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How to Pack a China Cabinet for Moving?

China cabinets are familiar pieces of furniture in homes all over the world, which is why many wonder how to pack a china cabinet for moving into your new home. They hold not only various pieces of glassware, crystal, and services, out of which some can be very expensive. They also store memories that are priceless.

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Even the bulky objects can be packed efficiently

Whether for their material or sentimental value, service cabinets with their contents are something we want to preserve when relocating. However, it is a large and heavy piece of furniture with a lot of glass parts that need to be transported with care. Furthermore, the services and crystal are incredibly fragile and require additional protection to reach your new home in one piece. Take a look at some things to consider when relocating to a new state with this precious furnishing piece.

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Remove the Contents Before Packing a China Cabinet

The first and essential moving day tip to help avoid common moving mistakes is that you have to empty your service case and place the contents on the table. Create something similar to a household inventory list and evaluate whether you will keep all of them and plan how to prepare them for transport. It is not very likely you will decide to leave any of these items behind, but it is worth thinking about which items do not have any sentimental or material value and try to clear the case before relocation. Follow this step-by-step guide packed with packing tips and tricks to safely disassemble the object and make it easier to transport if this is something that’s not going to end up on your list of unwanted items to donate.

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Empty out your items before boxing them up

Step 1 – Remove the Doors, Shelves, and Drawers

If the knobs can be removed, make sure to do that as the doors will be easier to pack. Put knobs together with their screws into the bags, label them properly, and stick them to the inside of the commode. Or place them along with other parts in a larger bag or container, again labeled “china cabinet.”

Unscrew the doors one by one and remove them from hinges. Protect them first with packing paper and then with bubble wrap. Next, put them in a moving blanket and secure with tape or place them in properly labeled boxes. Now remove the shelves, unless they are built-in. If they are made of glass, pay special attention while removing them. Cover them separately, the same way as the doors, and finally secure with tape and put in a designated box.

The drawers also need to be removed, as it will significantly reduce the weight of the case for moving. Remember that reduced weight can help you avoid injuries during the move. Place the drawers in blankets and label them with their positions in the case, whether it is the top, the bottom or the middle. If the drawer contents are not very delicate, you can leave them inside and pack along with the drawers, but you need to make sure they are safely wrapped.

Step 2 – Pack the Upper and Lower Sections Separately Before Moving

Just like any other furniture in your home, these cabinets can be made in one piece or in sections. The sections need to be separated by unscrewing the top from the base and then packaged and labeled. The screws have to be taped to the pieces they belong to.

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Remove all the mobile parts

How to Pack a China Cabinet for Moving

After you have obtained packing supplies, you need to reinforce the boxes by duct taping the bottom of each cardboard box, so it does not tear up due to the weight. Then fill the bottom of boxes with some bubble wrap. Arrange the wrapped items into the dish packs with heavier ones first, and add a few layers of cushion for the next row of items. The plates need to be packed on their sides. Finally, fill the remaining space in the box with as many crumpled newspapers as it takes for the content of the box to be totally immobile – you can also use excess bubble wrap or packing paper. Test the box by shaking it gently to see if anything is shifting and then label it adequately. Inscriptions such as “fragile,” “up,” “down,” and “handle with care” will prove to be extremely useful to the movers.

The legs of the commode, whether removable or not, must be protected with packing paper first, then with bubble wrap and moving blankets, just like any other similar piece of furniture in your home. If the legs have valuable ornaments to be preserved, you can add an extra layer of cardboard folded around the legs and taped.

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Take your time when boxing bulky items

Get Packing Supplies for Your China

Different types of packing materials must be prepared in advance and this is not something you should neglect to reduce the costs of moving. Here’s a list of supplies you will need:

  • Plenty of soft packing paper and several rolls of bubble wrap
  • The best-sized cardboard boxes and blankets, as well as plenty of tape
  • Dish boxes would also be useful, as they have thicker double walls. But if they are not available, reinforced standard boxes will do the job.
  • A screwdriver

Finally, when the time to move comes, you will need a friend to help you handle the glass pieces and rearrange everything once you move into your home. Although there are many advantages of moving alone to another state, the truth is you probably won’t have a friend to help you move in, so be nice to your neighbors.

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Use a lot of different packing supplies

Wrap Your Services

It is important to know you shouldn’t protect the glass or wooden parts directly with bubble wrap, as it may leave marks. It’s better to put them in soft paper first, secure with tape, and once again cover with bubble wrap. For additional protection, use as much duct tape as you feel necessary. Also, make sure that it does not touch the surface of the glass either, as it may leave stains or damage them. The same goes for wooden parts. Follow this pattern with each piece of crystal and services, but bear in mind that the most fragile items need more padding.

If you don’t feel safe doing all of this sensitive work by yourself, consider hiring movers. Avoid finding the cheapest way to move out of state and consider planning your moving budget and getting professional help from reliable and highly recommended cross-country movers. They will surely know how to pack your favorite pieces of furniture, delicate glassware, beloved clothes, favorite books, or expensive electronics. On top of that with the help of the professional cross country moving company, you’ll avoid getting moving stress. Reliable long-distance movers can offer professional auto shipping services as well if you need to transport your car across the country.

If money is an issue, you can save up on packing materials for moving by finding free boxes. Also, if you’re wondering what is the best time of the year to move, ask professional movers about the cheapest time of the year to relocate. That way they will do all the work, while you can focus on other important things when relocating, such as checking the safety of the neighborhood you’ll live in.


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