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Want to Know How to Pack Glasses for Moving? Here are the Best Tips and Tricks

When you think about long-distance moving, the first thing that pops your mind is, “how am I going to pack all these things?” Of course, packing clothes is a piece of cake, but how to pack glasses for moving in the right way is something you need to think about. After all, some glassware can be quite expensive and irreplaceable.

Glasses packed in a box cross-country moving overlay
Boxing up fragile stuff doesn't have to be a drag if you follow these simple rules

Making sure you wrap these items individually with bubble wrap is essential. After that, place them into boxes or crates lined with extra paddings such as packing paper or foam pieces. Don’t let the box be sealed with any empty spaces. Instead, fill them up with additional wrapping materials to ensure maximum protection during transport. Next, label the boxes containing fragile items so cross-country movers know to handle them with extra care.

What Is the Best Way to Pack Glasses – Get The Right Materials

One of the most common moving mistakes people make is not having the right packing materials for moving for protecting and packing their belongings. This is not such a big issue when dealing with books, but you will have to buy specific materials professionals use to deal with fragile items. The following items are must-haves when it comes to packing glassware.

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Buy or Get a Free Specialized Dish Box

If you buy a strong regular cardboard box, it will do just fine, but if you are wondering how to pack dishes for moving or how you will do the packing of your fragile items, you should know you can buy specialized dish boxes for this purpose. They are made from more robust cardboard, and they have a divided section inside, which will ensure extra protection for your glass items. These sections will prevent the glasses from damaging and breaking each other during transportation.  If your moving budget doesn’t allow you to buy these boxes and you don’t have many glass items to move, you can always go to your local liquor store and ask them to give you some.

boxes packed for long-distance moving overlay
Dish boxes will provide extra protection

Get Protective Materials for Packing Glasses

As you may know, there are different types of packing materials you have to use when relocating. Some of these materials are the same when it comes to wrapping glasses. It is not enough for you to have specialized boxes in order to protect your items. You will have to buy some protective materials too. Here are the most common ones:

  • Packing paper or soft paper – It will be better if you buy soft paper for glass, but if you don’t have this, regular packing paper for moving, it will do just fine.
  • Cushion foam and packing peanuts – place cushion foam and peanuts on your box’s bottom before placing any items there. Also ‘when you are done boxing up, put them on top of your items.
  • Duct tape – Use duct tape to reinforce your boxes on top and bottom and to ensure the protective material you used on your glass.
  • Bubble wraps – This material is your best friend when it comes to protecting your fragile items.

If you wonder how to use bubble wrap in the right way, check this video for more tips.

How to Pack Glassware for Moving Cross Country – DIY Protective Materials

If you are at the last-minute moving and don’t have time to buy all the protective materials you need, one of the best tips for packing quickly is to use the protective items you have at home. So instead of using cushion foam, you can use towels, sheets, or blankets, or if you don’t have bubble wrap, you can use socks (to wrap each glass or mug.) One of the moving hacks you can use is to wrap your breakable belongings in an old newspaper. If you need to divide your breakable objects into a box, you can use rubber gloves for this purpose. Just inflate latex gloves and place them between your belongings.

Person putting wrapped item in a box overlay
If you don't have enough professional materials, you can always improvise with things you have at home

How to Pack Glasses for Moving in a Box Like a Pro – Wrap Each Glass Individually

Now that you have all the materials you need, it is time to learn how to pack glassware for transportation. As we mentioned before, you will have to wrap each item individually with soft paper or bubble wrap and reinforce them with duct tape. After wrapping them, you can put your hard items (regular drinking glasses or mugs) in each other. In this way, you will save yourself some space in the container, and you will prevent them from moving a lot in transportation. With more sensitive items, stocking in each other is not recommendable. Use bubble wrap to protect sensitive stuff, but before wrapping them in bubble wrap, put them in paper towels or packing paper.

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving?

As said above, there are moving boxes for glasses you can buy, and these specialized containers are the best for your champagne or wine glasses. You will still have to put some protective materials on the bottom and top of your container, and you will have to wrap them individually too. You will have to place each item in different sections also. If this sounds overwhelming, bear in mind Cross-Country Moving Company has experienced packers who will carefully protect your fragile and transport them in no time

Crystal glasses overlay
Do estimation of your belongings so you can claim insurance

How to Take Care of Cristal Glasses?

If you have some expensive crystal glasses, use soft wrapping paper to protect them. Make sure to estimate the value of household goods before a relocation day so you can claim insurance if any damage occurs. But if you have really expensive breakable belongings, it will be best to book reliable long-distance moving services to help with the packing process, especially if you are moving cross country. Because this kind of relocation can take days and you will want your stuff to be well protected.

How to Pack Glasses for Shipping?

First thing first, pack the biggest and heaviest objects first, and lighter ones should go on top. This step is self-explanatory. If you put heavy objects on top of the lighter, your glasses will break. Put a cushion foam on the bottom of your container and start boxing up your breakable stuff. When the first layer of the container is filled, put cushion foam on top of it and repeat it until your container is almost full. The last layer should be foam, towel, or blanket.

