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Last Minute Moving – All You Need to Know

Although relocation to a new home usually takes a lot of planning, sometimes last-minute moving is the only option. If you just found out that you have to move on short notice, stay calm. There are ways in which you can make sure your relocation is as efficient and stress-free as possible. To help you do so, we’ve put together our quick guide.

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Sit down and make a plan

Last-Minute Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Chaotic

Have you taken your sweet time deciding the reasons why you should move and figuring out where should you move? Don’t worry, just because you’re relocating to a new home on short notice, you don’t have to get all chaotic with the planning, even if you’re checking the safety of the neighborhood and preparing to move with kids. You can probably still set aside a minute or two to sit down and figure out a strategy that will help you avoid relocation depression and relocation anxiety because the best time of the year to move is now.

So, how do I move the last minute? Create a strict last-minute moving checklist for each task as well as a moving budget, and do your best to stick to them to avoid making some common moving mistakes. Additionally, while calculating your budget you will most certainly find a way to reduce moving expenses. Furthermore, it will be much easier to get everything done if you have a clear plan and house-hunting tips to follow. And of course, let your movers know as early as possible about your predicament, but know that it won’t be the cheapest way to move out of state.

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Leave Behind the Things You Don’t Use

Let’s say you and your significant other decided to move in together in the spur of the moment, if you don’t declutter you will have double the stuff in your new place. That’s why if there are any items in your home you don’t really use, don’t bother taking them with you. This is also important if you’re moving into a smaller home or perhaps moving alone to another state.

For now, all you need to pack after creating a photo inventory are moving essentials and valuables, and you can tackle the rest later if you have any time left. We suggest that you rent a storage unit where you’ll keep all these items so you can figure out what to do with them once you’ve settled down in your new home. Some movers provide storage services to their clients, so don’t forget to ask your chosen movers for more information.

You’ll Have Less Stuff to Pack During Your Last Minute Move

Whether you’re relocating to college or have decided to move for a job, the main reason why you shouldn’t pack absolutely everything is a simple fact that this way, you’ll have fewer items to pack. Consequently, you’ll need less time for this task.

The Cost of Moving Will Go Down

On top of saving time, you might end up saving some money as well. Usually, movers take into consideration the weight of the shipment when calculating the final price of the move, so by donating unwanted items and shipping less stuff, you’ll end up paying less as well and reducing the costs of relocation.

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Pack a bag of necessities

Pack a Moving Day Bag Before Cross-Country Movers Arrive

Before you begin tackling anything else, set aside a larger duffle bag and put in it all the necessities you simply can’t afford to lose or go without for more than a day. Let the cross-country movers know not to take this bag into the truck, and make sure to check out some moving day tips on essentials you shouldn’t forget.

Take Care of Important Documents

This bag should contain all the important relocation-related paperwork, as well as your personal documents along with copies. Did you manage to find a job before moving to another state? Then don’t forget to make copies of all the essential papers and documents you might need. Keep them all in a single binder to make sure you don’t lose anything important your movers might ask for.

Things You’ll Use on the First Day

The rest of the duffle bag should be filled with everything you’ll need on the moving day and the day after you’ve moved in. This includes things such as:

  • A spare set of clothes
  • Bed linen
  • toiletries
  • any medication you take
  • maybe even a set of cutlery

In short, the point of the duffle bag is to make sure you can live comfortably in your new home if your boxes are late for whatever reason.

Last Minute Moving Tips Include Getting All the Moving Supplies

Do your best to get various packing supplies in one trip. Realizing you’re short on boxes halfway through and having to go out and get some more can be a huge waste when moving last minute.

As Many Boxes as Possible

Needless to say, you should definitely get as many boxes of different shapes and sizes as possible. Given that you have a tight deadline, you won’t really have enough free time to figure out what are the best-sized boxes and how many you’ll be using. Worst case scenario – you’ll have a couple of extra boxes to get rid of.

Work with What You Have

If there are any supplies you simply can’t seem to find anywhere, such as packing paper, peanuts, or bubble wrap, get creative and work with what you have. Instead of hunting for supplies all over the city, use clothes or towels as padding materials. It’s a good solution for packing electronics or glassware and can be a good choice even when packing knives.

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Be efficient, not pedantic

Don’t Worry About Making It Look Great

If you’re someone who likes to keep things neat and organized in your everyday life, you’re going to have to fight that instinct now. There is absolutely no reason why you’d have to organize your boxes by size or fold every single item nicely.

Simple Labeling Will Even Help Your Long-Distance Movers

Color-coding and printed labels are for people who are relocating at their own pace and don’t need to cope with moving stress. When relocating last minute, you’re going to have to resort to a good old-fashioned marker and simply write down the contents of each box along with additional information such as “fragile” or “this side up.” This can help the cross-country moving company team when handling the boxes, as they will know which of them to place on top and carry with care.

Pack Room by Room Instead of Putting Related Items Together

It might not be the most organized way to do things, but it certainly is the fastest one. Simply pack furniture and other belongings room by room instead of worrying about putting all the books together or all the bed linen in the same bag.

You’ll Iron Your Clothes Later

Surely it feels nice to successfully unpack all your packed clothes and be able to just put them in the wardrobe in your new home because they were already washed, ironed, and nicely folded. But now you don’t have enough free time for that.

