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Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

How to Pack Silverware for Moving

You have been thinking about the relocation process way too much. Even though some of your closest friends have recently moved and there is a burning desire inside you, you are struggling to finalize your decision as a result of one single doubt – you have no idea how to pack silverware.

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Packing silverware requires some preparation and logistics.

Just because you have never done it before, it doesn’t mean you lack the skill. All those pieces of cutlery cannot stay at the bottom of the tray any longer. Eventually, you will have to start the process and take this task off of your moving-out list. By following these simple steps and useful relocation tips, you will have that special set tucked in safely, ready for a relocation journey of any size.

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Overview of the Most Important Packing Supplies

You decided where you should move, figured the reasons to move, and picked the best time of the year to move, right? No matter if you’re checking the safety of your future neighborhood and moving long-distance, or planning a less exciting venture, it is useful to have all these packing supplies ahead of schedule:

  • Official checklist
  • Variety of high-quality boxes – plastic and paper boxes
  • Waterproof, sturdy boxes which limit contact with water
  • A stack of clean packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • A black marker
  • Protective sheet and cushion
  • Blankets

Whether you are packing clothes, boxing up bulky furniture, or taking care of delicate items, you should obtain all of these materials before creating a photo inventory. Don’t forget to donate unwanted items before you start the process because this way you will save up the supplies and reduce moving expenses.

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Count your silverware and write it down in a chart.

When Is the Perfect Time to Start the Packing Process

Are you moving during the holidays or at some other time of the year? Deciding when to commence the relocation process is as important as making sure you have the necessary moving supplies. If you prefer not to be rushed into anything and you cannot afford to take days off from work, we suggest you start the packing process as soon as you decide that you want to change your dwelling.

Challenge yourself and start off with the kitchen utensils – it’s time to protect the vintage set! Whether you’re moving to a smaller home or not, this is something you can’t leave behind. But do not forget to leave some essentials you’ll need on moving day.

A good moving strategy means you have no reason to stress out. With proper planning, your items will remain intact and you can relocate in peace without looking for bubble wrap the day before the new owners come. The tactics you develop will be worthwhile in the long run and the most precious goods you have – your grandmother’s cutlery – will remain in your family for generations to come.

How to Pack Silverware Without Destroying Something

Whether you are tackling this task with the help of friends or you are keen to manage everything by yourself, make sure you always stay on top of everything that concerns your precious silverware.

You have to pay attention to every detail when you pack such goods. The best tip here is to first bundle each item in two layers of bubble wrap and then in two sheets of paper or newspaper (both bubble wrap and packing paper are handy for this). Take these extra steps into account and you will avoid an unpleasant scenario, and common moving mistakes, even if you are doing everything for the first time.

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It is essential to protect your precious silverware during the move.

Moving to Another City Without Tarnishing Anything – Make It Possible with These Tips

Make sure your cutlery is enfolded in paper. If you want to protect it from abrasion, get as much paper as possible! Once you have each piece properly wrapped, you need to check the quality of the box. You can choose from a wide range of boxes – the big ones, the small, the plastic boxes and the sturdy ones. These are maybe not the most delicate items you are moving, but they can be the most dangerous ones – no one knows what those knives can do to the rest of your goods once a plastic box is pierced.  Make sure you have top-notch supplies and a wide range of boxes. Work at your own pace – this is not the moment to rush into anything.

Misplacing Silverware Pieces

Arranging items goes in a sequence. Are your utensils already in a chest that you want to wrap and move into a large, sturdy box or do you want to wrap each item separately before you put the chest into a box? Opt for the safer option and protect each piece of cutlery by wrapping it in a protective paper. Then close the chest, wrap it, and put it in the box.  If you don’t want to mix these with the rest of your cutlery, you can put the less valuable pieces in a separate bag and then in the box.

Pack and Wrap Knives to Avoid Injuries

One of the worst setbacks of tableware packing is getting injured. Once you start unloading everything, you will be in a complete mess, so it’s important for everything to be moved safely. If you want to make sure the kids stay away from the box, label them and keep them far. There is no harm in stuffing more paper inside as well. Those sharp utensils should not end in the wrong hands, which is why you need to pack knives with caution and take care of them properly in the first place. After applying these basic packing tips and tricks, you will be showing your friends how to pack silverware like a pro!

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Carefully wrap and pack every single item.

Additional Packing Tips

Sometimes, even if you do everything the right way, it seems it’s not enough and moving stress and relocation anxiety are getting to you. But managing these items can be immaculate if you apply these additional long-distance relocation tips and save yourself from sleepless nights and panic attacks. You should do the following:

How to Store Your Silverware

Sometimes the moving process does not work out the way you imagine it. If, for any reason, your new home is not ready and you need to store the box with your fragile cutlery, don’t panic! You can keep them in storage as long as you have done the padding properly. So make sure you know how to use bubble wrap properly, it is also one of the essential steps for successful unpacking. The protective sheet will keep them safe from the air. Besides, sturdy boxes cannot get soaked. So, as long as you stick with these tips, your precious belongings will be completely safe!

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You might not be able to use them right away, so prepare a back-up plan.

Moving Silverware from Point A to Point B

Whether you have some experience or not, you still need to keep up with everything and make sure your kitchen utensils are safe. The advantage of moving alone is that you probably won’t have to pack too much of them, so it can all be done promptly. If your items are moving long-distance, you need to make sure you have experienced drivers and state-of-the-art trucks or your effort will be a waste. Don’t let the shipping process spoil this amazing experience – you are almost there! What is left is to contact reliable cross country movers to transport your goods to your new home.

Cross-country movers carrying boxes for long-distance moving overlay
With the help of professionals your relocation will go without a hitch

Form Your Own Silverware Packing Technique

Even though you may lack packaging experience, you can develop your own strategy and work in a manner that fits you best. Nevertheless, tips are always welcomed. Items such as glassware, fine china, antiques, and cutlery sets are usually the most challenging ones to relocate, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it. Spend some time on the logistics of the move and you will have no trouble packing even the most fragile objects – make use of all that paper.

If you prefer someone to help you out, now is the time to contact a reliable and highly recommended moving company to lend you a helping hand. You can also follow these tips, pack by yourself, and plan your moving budget to reduce the costs of moving and have one of the cheapest ways to move out of state. Yet, with a reliable long-distance moving company, you can save some time and energy. For instance, you can form your own way of packing silverware, but be sure to transport your car across the country with your chosen mover.


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