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6 Reasons Why Moving to California Can Be a Dream Come True

One of the biggest states in the US offers a lot of different opportunities to anyone considering moving to California. With plenty of sunlit hours, a direct connection with the ocean, and a laid-back vibe, what’s not to like? But being one of the priciest areas makes relocating unprepared out of the question.

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1 in 8 US residents lives within California’s borders

Looking at the most recent relocating statistics, we’ll see a steady rise in the number of people with higher income relocating into the Golden State. Some are relocating to SF for the lucrative job market, while others are looking for the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles. But although you may have some other reasons to move, such as enrolling in a university or something personal, you should know what to expect.

Two Reasons Why Is Moving to California an Awesome Decision

Throughout the years, this area remained one of the most expensive to reside in. A good example is that California’s Central Valley is one of the most prominent agricultural centers in the country, and yet the produce is more expensive than in most states. And now you’re there thinking – Is California a good place to move to? Let’s start with the basics of why you shouldn’t be thinking about moving from California to Arizona just for the cheaper cabbage, and instead, make a living in Los Angeles.

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1. Everyone Moves Here for the Sunny Climate

While living in SD or any other Californian city may seem way out of reach for many, others who dream about year-round warm weather are eventually driven to this place. Although the state has some variations in the climate because of its size and geography, the coastal area has consistent weather patterns. This is one of the reasons why nearly 70% of California’s population resides there.

2. You Can’t Be Living Here Without Knowing the Beaches

The state’s coastline is impressively long and stretches for 840 miles along the Pacific ocean, offering crystal clear blue water and pristine beaches. If it sounds like a surfing big-wave paradise, it is, and here are the most famous beaches:

  • Malibu Beach, which is considered the most beautiful one, lies west of LA and makes relocating to Los Angeles alone less challenging and more like an adventure. It’s home to many celebrities who own multi-million dollar houses.
  • Any visitor to the La Jolla Cove Beach has seen just how blue and clear the water is there. If you’re looking for things to do in SD, it’s good to know that this place is located near the city and is popular among swimmers and surfers.
  • Laguna Beach offers both a perfect beach getaway and an opportunity to explore the wildlife because it encompasses 20,000 acres of protected wilderness. It provides its visitors with even more – coves, sea caves, tide pools, and sandy beaches.

Plenty of places are perfectly fitted to simply lie down on the sand and catch the sun with a cold drink in hand. And here, you can be a beach-goer throughout the whole year. You can check out how marvelous the beaches look in the following video.

One of the Reasons for Living in the Golden State – Its Vibrant Cities

Before you contact the cross-country movers and invest in cross-country moving services, you should figure out where exactly you want to live. Besides picturesque beaches, the Golden State has so much more to offer. Silicon Valley is the tech capital of the world. Also, besides being in a place with a lucrative job market, you’ll be walking around Hollywood royalty and many other beautiful people. But overall, it has some of the most fascinating cities in the US.

Welcome to the Capital of Technology – San Francisco

For a long time, it may have seemed like life in San Francisco could never be on par with relocating to Los Angeles and that it will always be in LA’s shadow. But the tech boom during the end of the 20th century and in the early 21st has changed everything – it has rocketed SF to stand side by side with LA, culturally speaking. People move here because they need jobs in their key industries, such as tech companies, finance, and startups. But there are also plenty of SF restaurants that are world-class, parks, and other interesting places. Its distinctive neighborhoods offer some of the best places to live in.

If You Are Looking for the Ultimate Beach Town, San Diego Is the Perfect Pick

If you are up for a relaxed and laid-back everyday life, relocating to San Diego is exactly what you need. America’s Finest City has a small-town feel but offers a lot to do in some of its best neighborhoods. Its key industries include trade, tourism, biotechnology, and defense. For those looking for the best cities to raise a family, this city offers the famous Zoo as one of the most exciting perks, besides the beaches and best restaurants in the area.

Anyone Moving to Southern California for New Jobs Is Looking at Los Angeles

Let’s face it – LA is one of the best places to live in CA for young adults, but also the cultural center and the largest city there. It may not seem that large for people moving from New York to California, but the whole county is as big as Connecticut. When it comes to safe neighborhoods, great districts, and the suburbs of Los Angeles, there’s plenty to choose from. From Beverly Hills to Santa Monica, you can decide between hundreds of neighborhoods. You can even check up on the most affordable places to live here, especially if you plan to stay and work in the entertainment industry.