Careful with the Touchy Stuff

Yes, you’re in a hurry. But if you’re not careful when you pack glassware, mirrors, cups, a china cabinet, or other fragile items, you’ll waste way more time cleaning broken glass and porcelain than you would’ve packing these things properly.

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Be careful with fragile items

Let Your Cross-Country Movers Know – Get Last-Minute Moving Help

The whole reason why top-rated and highly recommended cross-country movers exist is to help you with long-distance moving to a big city or a new state. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t tell them you’re moving last minute and ask for some help. An experienced cross-country moving company will likely know how to tackle your relocation more efficiently, as well as provide you with cross-country moving services that will make your job easier, such as packing tips and tricks, storage, and auto transport.

They will provide advice on how car shipping works if you opt for transporting your car across the country. In fact, they might even be able to help by providing you with additional long-distance moving services, such as a packing service. If you decide to hire movers, they will do all the grunt work while you are changing the address or tying some other loose ends. And they can even transport your car using their swift auto shipping service.


How Can I Handle a Last-Minute Move Effectively?

To make a last-minute move as stress-free as possible, start by making an inventory of items that need to be moved and then create a game plan for packing. Labels and color coding are great tools for quickly identifying what goes where. Additionally, take advantage of storage solutions like vacuum-sealed bags and collapsible containers to save space. Don’t forget to ask friends or family members to help out – you don’t have to do this alone! Finally, remember that no matter how chaotic it may seem in the moment, everything will work out in the end, especially if you employ a reputable cross-country moving company to help you.

What Should I Do if I Need to Find a New Place to Live Quickly?

Moving on a tight deadline can be stressful, but it’s important to stay calm and collected when looking for a new place quickly. Start by researching the area to find neighborhoods that are suitable for your needs. Consider talking to local real estate agents – they may be able to help you find a property in an ideal location faster than searching on your own. When conducting apartment tours, make sure you bring the necessary paperwork such as identification and proof of income so that you won’t waste time unnecessarily. Once you’ve found a place, begin making arrangements for your move so that everything is ready before the move-in date arrives.

How Can I Organize a Last-Minute Move Without Getting Overwhelmed?

Start by making an inventory of items that need to be packed and labeled. Next, create a game plan for packing – use plastic bins or boxes to make the process more efficient. Additionally, take advantage of storage solutions such as collapsible containers and vacuum-sealed bags to save space. Finally, don’t forget to enlist help from friends or family who could assist with the move – two (or more) heads are always better than one! By taking these steps and staying focused on the task at hand, you can move efficiently without becoming overwhelmed in the process.

What Are Some Tips for Packing Efficiently for a Last-Minute Move?

Packing efficiently for a last-minute move can help make the process smoother and less stressful. Start by labeling your boxes clearly and concisely, so you know at a glance which items are in each box. It’s best to have one box for fragile items such as dishes or glassware, another box for miscellaneous items like books or magazines, and so on. Additionally, use plastic bins or storage containers instead of cardboard boxes – they won’t collapse as easily and leave your items undamaged during the move. Finally, consider using collapsible furniture such as folding beds for easier breakdown and transportation.

How Can I Ensure My Belongings Are Protected During a Last-Minute Move?

Taking steps to protect your belongings during a last-minute move can save you from future headaches. Begin by using sturdy boxes or packing crates that are designed to store and transport heavy items. Take extra care when packing fragile items such as dishes or glassware, using bubble wrap or newspaper to cushion them against bumps and bruises. Additionally, use plastic bins with lids to contain spilled liquids or other messes that could occur during the move. Finally, don’t forget to use a vacuum-sealed bag for delicate garments or other fabrics – this will ensure they stay clean and wrinkle-free during the move.

How Can I Find Reliable Movers on Short Notice?

Finding reliable movers on short notice can be a challenge, but it is doable. Start by asking for recommendations from friends and family who have moved recently. Online reviews can be helpful as well, although make sure you take them with a grain of salt. Check any prospective movers’ websites to get a better idea of their services, rates, and special offers. When speaking with the mover, ask about their experience and references from other customers. Finally, always read the contract thoroughly before signing it – this will help ensure that you understand exactly what you are getting into and don’t inadvertently sign away important rights or benefits. With just a bit of research and due diligence, you should be able to find reliable movers to help with your last-minute move, although it’s always better to book them in advance, at least two weeks prior to the move.

What Should I Do if I Need to Move on a Tight Budget?

Relocating on a tight budget is tricky, but you can start by shopping around for the best deals on moving supplies such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Consider borrowing or renting dollies, hand trucks, or other helpful items from friends and neighbors. Ask friends and family if they have any unwanted furniture that could be used in your new home – you might be surprised at some of the treasures they might have tucked away. Finally, consider doing some of the labor yourself or enlisting the help of volunteers – this will save you money while giving you an opportunity to get to know your community better. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, even the tightest budgets can cover a move.

How Can I Make the Transition to a New Place as Smooth as Possible in a Last-Minute Move?

Last-minute relocations can be stressful, but there are a few steps that you can take to make the transition as smooth as possible. The first is to pack an essentials bag, with items such as toiletries, utensils and dishes, bedding, and a change of clothing, that can travel with you so that you don’t have to wait until all of your belongings arrive in order to get settled in your new place. Take time to unpack important documents and anything else necessary for work or other daily tasks right away so you don’t have to scramble later. Finally, it is a good idea to research nearby shops, services, and amenities so you know where the nearest grocery store is or where you can access wi-fi when needed.


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