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How to Find a Safe Neighborhood in Los Angeles to Live In?

When scouting out for places to live in, we all have some criteria that guide us. However, in most cases, we look for a neighborhood with lower crime rates where we will feel secure. We are going to help you with your quest to find a safe neighborhood in Los Angeles, by looking into the aspects of safety and listing the areas within the City of Angels that are currently considered safest for living.

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Are There Medium and Low-Risk Neighborhoods in the City of Angels?

When it comes to a metropolis as large and populated as LA, higher crime rates are no surprise. This is explained by the population of offenders and felons that are likely to inhabit larger towns, but also gang activity, poverty, and drugs that come with overpopulation. Rural towns are statistically less likely to have such problems, which is why big cities are often deemed less safe. But within the 2nd largest city in the US, there is a clear distinction between the safe neighborhoods, which include some of the best LA suburbs, and those that are considered risky. Before changing the address go over the areas we singled out using the right tools to help us check how safe a neighborhood is so you can avoid some common moving mistakes, and pick the one you like the best. After all, this is one of the best cities to raise a family in the US, so there will be plenty of secure and affordable areas you can call home and many other reasons why you should move here during the best time of the year to move.

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Crime and Safety Situation in Los Angeles

As we said, Los Angeles is one of the few cities that has a rather strict divide when it comes to communities that are safe and those that still pose risks for the general population. The former ones are marked typically characterized by higher rent prices, rising resident numbers, and good transportation options.

There are different types of crimes, of course, but the ones that concern us the most are burglaries, home invasions, rapes, and murders. While there are other types of crimes out there that we cannot deny, these are the ones that are most often committed at random. This is the reason why we will only stick to discussing these crime categories when talking about which neighborhoods are considered low and medium risk areas.

How To Live Safely In A New City

Moving to a big new city or a different state brings a ton of challenges and circumstances you need to adjust to. No matter if you are relocating for a relationship or in pursuit of knowledge, some things we simply cannot change, however, don’t let them cause you anxiety about moving out or relocation depression because we can find a way around them.

For example, if you are single and moving to LA on your own, you may be considered under a greater risk than someone moving in together with their partner. There is safety in numbers, as people often say. In this case, we would suggest looking at roommate websites and getting a roommate or moving in with relatives, at least until you find your way around. This way, you are avoiding being home alone, going to eat somewhere, and not knowing which alleys you need to avoid. Additionally, making new friends will also ensure that you always have somebody you know around.

The trick about staying in a new city is to always be alert about your surroundings, keep headphones off, and use alternate routes if you think someone may be following you. We don’t want you to grow paranoid, so use this advice moderately, but always keep an eye out.

Are Apartments In Cities Safer Than Houses, And Other Common Questions

It’s a question that comes up a lot when relocation is near, and it usually sparks up various answers. Depending on who you ask, apartment living can be safer due to the height that some complexes have, and top floors are not so easily reachable by burglars, so that could be an advantage of moving alone. However, there are people that insist that living in a house that has been entirely covered by security systems and deadbolts is equally impregnable.

Others will ask if there is any connection between the type of residence and the rates of crimes committed at all. Are the houses or apartments to blame or are the people? Ultimately, it boils down to choosing an overall safe environment by not taking any chances and installing the necessary equipment that will help deter a burglar.

Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles Big cities like LA often seem riskier, but there do have safe neighborhoods.

Listing the Top-Ranked Places in LA

Whether you are looking to raise a family and relocating with your children, find a job before moving to another state or start your own business, it’s clear that you don’t want anything to happen that will ruin the beginning of the new chapter in your life. Understandably, we’ve gone through research to bring you a list of spots you should consider when house-hunting and looking for a new home. We have based our survey on the factors that were mentioned before, over a larger LA County area, so that you will have plenty of amenities and types of residences to choose from.

LA Know how to choose the perfect spot for you

Living Peacefully In The Valley

San Fernando Valley, or simply the Valley, is a suburb in the upper west of Los Angeles, consisting of 34 neighborhoods. If you look at the big picture, this suburb is 34% safer than an average American town. Actually, it’s much safer than in Detroit, Cleveland, and Atlanta neighborhoods. Even though it has seen a rise in crime rates since 2014, this suburban area is still considered a medium risk when it comes to violent crimes. Like anywhere in LA, there are more and less violent and crime-prone corners, so let’s dive into the safest ones:

  • Sherman Oaks: one of the most well-known districts in the San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks is home to a pretty large population of senior citizens and it has a low crime rate. It’s not especially diverse or densely populated but is considered great for families and one of the best places to live in California. It’s an urban-suburban blend with countless amenities and an estimated population of around 75 thousand. Additionally, it is one of the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles so that is something to consider if you’re relocating to the suburbs on a budget.
  • Studio City: Often described as the “jewel of the Valley,” Studio City is set on the north slope of Santa Monica Mountains. Like the name would suggest, it was born out of an entertainment community, and the current expanding population is at around 43 thousand. Purchasing a home is somewhat expensive, which is why the majority of residents rent their houses and apartments.
  • Toluca Lake: Situated 12 miles from Downtown, Toluca Lake is home to about 10 thousand inhabitants, and is a very secure community, albeit a small one. It offers more than enough places for dining, entertainment, recreation, and nightlife. That’s why no matter if you move during holidays, in summer or spring, you can find plenty of things to do on their community website and magazine.
Los Angeles at night The Valley can be a safe spot if you know where to look.