Before closing your container, shake it first to see if anything moves inside. If you hear any glass clicking with each other you will probably have to fill up the empty space between the pieces. If you wonder how to pack plates for moving, the process is similar. Once you are happy with your packing, it is time to seal your container. Use duct tape and close it, and make sure to reinforce the bottom of your container too

Man duct-taping a box overlay
Make sure to reinforce the bottom and the top of your container

Label Your Moving Boxes for Glasses

It may seem like something unimportant, but labeling is a crucial step you must not forget. In fact, all professional cross-country moving companies will tell you that you should label your boxes immediately after filling them in. This way, you will not get all confused about what is in which box later on, and most importantly, your long-distance movers will deal with these containers with special care.

If you don’t have any labels, just use a permanent marker and write down “fragile” on the box. It would be good to write down what is in each box. If you spare time for that, you will unpack after a move much easier. Also, one of the most common moving day tips is to male make a photo inventory of your belongings before your long-distance movers come.

Labeled package overlay
Labeling doesn't take too much time, but it will make life easier for you and your movers

Mistakes to Avoid When Packing Glassware

We talked about how to pack glasses for relocating, but we didn’t mention what mistakes you should avoid, even if you book cross-country moving services. Firstly, if you don’t invest in some good quality packing supplies, you will probably end up with some broken things, so don’t be cheap when packing your china or crystals.

The other common mistake is that people don’t wrap this the right way. Your paper wrap should go around your stemware and inside as well, so basically, the paper should cover the whole glass. When placing the items in the container, make sure you don’t place them vertically but horizontally, and make sure there is not much space between them.

Also, don’t mix big and small items in one container. For instance, if you have a large crystal vase, don’t mix this with your champagne-drinking props or something made from ceramic. Make sure to place this with the same structure items. Do not put large, bulky items with anything else. Just pack this alone with a lot of cushion foam or towels.

Ceramic vase and bowls overlay
If possible, do not mix different types of dishes in the same container

Hire a Professional Cross-Country Moving Company to Do the Packing for You

There can be many reasons to move to another country or a state, and no matter what these reasons are, organizing relocation this big can be really hard. This is why so many Americans decide to book a cross-country moving service to help them in this matter. Contrary to the common opinion, the cost of moving is not that high, especially if you are moving in winter. That is an excellent way to reduce costs when moving.

With movers, you will be able to follow your belongings and the progress of your relocation much easier. For instance, if you hire a long-distance moving company to do auto shipping for you along with other services, you will be only one phone call away from getting information about your stuff. This way, your anxiety about moving out will be minimal, and all you would have to do is pack your moving essentials and sit back and relax, and let professionals do all the heavy lifting for you.

Contact Cross-Country Moving Company for the most reliable quote, whether you need help with wrapping your belongings or shipping your four-wheeler across the country or both. We’ll gladly help you!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Pack Glasses for Moving

What materials do I need to pack glasses for moving?

You should get some form of cushioning material such as bubble wrap, packing paper, or foam sheets to wrap each glass individually. You should also have sturdy boxes with dividers for the glasses that are wide enough for even your deepest bowls and tallest stems.

How should I prepare my glasses for moving?

To safely prepare these delicates, you should wrap each pair of glasses in a soft cloth or bubble wrap to protect them from scratches and breakage during transport. Pack them separately in individual boxes or separate compartments within the same box and make sure they are securely sealed before moving day.

How do I pack glasses to avoid breakage during transport?

The key is to place them in a sturdy cardboard box with plenty of packing peanuts or other cushioning material. Make sure that the box is sealed securely and labeled “Fragile” for added protection.

Can I use newspaper to wrap my glasses?

No, you should not use newspaper to wrap your glasses. Newspaper is too abrasive and can scratch the lenses if it rubs against them. Also, newspapers could leave ink marks.

What is the best way to pack wine glasses or stemware?

Filling any remaining space with packing materials such as foam peanuts or shredded paper will ensure your glasses are secure inside. Then proceed with sealing the box securely before shipping or moving it.

How should I pack regular glasses such as drinking glasses?

To pack regular glasses such as drinking glasses, use the proven technique of wrapping each item at a time and box with plenty of cushioning material.

What should I do with large items such as mirrors or picture frames?

Large items should be wrapped in cardboard, bubble wrap, or foam packaging material to protect them from damage during transport. Use packing tape to secure the package and ensure that it won’t come apart during transit.

How many layers of protection should I use for my glasses?

A general recommendation is to use at least two layers of protection for glasses. Of course, you can add one or two more layers just to be completely sure nothing happens to your glassware.

Can I pack glasses with other items such as dishes or kitchenware?

Yes, you can pack glasses with other items such as dishes and kitchenware. However, it is important to take certain precautions when doing so, such as wrapping the glasses in bubble wrap or packing paper for extra protection and ensuring that heavier items are not placed on top of them during the packing process.


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