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Moving for a Job? Here’s the List of US Cities With the Lowest Unemployment

It has never been easier to relocate for employment than nowadays. Still, when moving for a job, some things must be taken into consideration before your move. Aside from housing options and living costs, the unemployment rate has become one of the crucial factors to look into. If relocating for work is something you are seriously considering, take a look at the list of important thighs you need to do before you decide where to move.

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The best way to deal with relocation stress is to be well prepared and do your homework on time. You can imagine how stressful cross-country moving can be, especially if you’re relocating alone. But with the help of the right cross-country moving company and our tips on how to get a job in another state before moving there, you will be more than prepared. Still, there is no need to get a job before you move, so don’t worry. We have a couple of tricks for those situations as well. Keep reading and find out how to move stress-free.

Things to Consider When Relocating for a Job

Deciding where to move should be your top priority if you’re relocating for a job? But aside from the new location, you should also answer the question: what are good reasons to relocate for a job? For starters, one of the biggest reasons would be more opportunities, a bigger paycheck, and higher living standards overall.

But don’t forget the most important reason to relocate for work – your happiness. If you believe you will find your dream profession or have already found one, there is no reason to hesitate. Even if it means you will have to relocate from the West to the East Coast.

On the other hand, if you’re relocating with kids and family, you must take them into consideration and find your new home in a place that will be comfortable and acceptable for everyone. And believe it or not, relocating to a big city, such as LA, will be your dream come true. There are plenty of things to do with kids in cities, and life is really good.

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Research the Cost of Living in Your New Location

So the first thing on your relocation list should be the cost of living and housing options in the place you’re considering. Even if you have a couple of cities in mind, do thorough research and learn as much as you can about each city. Websites like Numbeo, AreaVibes, and Niche are great sources of information about costs of living and housing prices, while Zillow is excellent for house hunting. This information will be very useful to know before you relocate because you will be able to save some money in advance. Also, you can see reviews about the neighborhoods and town itself from the people living there or who have recently moved.

Helpful Tips for Job Seekers in a New Town

If you plan to relocate without a job and search for one after you relocate, there are a couple of relocation tips that can help you to find a job faster. Note there will be many things to do after relocation, so make sure to prepare in advance. First, you need to update your resume, search for the biggest employers in your city of choice and send them resumes before you move. Here are some other preparations you need to carry on:

  • Update your Linkedin profile,
  • Sign up on employment websites,
  • Don’t skip interviews,
  • Save money for at least three months of expenditure,
  • Rent a place to live, don’t buy,
  • Sign up for alerts,
  • Consider a bridgework position.

Search for Employers That Can Give You a Relocation Package

Even though this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker when searching for work, there is no harm in seeking employers with a relocation package. One thing is for sure, this will make things a lot easier, and you will feel less stressed about relocation. However, few employers give this kind of package, so don’t get your hopes up. Finally, when on the interview, put these among other questions for your employer:

  • Cross-country moving services reimbursement,
  • Flexible start date,
  • Free visit to the town before your long-distance moving,
  • Temporary house,
  • Bonuses for adjustment,
  • Real estate assistance.

Building a Network in Your New Town Will Give You Access to Many Resources

Connections are key if you want to find work faster, but also for easier adjustment to the new town. So before you relocate, talk to your social media friends about your move and ask them if they know someone in that town to help you settle in better and get to know the city. Also, if you build a network there before your move, you will be able to ask those people some crucial questions: Is relocating for a job worth it? Should I uproot my life for a job?

Also, you can ask your friends and family if they know someone there. You will be surprised to see how connected we all actually are. And who knows, maybe some of these people can recommend you to some company.

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If you build your network on time, an adjustment will be much easier, and you will feel much better

If you’re Thinking About Moving for a Job, Here Is the List of Cities to Consider

As we mentioned above, one of the most important things you need to take into consideration is the unemployment rate in your town of choice. If the unemployment rate is low, the question “should I move for a job” will be self-explanatory. However low unemployment rate is not all you need to consider. The safety, schools, and health system are important things as well. Also, consider these rates on one side and the benefits of moving to that town on the other. Because it’s not the same for Los Angeles, a multi-million city, to have a high unemployment rate as it would be for some small towns.


Indianapolis, as the capital of Indiana and the center of this metro area, has become a huge surprise among young people looking for a new career. Indianapolis is well known for its manufacturing roots, but this metro area of more than two million people has started to reinvent itself in recent years. The cities had to try really hard to shift their economy to be more people-centered, and we may say they managed it. With the lowest unemployment rate in the country among metro areas at 2.2%, this place will certainly have a career in store for you. Still, the biggest employers are insurance companies.

Salt Lake City

With an unemployment rate of 2.2%, Salt Lake City in Utah is a true mecca for young people. And if you wonder where Californians move, one of the locations in SLC. The town is continually growing and expanding, offering affordable housing options with a relatively low cost of living. You can easily find jobs here in a variety of industries. From mining, tourism, education, agriculture, forestry, and much more. We should also mention that Silicon Slopes is located near Salt Lake City (around 30 minutes drive,) with some major companies from the IT industry working there. Among many are SanDisk and Intel/Micron Technology, eBay, Adobe, and many more tech startups.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has an unemployment rate of 2.8%. It’s famous for being a transportation center, so it’s not strange that the major employers here are in the transportation industry and logistics. However, the town has major employers in the health industry as well. With more than 25 hospitals in the city, over 80,000 health workers are employed. Government jobs are also in the mix.


The Nashville metro area is one of the fastest-growing in the country, with an unemployment rate of 2.9%. The town is famous for its music industry, especially country music. It’s considered the number one metro area for professional business and related services. But the healthcare industry, real estate, entertainment, and education are also places to seek employment. Also, finding a great place to live here will not be that difficult. If you decide to relocate here, one thing is for sure – you will be able to find your dream career. Just make sure, before you relocate to a new state, to know what kind of job you’re seeking. If you are looking for the best cities for millennials, Nashville should be high on the list.

Birmingham Hoover

If you want to start a life in the best place in Alabama, then Birmingham Hoover is what you want. Aside from safety, financial stability, and one of the highest livability scores, the city also has a low unemployment rate of 3.1%. The city’s primary industry was mining iron, but they have become known for many other industries nowadays. The biggest employers are in health care, finance, education, and car manufacturing. It’s known as the “Magic City,” and it’s famous for its passion for medicine and science. The famous transplantation center is located here at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

How to Relocate for a Job? Book Relocation Company on Time

So can you relocate for a job? The answer is yes, but since this will probably be moving cross country, the relocation will be nearly impossible without a long-distance moving company. You will need a company that can provide you with all the long-distance moving services you need, from packing service and car shipping to storage units. Note that getting a company with storage facilities can be very helpful. You will be in-between places and probably have to rent a home until you buy one. So instead of getting rid of all the things you care about, you can store them in storage units, and when the time comes, your cross-country movers will ship them to you.

New Work and City With the Best Long-Distance Movers Is Not Only a Dream

Have you wondered what is it called when you move for a job? The answer would be a happy person with new adventures ahead. In fact, no matter what your reasons to move are, if you think positively and prepare yourself, this change can be a great thing. And even if you are not relocating for your dream profession, there is no reason not to find employment after you move.

But aside from a good and positive attitude, in order to have an efficient move without any stress, you will need movers with a lot of experience in cross-country moving. With experienced and professional movers on your side, you will be able to sit back, relax, and perform other essential tasks like looking for a place to live or maybe even new employment. In the end, if you don’t take a leap of faith and try to move forward in life and your career, nothing will ever change. So believe in yourself and embrace all the world’s possibilities.


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