Safety Of The Hills

Whether it’s Hollywood or Cheviot, there is something about the communities that are situated on the hills that makes them the best places to start your next chapter. You may not be swayed by the activities going on in places by the beach, but would rather enjoy a less crowded, more introspective type of scenery. We completely understand. If you can call yourself well-heeled and situated, and you’re looking for a family-friendly suburb and a mansion with a view, then you need to consider the following hills:

  • Cheviot Hills: Once a filming location for numerous movies, today it is home to some very famous producers, TV personalities, and actors. A true haven for residential architecture design, Cheviot Hills has some truly remarkable mid-century style mansions, cottages, traditional and other types of homes.
  • Hollywood Hills: This is a rather large chunk of land in the Santa Monica Mountains, and is home to around 26 thousand residents. If you love being surrounded by nature, and you could spend all day in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, or Griffith Park, then this place is perfect for you. If you are moving with a dog, you can both enjoy vast green spaces. While you get to enjoy the beautiful cityscape during the day, at night you have something that most Angelenos can only dream about – the glow of stars in the night sky. Hollywood Hills is comprised of Hollywood Hills East and Hollywood Hills West, separated by the 101 Freeway.
  • Beverly Hills: And the most famous of all Hills of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is a symbol of a glamorous and high-end life. Many of us are not movie stars, but if you happen to land a place here, you may just live next to a few. While running into celebrities here is nothing new, what may strike you as interesting is the close-knit community of the locals here, and the folks who lead normal, everyday lives, going to school and driving to work. Sure, there are tourists everywhere, and it’s difficult to spot locals, but once you get to know them, the community is very welcoming.
Hollywood Hills The Hills of LA are less-crowded and surrounded by nature

Beverlywood, Beverly Grove, Beverly Crest

Moving on from all things Hills to all things Beverly. We have come all the way from medium to low risk, and now, virtually no risk neighborhoods. Both Beverlywood and Beverly Grove rank so high on the neighborhood safety lists that you just have to take a look and take them into serious consideration. Beverlywood tops many charts related to the best and safest places in LA, California and the US.

  • Beverlywood: With impeccable streets, glorious lavish mansions and yards that go on for miles, it’s no wonder why it’s difficult for outsiders to breach in and get a property in the safest, all-around most well-maintained suburb in the country. Families here rarely move away but would rather expand their properties for the generations to come. If you happen to be so lucky to find a property here, you can enjoy the walkability of the area, the short distance to Beverly Hills and other buzzy neighboring areas, or have a short 5-minute drive downtown.
  • Beverly Grove: Perhaps the truest LA experience can be found here, in the Grove, with the true old LA charm, Farmer’s market, unbelievable restaurants in an outdoor mall, and plenty of other amenities. This area is very low when it comes to violent crimes but has seen a spike in property crimes recently. Apart from an occasional theft, there are no real threats here, and this place is becoming more and more popular, judging by the rising rent prices. You also wouldn’t have to worry about transportation, or closeness to the beach, as this place has everything you’d need in a walking distance.
  • Beverly Crest: Always ranked high on the lists of best places to raise a family in California, Beverly Crest truly has anything a young family needs. It’s safe, dotted with public and private schools, mildly diverse, and very low on crime-rates. Most folks here own their homes, which is a telltale sign that people do come here to settle and live a quaint life.
beverly neighborhoods are great option for long distance moving The Beverly neighborhoods have virtually no risk or danger.

Moving to A Safe Neighborhood in Los Angeles

Once you’ve considered all the possibilities and decided where you want to live next, moving to a safe neighborhood, and quickly adjusting to a new location is the easy part. Not that you can do it single-handedly, cause sometimes relocation requires professional moving help from recommended, reliable, and experienced LA movers who will come fully equipped with packing materials for moving and who know all packing tips and tricks, but in a sense that most stress comes from building up to it and meeting your every criterium. Remember that you can always rely on professionals with packing services to handle your belongings, even if you’re moving into a smaller home. Ship your car if necessary, donate unwanted items or provide storage space for the stuff that won’t go into your new home straight away. You can also create a household inventory list or create a photo inventory of the items you’re relocating. If hiring professionals seems too expensive for your budget, consider the cheapest time of the year to relocate and save a few bucks by reducing the costs of moving. Learning how does car shipping work will come in handy if you decide to transport your vehicle across the country with you.

LA You can find a safe neighborhood and your future home in LA

Someone Will Help Your Move

Don’t look for reasons to worry and risk getting moving stress before your moving day as there are plenty of people who are willing to help you, and your new community is surely lucky to be able to welcome you. We wouldn’t wish anything dangerous to happen to you when living in LA, which is why we hope this list of safest areas has helped you and that advice will stay with you as you plan your moving budget, figure the cheapest way to move out of state and find peace in your new home.


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