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How to Move Out for the First Time Without Messing It Up

You’ve dreamed about this day for quite a while. Leaving the parents’ nest and venturing into your independence sounds just like the beginning of an adventure. But how to move out for the first time and do everything right? Perhaps you lack experience, but with simple advice, you will be battle-ready.

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Who's on the move? According to statistics, mainly younger people have a tendency to relocate

You’ve made up your mind, and you feel the moment has come to leave the safety of your home and begin your own story. You probably have an itch, and you understand what Bilbo Baggins meant by saying: “You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” But relocating, especially for the first time, isn’t as easy as that. Since you have no experience, you can make some common relocation mistakes while planning on relocating to another state alone. There are many things to know when moving out if you are a greenhorn.

You’re Thinking About Moving for the First Time, but How to Prepare?

Before you start panicking because the question “How do I get started moving out?” keeps echoing in your head, sit down and start making your “moving out for the first time checklist.” The first point on your to-do list is to thoroughly plan out how to tell your parents you’re moving out of state and that you won’t be that near. Perhaps they’ve already hinted that it’s the perfect moment for you to go out and find your happiness, and they can support you financially. Remember to start your groundwork on schedule because last-minute relocating is never easy to pull off.

And Another Essential Question – What’s Your Dream Destination?

There are several reasons to move out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith into unfamiliar surroundings. However silly it may seem, but perhaps the “where should I move” quiz has started you thinking about relocating. Or relocating to a big city has always been something you yearn for. Whatever drives you, you should have at least a vague idea of where you want to land and which area to call home. Perhaps you wish to move to the suburbs of a large metropolitan area because it is a great place for young professionals. Or you think that relocating to a small town where you used to go to college is an excellent idea. After all, it is where your alumni are, and it will be easier for you to get on your feet.

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Choose where you'll live based on your personality

Sort Your Finances and Start Saving Up Before Your Move

Before you pack a few bags, kiss your mom and dad goodbye, and set sail into the sunset, you should have already nailed down how much money should you have saved before moving out. When you want to plan a move to another city, you should at least have a vague idea of how much money you’ll need. Here are some relocating tips that will help you start saving money right away:

  • Start eating at home, and prepare your meals. Although it may seem that you won’t be able to save up a lot this way, you’ll be surprised just how much you give for takeout.
  • Another one of those great relocating hacks that are going to help you save up is to avoid using a taxi to get around. Driving should also be kept at a minimum. You can use public transportation options, as well as a bicycle. Walking short-distance is also a good solution, and it’s healthy for your body and your budget.
  • One of the best tips for getting that piggy bank fatter is to cut down on going out. However tough it may be on your soul, cocktails and Starbucks must be out of the picture, at least until you settle in a new home.

The sooner you start cutting down on various expenses, the more money you’ll have in your budget. Having a substantial budget is the best way to secure a  stress-free move, especially for newbies.

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Projected Budget Is an Important Part of Your First Time Moving Out Checklist

Making a relocating budget is one of the vital steps of relocation. Since you’ll probably be living in a rental, you have to take a few things into consideration. Besides paying for various cross-country moving services, you’ll also need to set aside enough money for a deposit. It is usually two to three months’ worth of rent. You should also calculate yet another risk factor – that you will be relocating without a job. It means you should set aside enough money for living without employment for a while, to cover for monthly utilities and rent.

Finding a Job Is an Essential Step in Getting Your Finances Together

It is one of those obvious tips, we know, but you’ll be able to deal with relocation stress effortlessly and without a fuss if you manage to get a job before you move. Before you start looking, spruce up your resume, create an awesome LinkedIn profile and adjust your search according to your destination. If you make some connections, it will be easier to find the work you’re looking for. If you’ve already managed to land a job, one of the relocation questions to ask the employer is will they be willing to cover your relocation expenses.

