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Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

How to Make the Experience of Moving to College Less Stressful?

If you have just graduated high school and you are getting ready to move from your parents’ home into a dorm, you are probably worried about this huge life change. Moving to college is a complex time in a person’s life, but it’s also one of the most exciting periods. So, what can you do to make the transition less stressful?

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Are you ready to pack and move to campus? Let's find out how to deal with the stress

When thinking about the stress that relocating to a dorm presents, you need to keep in mind that there are two types of stress factors you have to deal with – emotional stress and practical relocation-related issues. You can make this experience less stressful by focusing on the reason for relocating and the positive things instead of the negative ones. Also, organizing an efficient move will help you stay calm and avoid unnecessary problems.

Why Is Moving to College So Hard?

Going to a university is the first time relocating from your childhood home – it would be arrogant not to expect at least a little bit of stress when the moment to leave your small town comes, and you head into the big city all on your own. But why do so many future students experience this particular anxiety related to the move? You should be excited to get away from your parents and control your own life, right? Let’s think about this – what makes this situation so difficult?

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The Emotional and the Practical Aspect of Moving Cross Country

Whether you are moving out of state for college or you plan to stay close to home, this will hardly be a stress-free relocation – even with the top-notch long-distance moving services. There are two main reasons for this – first, you will be leaving your family behind, and it’s impossible not to get emotional about that (yes, even that stands for teenagers as well).

The second reason is the complex nature of relocations – any relocation statistic can tell you that uprooting your life in search of a new home is not the easiest thing ever. With all this in mind, no one could blame you for asking yourself – how is it good to move away for college? However, this is just anxiety talking. Don’t let it take the better of you – keep reading for some useful relocation tips that will help you stay calm and prepare for your move properly.

How Do I Prepare to Move to College and Handle the Stress?

When you realize that the date of your move is approaching, you will be swamped with things to do – there is a lot to pack, like with any move. That certainly won’t be helpful with all the stress you already feel. At a certain moment, you might even face doubts – are you ready for this step? Can you really head to another state alone? Of course, you can, and we’re here to help you remember that – the key is finding the right thoughts to focus on.

Remember Why You Are Relocating in the First Place

Whenever you are faced with a huge life decision, just ask yourself – is this helping me improve and become the best version of myself? If the answer is yes, work through fear and move towards your goals regardless of the stress and anxiety. When it comes to relocating for education, we can all agree that this is in your best interest – remember that you have an excellent reason to move.

Focus on All the Benefits You Will Gain by This Change

We tend to focus on the bad more than the good in all areas of our lives. Indeed, it’s easy to forget all about the great things that await you when you are paralyzed by fear and stress. That’s why shifting focus is the perfect strategy – try to think more about the amazing benefits of relocating. If there is something in life that can be described as a true adventure, that would be the period when you can call yourself a student.

And besides, people are programmed to be stressed out by life changes – whether there is a reason to worry or not. When you approach the issue more logically, without the emotional filter, you will realize you have nothing to be afraid of.

Think about all the benefits you will gain by going to school while you pack your items for a move

What Makes Moving Across the Country for College Less Stressful? Figuring Out How and What to Pack

Once you get a hold of your fear of the unknown and the emotional stress of relocating, here comes another issue you have to deal with. Now welcoming to the stage – good old-fashioned relocation stress. How will you organize everything and ensure you don’t overlook any relocation essentials? Worry not – we know all about this common problem. Luckily, there is a simple trick that can help you deal with stress when relocating.

What to Pack? You Need a Detailed Plan and a To-Do List to Guide You

One of the main reasons people feel stressed out before the move is because there are many things you can forget to do when you move. It’s so easy to lose track of your tasks when there are so many of them – how to solve this? The solution is as obvious as it is brilliant – write down a perfect to-do list. Nothing can go wrong if you follow your plan – an efficient move is just around the corner.

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A detailed relocation to-do list is the way to go - you will be a lot more relaxed with it

What Should I Know Before Moving to College?

What should I know before moving into a dorm? There are many relocation hacks that can come in handy for this situation, and they have nothing to do with packing or unpacking after the move. We’ve gathered the most important advice you need to know before you become a student – here it is.

  • Read the dorm’s housing and residence life guidelines.
  • Contacting a future roommate before the relocation day is always a good idea.
  • Bring cleaning supplies with you – move-in cleaning is a must (take out word for it).
  • Decorating your room is low on the list of priorities – make sure you settle down and unpack first.
  • Meeting new people requires an open mind – try not to dismiss anyone too quickly.
  • Take all the opportunities you can get – this is the time to learn how to be free.
  • You shouldn’t be too scared of making mistakes – you’re just stepping into adulthood, and you can’t know everything.

Tips for a Move-In Day You That Can Help Keep the Stress Under Control

Now that you know how to move to college, the question is this – what to do on an actual relocation day? How can you stay relaxed and not let the fear of the unknown overwhelm you? While there are many relocation day tips you can utilize, we will focus on those for handling emotional difficulties. If your thoughts start spiraling, you should have in mind a few techniques for calming down – check out this video to learn what to do to relax.

Students Should Bring Family to the College Dorm and Take Time to Say Goodbye

When the time comes to leave your home, we suggest you bring someone with you on the road – relocating alone can be a bit too emotional, and you could use your family by your side on this significant day. You’ll be happy to have them with you when you step foot on the campus soil, and the added benefit is that you’ll have someone to carry boxes with you.

Once the boxes are all safe in your dorm, you’ll need to say goodbye. Students often rush this as they are eager to begin their life on campus, but that’s not something you want to do. A proper goodbye isn’t just for your parents – it will help you relax and become more optimistic about staying in your new school.

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After you bring your items to campus, it's crucial to say goodbye to your parents

Don’t Move All Your Items at Once – Bring the Essentials, and Hire Long-Distance Movers to Take Care of the Rest

Since you will be spending a while in that dorm room, we suppose you’d want to bring all your stuff. While this is a good idea, we must warn you about a common relocation mistake students make when executing it. You will probably decide to bring everything from your packing list at once – on the relocation day. The experience tells us this isn’t the best way to organize a move.

Bring the essentials to campus with you, and hire cross-country movers to bring you the rest of your boxes. If you find good cross-country moving services, the mere experience of relocating becomes a walk in the park. You can even book an excellent packing service and lower your stress even further.

While You’re At It, Book a Storage Unit From Your Long-Distance Moving Company

When asking yourself, “What do I need to move into a college dorm?” you will most likely forget about one of the essentials for a long-distance relocation. The chances are that you will need a storage unit when you leave for school – your room might not fit all the belongings you plan to bring.

Shipping a few boxes to storage is the perfect solution that will allow you to have your items close by but not take up too much space in your room. When you contact your chosen cross-country moving company for a relocation service, be sure to ask them about their storage facility.

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You decided to move without booking a storage unit? We would rethink this decision

Moving Away for College Is One of the Most Exciting Moments in Life – Don’t Let the Stress Take It Away From You

Starting a whole different life in a new school can be scary – everyone can tell you that. This is especially true if you are about to move far away from your family and are worried about being on your own. However, we hope that you won’t let the stress blind you and drive you away from the point – this is an exhilarating experience that can teach you a lot. And we don’t mean learning in classes, but rather figuring things out about life and becoming independent. This is something to look forward to, and you’ll quickly see that your anxiety was for nothing – you will love college, just like everyone else.


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