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Where Are Californians Moving to in 2021? Here’s the Answer

Although the Golden State’s amenities easily make it one of the best places to live in the entire country, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have caused many residents to move. While people were relocating before, the disease has undoubtedly sped up the process. So, where are Californians moving to in 2021?

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What states are Californians most likely moving to? Keep on reading to find out

Why Are People Relocating Out of California?

Although the Golden State has always been one of the most popular places to live in the entire country, the number of people relocating to California has been steadily decreasing for over a decade. While the official data shows that the state had a minor population increase by mid-2020, a recent estimate showed that it actually had a net loss of over 135,000 residents. This is not just the 12th time more people have left than moved in since the 1900s, but also California’s third-largest population decrease ever.

While many are quick to judge the state’s taxes, policies, and the rising cost of living in Los Angeles and other major cities, most government officials claim that the coronavirus pandemic and migration patterns are the main culprits behind the numbers. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Many residents lost their jobs, forcing them to cut their expenses and move somewhere more affordable. Why else would you move during coronavirus if it wasn’t necessary? So what state are Californians moving to? If you’re planning on relocating yourself, find out before booking professional cross-country movers.

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The effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced many people to move

Where Are Californians Moving To? Most Choose Texas as Their New Home

If we look at some recent relocation statistics, it’s very clear that people leaving San Francisco, San Jose, and LA often choose Texas as their new home. It’s no news that Texas has the top spot, as more than 687,000 local Californian taxpayers moved to the Lone Star State in the last decade alone. As a result of this influx, several cities have witnessed substantial growth in their populations. If you’re wondering where are most Californians moving to, some of the most popular cities include:

  • Austin,
  • San Antonio,
  • Dallas (including Fort Worth),
  • Houston.

Why Are Californians Moving to Texas?

Each time there’s a jump in California’s real estate value, you’ll hear the news that the number of locals relocating to Texas also increased soon afterward. Although there might be an abundance of things to do in San Francisco and California in general, the high cost of living and housing prices provide more than enough reasons to move. If that’s why you choose to leave CA in the first place, we have some excellent news for you. With a median value of $243,600, Texas’s home prices are nearly 65% lower than California’s $685,000. This means you will be able to buy an excellent property without getting into massive debt in the process.

On the other hand, if you’re sick of spending all your hard-earned money on taxes, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s no income tax in TX. This is precisely why many high-earning professionals are choosing to move here. The cost of living is much lower in general, making it a great choice even for someone with a lower income. The only downside is that it’s about 1,400 miles away, meaning it will probably take at least a few days to drive there. It might be better to hire a cross-country moving company and get some car shipping services. After all, you’ll quickly recuperate all the expenses as soon as you relocate here.

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What is the best state to move to from California? Many choose Texas for its no income tax, affordable homes, and overall cheaper living costs

Arizona’s Growing Job Market Makes It a Very Good Place for Those Looking for Work

If Texas is too far for you, relocating from California to Arizona might be a better fit for you. While primarily known for the Grand Canyon, Arizona is one of the best choices for anyone relocating without a job. It has the third fastest-growing job market in the country, with a rate that’s double the national average. Besides offering a ton of excellent job opportunities, Arizona also has a more affordable cost of living. Housing is almost 50% cheaper, with a median home price of $350,000.

To top it all off, you won’t have to worry about long commute times. What more can a soon-to-be former Californian ask for? Just remember that Arizona is easily the hottest place in the entire country, so be prepared for hot sunny weather that lasts throughout the year. Relocating under these conditions can be very difficult, but getting professional long-distance moving services will make things more manageable. Lastly, if you’re unsure which city to move to, most choose to settle in Phoenix, but Tucson is also a solid choice.

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Although Arizona is mostly arid, it still has some incredible sights

Nevada’s Close Proximity Makes It a Very Popular Destination

Nevada is also one of the first choices for almost any Californian. Although primarily known for its lavish entertainment options, it’s still a great place to live in, even if you are not big on gambling. The beautiful scenery of the nearby Mt. Charleston and Red Rock Canyon will surely attract rock climbers and nature lovers. It’s also very close, meaning you’ll easily be able to visit your friends and family when homesick.

