas for small kitchens is magnetic racks you can place on the sides of your refrigerator. There you can put spices, oil, and other things that usually occupy the area on your kitchen countertop. Also, you can place magnetic strips on your kitchen walls and put knives or metallic jars on them. Here are some items you can also use for arranging your cabinets:

  • Sticky wall hangers – Take these and stick them to the cabinet’s door so you can place your lids.
  • Adjustable rods and clippers – Put a rod with clips on it and store this way open bags from chips or spices.
  • Old newspaper holder– Here, you can vertically put your pans and place them inside your cabinets or next to.

Put Your Spices on a Rolling Rack

If you need creative storage ideas for small spaces, especially for the organization of cabinet parts you can not reach easily, you can put stuff on a rolling rack. This way, you will have all your stuff in a tiny area and yet easily reachable. Also, rolling racks can be helpful for storing your accessories. You just need to find the ones with hooks or small holes where you can hang your earrings, for example.

Spices on a rack overlay
If you have a lot of spices, put them on a rolling rack

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

For organizing your bathroom, there are numerous hacks you can implement. For instance, take metal curtain rod rings with clippers and put a couple of them on your shower curtain rod. Use these clippers to hang your small beauty products. Also, there are hanging racks for a bathroom you can install without much fuss. These racks are easily installed, and you don’t need to drill holes. The shelf is made of metal and is bent in the middle, so you can easily hook it to your shower head. Put shelves above your bathroom doors where you can put your towels. We mentioned above a plastic shoe organizer. This organizer is really handy for many things. You can hang this on your shower curtain and put your shampoo and other stuff inside. Some racks can be placed around your toilet where you can put toilet paper and tissues.

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There are a lot of ingenious solutions for a tiny bathroom you can implement

Organize Your Books and Office Like a Pro

If you have been long-distance moving recently, you probably know that packing books for moving is a real nightmare. You think you don’t have that many books, but once packing begins, you realize there are many more than you’d estimate. The same is when you start making room for them in your new house, especially if you don’t have space for a library in your living room. But you can install some racks on the perimeter of your wall and put them there. Also, use an area above your living room doors. You can put a bunch of books there and yet make your place look unique. Or you can buy a coffee table with shelves or even put the unused window to use.

Next, you can either design or buy a fold-down desk. These are the best solutions for small places, hanging on the wall until you need them. And best of all, they come in a variety of ways. While on a wall, they can appear as a painting or a mirror, or even a shelf for a plant.

You probably have a lot of paperwork you don’t know where to put. But don’t worry. There are numerous moving hacks and packing hacks for organizing important documents, and you can easily deal with this problem if you hang some wall files and put your documents there. The other great solution is to take different-sized decorative boxes and store your documents in them. And best of all, these boxes can be used as lamp holders or tables.

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Don't be afraid to make usage of your walls entirely

Unique Storage Idea or Two – DIY Method

You can do a lot of ingenious things alone. If you haven’t packed your tools for cross country moving, it’s time to go and buy some. You will need a hot glue gun, screwdriver, screws, nails, and hammer for some items. But for some, you don’t need any. You can just take some old stuff and give them a new purpose with some creative DIY solutions with hot glue and some paint. If you need some inspiration on how to repurpose some items you have, go online and see some other people’s solutions. Pinterest, for example, is full of inspirational concepts. You can glue together vintage suitcases and create a table out of them. The top suitcase can be used as a place where you can stick something. If you have moved house plants, you can design some room for them too. Take old wood ladders and transform them into a beautiful plant rack with just a couple of nails, paint, and hanging plant pots.

Make a Cleaning Storage Beneath Your Sink

We all know how messy the area beneath our sink can get. There are just so many cleaning supplies we use in our households on a daily basis. And what is the better place for them than underneath the sink? Take an adjustable rod and place it between the walls of your cabinet, where you can hang your spraying bottles. Take some hanging racks and place them on your cabinet doors where you can put some items as well. Check out this video for more clever designs for easy organization.

Use Space Beneath Your Furniture

When moving furniture to a smaller house, relocate the ones that can be used for storing as well. For instance, it is best for a small room if you have a bed with drawers beneath, where you can put your bedding and maybe pack clothes you don’t need right now. Also, if you have a sectional sofa, you can use the area inside it to put items you don’t need but want to keep. You can pack your silverware here or even pack glassware you don’t need that often.

Be Smart When Long Distance Moving and Buying New House

As you can see, with a bit of imagination and goodwill, the organization of your tiny house will be easy. If your plan includes moving cross country to a smaller home, be smart about the closet, furniture, and other household items you are buying. Think about the efficiency of that closet. Also, if possible, do some renovations before your belongings get to your new home. If you plan your renovation in a way to use all the available space, your tiny house will have everything you need, and it will not look like it is filled with a bunch of stuff. Go online and see other people’s solutions and designs. And bear in mind every hollow or empty space can be used with some creativity.


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