Sacramento Is America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

California’s sixth city by size is nowhere close to the coastal line, and Sacramento makes up for it with other things. Besides having its produce shipped all over the country, the state’s capital city is also its most affordable one, especially compared to the cost of life in SF. Being away from the ocean makes Sacramento’s climate somewhat different, with more temperature differences during the year. But anyone moving to California from Texas to enjoy the beaches can get the next best thing – lots of lakes and rivers in the area to explore.

Compare the Costs in California’s Cities Before Cross Country Moving

Probably one of the most important things to know before moving to California is whether you’ll be able to stretch the budget through the month. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, California’s cost of living still ranks high among the most expensive states in the country. To prevent you from moving from California to Washington state later on and help you decide, we’ve compared the costs of utilities, transportation, and housing in all four cities. You should check our table below for data on the cost of living in Los Angeles and take a peek at the cost of living in San Diego.

Locations Utilities Renting 1 Bedroom Apartment Price Per Feet to Buy an Apartment
San Francisco $190 $2,500 $1,310
San Diego $140 $1,750 $400
Los Angeles $170 $1,700 $550
Sacramento $170 $1,320 $220

What Are the Benefits of Moving to California? One of the Main Reasons to Move Are the Jobs

You are considering giving a call to your long-distance movers and investing in a packing service, but you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to find a job? California’s variety of job opportunities are endless, and the most prominent industries here include trade, agriculture, and tourism. So, Cal’s major industries are a bit different because they include entertainment, such as film, television, and music production.

The Bay Area is widely known as home to tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook, with a large variety of smaller companies and startups. If the Golden State were a nation, its GDP would be the fifth globally. All of this certainly makes thinking about moving from California to Oregon with a long-distance moving company out of the question.

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SF has an average salary of around $72,000

If You’re Looking for Top-Notch Education, You Are at the Right Place

Highly rated institutions ranging from San Diego schools, high-quality SF high schools, and renowned universities are among the best parts of living there. The State University System is the biggest in the nation, encompassing more than 280 different colleges. UC Berkeley is probably one of the most well-known and among the largest public universities in the state, while Stanford University is among the top universities in the nation. Forbes ranked it second among the greatest colleges in the US.

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The Stanford University motto is “Die Luft der Freiheit weht” - The wind of freedom blows

Things You Can Do All the Time as a Resident

What to do if you get tired of all the beautiful beaches (like that’s even possible?) Just think of all the things to do in SF – drink in the stunning views at Fisherman’s Wharf, try the chocolate at Ghirardelli Square, and go on Golden Gate Cruise. The whole of California’s rich with national parks but offers an amusement park galore, too. Anaheim is home to Disneyland and Disney Adventure, but the state’s attractions include amusement parks such as Universal Studios Hollywood, Legoland, and SeaWorld San Diego.

There Are Some Weird Laws Here You Need to Hear About

While you’re figuring out the greatest places to live in San Diego, here are some fun facts about unusual laws in this area. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to driving: women wearing a housecoat aren’t allowed to drive a vehicle, while cars without a driver behind the wheel can go 60 miles an hour at most. Men with mustaches can’t kiss women in Eureka, and there’s a law that requires women in Carmel to have a permit to wear heels higher than 2 inches.

A view on an amusement park after long-distance moving overlay
Walt Disney’s original idea is to place Disneyland in Burbank, CA, right across the street from Walt Disney Studios

An Information Any Driver Would Appreciate – Should I Bring My Vehicle With Me?

Are you considering whether you should pay for auto transport services, besides leaving your belongings in storage units, or not, and whether it’s at all smart to bring your car? Since most residents get around by car, vehicle shipping should be necessary on your moving to California checklist. Keep in mind that you should get thoroughly informed about parking spaces and traffic jams before relocating here.

From Car Insurance to Insurance for Renters – What’s Different?

Although prices in this area are on the higher side, there are no specific regulations concerning insurance. Like in most parts of the US, shop around until you find a good and affordable new deal. The minimum coverage necessary by law for vehicles is the liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

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People in LA drive 9.3 miles on an average weekday

In the End, Is It Expensive to Move to California? Don’t Let the Costs Avert You From Having a Dream Life Here

How much money should I save to move to California? There’s no unified answer to this because it all depends on whether you’ve already been hired for a good position within the industry of your choice and which place you’ve picked to live in. But although it’s a place of contradictions, full of both advantages and disadvantages, it’s an excellent place to be in and call a new home. So decide if you will move with a rental truck or hire professional service, and head on to the Golden State.


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