Living in Nevada is not easy, though, as it’s one of the warmest and driest states in the entire country. Considering the high average temperatures and absence of rainfall throughout the year, it’s not surprising that it’s largely covered in deserts. Very few areas are actually livable, with most of the locals concentrating around cities. Besides Las Vegas, some of the most popular destinations include Henderson, Reno, and Carson City. While you might not be moving cross country, having to move in this weather is certainly not going to be easy. If you have any health issues, it’s better to hire some long-distance movers to assist you than risk suffering a sunstroke.

Why Is Nevada Such a Popular Choice for People Who Want to Move Out of California?

Considering the heat and the state’s generally harsh environment, what exactly makes Nevada such a popular choice? Besides being one of the few states that don’t have an income tax, Nevada also doesn’t have a sales tax on food and medicine, allowing you to save a ton of money on these items. On that note, the median housing value of $358,000 is almost half the price of what you’ll have to pay back in California, and the cost of living is also lower in general.

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Many dream of visiting Las Vegas, but very few get to live in it

Washington Is Particularly Popular Among Millennials

What makes Washington one of the most popular states to move to? For starters, it houses some of the largest companies in the world. Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and Starbucks all have their headquarters here, providing an abundance of job opportunities in sales, management, and STEM fields. Most of the locals are socially liberal, with Seattle easily being one of the best cities for millennials. The city provides a ton of incredible things to do no matter what your interests might be. It’s also very walkable, so you often won’t even need a car to get around. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will love the state’s incredible outdoor opportunities. Hiking, biking, and kayaking are only some of the activities the local population regularly participates in.

While living in Washington does offer a ton of amenities, there are also some downsides. Although the local community might be warm and welcoming, the weather is cloudy throughout most of the year. Thankfully, it doesn’t rain as often as we are led to believe., as you’ll only get a drizzle most of the time. Still, the increased humidity can easily damage your electronics, so anyone who decides to move here will need extra time to secure these items. If you don’t know how to pack a computer or a TV, you might want to get a packing service from a long-distance moving company. If you’re also planning on storing something, make sure that the storage facility is also climate-controlled.

Be Aware That the Cost of Living Is Not Much Lower

If you’re planning on relocating to Seattle or any of its numerous suburbs, be aware that their cost of living is not much more affordable than your average Californian city. This is particularly noticeable when looking at local real estate value. Although the state’s median home price of $504,000 is somewhat lower than California’s, the difference in housing costs is barely noticeable when comparing the most popular cities and places to live in. Fortunately, there is some good news. Just like some other states we mentioned, Washington also doesn’t have an income tax, allowing you to overcome the somewhat higher living costs.

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Washington is filled with beautiful evergreen vistas

Oregon Is One of the First Choices for Almost Any Californian

People who like Washington’s amazing outdoor amenities but don’t want to move that far north should consider relocating to Oregon. It offers very similar amenities as its northern neighbor but retains the same Mediterranean climate every Californian loves. With that in mind, Oregon’s main strengths are probably its natural riches. It has over 300 miles of coastline and features all sorts of terrains and ecosystems, making it an excellent place for any nature enthusiast. Most who decide to move to Oregon are either relocating to Portland or its capital Salem.

The main downside is that it has the 5th highest cost of living in the country, which is still about 20% cheaper than California’s. This is primarily thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have a sales tax. Besides offsetting some of the higher costs, this makes Oregon a great place for anyone who loves shopping. The median real estate price of $438,000 is also relatively affordable for almost any Californian. If you’re still not sure about relocating here yourself, this video will give you ten great reasons why you should make the state your new home.

Where Should I Move to From California? Make a Decision That Best Suits Your Interests

These were only the top five states California’s residents chose to move to. As you might have noticed, every one of them had lower costs of living, which goes to show that locals are primarily looking to move somewhere more affordable. Your reasons for relocating might be entirely different, so make a decision that best suits your interests. If you’re not satisfied with these five suggestions, don’t hesitate to explore other parts of the country.

Relocating to a new state is not easy, though, particularly if you’re doing it alone. The good news is that using some neat relocation hacks will undoubtedly help you move efficiently. If you can’t manage all the preparations yourself, getting professional long-distance and cross-country moving services is also a good idea. Contact a mover in advance, and you’ll have more than enough time to save money to move. With a good plan and a little bit of time, you’ll move to a new home before you know it.


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