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Landing a job before you move is one of the vital steps

Relocating Is Easier With Reliable Cross Country Movers

One of the important tips for moving out for the first time is that the whole process is much easier with a reliable cross-country moving company. But picking the right long-distance movers isn’t as easy as it may look. First of all, it would be wise to look for recommendations for relocation companies, but also ensure you check their online reviews and see if their customers are satisfied with their packing service and other solutions they offer. Once you make up your mind about several companies, contact them so they can estimate the value of household goods and give you a quote. Reputable relocation specialists will base their quote on the household inventory list of the items you wish to transport.

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Professionals will ensure your move is swift and effortless

Decide What Apartment Basics Go With You

You won’t be able to get a precise quote until you rummage through your belongings and decide what to pack. Once you start packing, one of the smart tips is to create a photo inventory of the contents of each box. This will ensure that nothing gets lost along the way, and if you label each package on top of it, the unpacking after your move will be a breeze. Don’t forget to set aside a bag of relocation essentials that will enable you to survive the first couple of days in your new home. You’ll need some basic toiletries, a few kitchen utensils and the things you’ll need to prepare a quick meal. Also, pack a change of clothes, chargers, and bedding.

And Get Rid of the Things That You Don’t Want

Relocations are a perfect opportunity to get rid of anything unnecessary in your life. Throw away anything unusable, and create a pile of your belongings that are still in good condition. You can find a charity nearby to donate unwanted items and find out where to donate furniture before you move. Some items you are not sure what to do about can be stored in storage units until you need them again. Organizing a garage sale to sell the stuff you don’t know what to do with is also a great way to add to the budget. Check out the following video to get an idea of how to throw a garage sale.

Notify Before You Leave

We’re not through just yet with fantastic relocation hacks. One of the things that even people that are experienced in relocations tend to forget is to change the address before leaving and also notifying everyone of the new whereabouts. It will be the easiest to change your address with the USPS since they have an online form for you to fill out. Do the same for the IRS, your banks, credit card companies, and all the other government and financial institutions.

Get Health Insurance Before You Move

Before you leave, take care of your health insurance first. If you’re under 26, you can still stay on your parents’ insurance plan. But if you are older, you have options like affordable federal healthcare or your employer offers an insurance package for their workers. Whichever option suits you, just make sure you are covered to avoid any mishaps.

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Thoroughly consider your health plan for the future location

Scout the Neighborhood and Pick an Apartment

After you’ve picked your dream city, there are many online tools to help you check how safe is the neighborhood you want to live in. Other essentials when picking a district include the proximity of parks and other amenities or the commute period from your home to your place of employment. Combine the safety and convenience, but the prices as well, to make the right pick. You can search for an apartment online, too, through a virtual tour. It’s a great way to narrow down your picks to under ten, and then contact the property management company to agree and come look at the apartment that interests you in person.

Ask Your Future Landlord

There’s one more “moving out for the first time” list you should prepare, and it’s a list of compiled questions for your potential landlord or property manager. Once you come over to look at the apartment, remember to get all the details. If you plan on relocating with pets, ask if they are allowed and if there is any additional payment for keeping your furry companion inside. Find out their rules on roommates, how much you are expected to pay for a deposit, and how long your lease agreement is. Don’t forget to inform yourself about the parking spaces, to ensure you won’t be paying for auto transport services for nothing, as well as the proximity of public transportation.

Consider Getting a Roommate

Have you thought about finding a roommate? If this solution hasn’t crossed your mind just yet, there are several reasons why sharing a space with someone else can be beneficial. First of all, it will allow you to make friends in a new city as easy as pie, as your roomie will be among the first people you’ll get to know. Second, it will be really helpful in terms of budgeting because you can split the costs like monthly rent and utilities evenly. Look through roommate websites or FaceBook groups for potential roomies to live with, and pick carefully.

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Getting a roommate may be just what you need

Now That You’ve Figured Out How to Move Out for the First Time, Start Your Adventure

In the end, are you wondering how to tell your friends you’re going to move? You can always recite one more quote from Bilbo Baggins – “I regret to announce that – though, as I said, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to spend among you – this is the END. I am going. I am leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE!” But it’s best to throw a goodbye party and agree for them to come over sometimes and visit you in your new place, where you have begun your adventure.


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