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How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Did you know that the kitchen should always be the last room to pack before relocating to a new home? And even if you move into a smaller home, kitchenware should be the first thing to unpack. Knowing how to pack dishes for moving is a crucial part of your relocation skill set due to the huge importance of kitchen items in your everyday life.

The inside of a dishwasher overlay
There are more than a few ways you can protect your fragile belongings.

When protecting dishes for relocating, it is important to wrap each dish individually in bubble wrap or other protective material, such as packing paper. Additionally, place towels or other soft materials between them to prevent damage during transport. Lastly, make sure all dishes are securely packed in boxes that can be easily moved without risking breakage.

Why It’s Important to Lean How to Pack Dishes When Moving?

Knowing how to protect your dishes when relocating to another city is essential because it ensures that they are packed securely and safely. And even if you’re planning to book cross-country moving service, it’s good to have a bigger picture what this whole process actually means. Proper wrapping prevents breakage, chips, and scratches during transit. So, if you want to avoid getting relocation depression and beginning a new life in a new home with broken bowls and mugs, you should apply proper packing tips when preparing these items for transport.

It also helps protect the dishes from dirt and moisture, which can cause damage in long-term storage or transport. Additionally, knowing how to pack your dishes properly allows you to maximize the space in your moving vehicle and minimize the risk of breakage. Doing this task correctly also helps reduce relocation stress because it eliminates a potentially time-consuming task.


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How to Pack Dishes for Shipping – Gather the Righ Materials and Supplies First

When you choose the best time of the year to move and decide where you should move, it is time to donate unwanted items and get to packing everything from your clothes to some more delicate objects. To avoid breaking your kitchenware like mugs, china, and plates, get the best-sized boxes for moving and start packing. These boxes will be just big enough to fit everything without leaving room for things to move inside. In order to pack dishes safely, you will have to get the following moving supplies:

Dish boxes are designed to hold bowls and other fragile like china. They have a double layer of crumpled cardboard. This extra stuffing is an additional level of protection that helps to absorb sudden movements, so investing in them is better than not buying them because you’re trying to reduce the costs of moving. After all, hiring a reliable long-distance moving company and using its services surely won’t be free.

packing suppliesa overlay
Obtain a variety of materials before you start wrapping your fragile belongings

The Best Way to Pack Dishes – Check Our Some General Tips

After you find the best long-distance moving services, be ready to work when it comes to tips and tricks for packing dishes since it is a very long process – most of these things take at least eight hours to pack. But to make it efficient and safe, and help you avoid common moving mistakes, here are some of the best relocation tips for placing your dish items in standard medium-sized packaging:

  • The first step is storing heavier pieces like bowls and a dutch oven.
  • Always pile things up vertically.
  • Fill all gaps and empty spaces in the boxes.
  • Small appliances, like toasters, should be wrapped in a layer of padding and then placed in a dish box.
  • Wrap knives, forks, and spoons individually in protective sheets, and then in bubble wrap.
  • Label every box with “fragile” and “this way up”. Labeling will make it easy to locate delicate belonging when you are unpacking after the move.
  • Avoid transporting boxes that are too heavy – 45 pounds should be the maximum weight.
  • Fill the packaging to the top.
  • Tape each box firmly to prevent it from opening during transport.
  • Place the packages in the moving truck carefully.

Taking these steps surely will require a lot of effort and caution for preventing injuries, but once it’s done, you won’t have to worry about anything and your belonging will be transported to a new location safely. If you hire the Cross-Country Moving Company, you’ll enjoy the professional crew that is experienced in transporting clients’ belongings, fragile or large ones.

Additional Tips for Packing Dishes for Moving – Why Should You Wrap Your Plates and Stack them Vertically?

Plates should be vertically stacked as if you were loading a dishwasher. They should never be packed flat as this can lead to damage. When it comes to packaging fine china, you should use lots of different protective materials. The same method should be applied to pottery as well. It’s crucial to use as much protection as possible and store breakable china and pottery on their side. If there are gaps in the boxes, every empty space needs to be filled with extra cushioning material.

plates overlay
Stacking your plates vertically will prevent them from breaking

How to Pack Dishes for Moving Cross Country – Handle the Plates Properly

Since these items are usually the heaviest, you should always place plates at the bottom of a box and prepare them using the previously mentioned methods. Besides dish boxes, you will have to get the following supplies:

  • Packing paper
  • Medium-sized boxes
  • Sealing tape
  • Labels and markers

Place the dish in the middle of the sheet, join all corners at the center, tape the wrapping paper, and put each dish in the box.

Deal With Packing Glasses, Mugs, and Cups Efficiently

Glasses, mugs, and cups are also very fragile items in your kitchen and require special attention. The best solution is to stuff them using sheets of crumpled wrapping paper. After that, cover them with one or more layers for additional protection. Place a glass or a mug at one corner of the wrapping paper, and roll the glass across the pad to the opposite corner. Make a fold with the help of excess paper for added padding. When packing lighter glassware, put it on top of the heavier ones.

When the time comes to pack pots and pans, they do not require extra protection and can be transported in a standard, medium-sized box. The best way to protect pots and pans is by using plenty of packing paper on the outside and the inside of a box to reinforce it. This is especially important for non-stick pans since they can be easily scratched and damaged and covering them might help to prevent that.

wrap up glasses when preparing to pack them for cross country moving overlay
Your fragile objects will be safer when they are in bubble wrap.

Complete List of What You Need to Pack Stemware Perfectly for Moving

Stemware is the most delicate kitchenware besides china. It stands on stems above a base. It’s made of glass or crystal and is very breakable. Before you start placing these glasses in packets, you should know how to pack them properly:

  • Stuff them with padding balls to strengthen them,
  • Wrap them by rolling the glass to the opposite corner of the wrapping paper,
  • Check edges and if you can feel them under your fingers, wrap glasses with more protective layers.

With these useful moving day tips, you should be ready for your next stress-free relocation. By following our advice, you will be capable of storing your kitchenware properly and in a very effective way and all belongings will make it to their destination in one piece.

Crystal glasses overlay
Grab as many different supplies as you can when you are packing delicate objects

How to Pack Dishes for a Move – Hire the Best Cross-Country Movers and Relocate Without a Hitch

You don’t think you’ll have the time and skills necessary to pack all your kitchen into boxes? You’re too busy trying to find a job before moving to another state or house-hunting? Are you taking the time to learn how to use the tools to help you check how safe your neighborhood is?

That is completely understandable, especially if the deadline is short or you’re moving alone to another state. That’s why you should avoid the cheapest way to move out of state, plan your moving budget, figure out how to reduce relocation expenses, and call professional cross-country moving companies. They are the best choice when you need quick and reliable cross-country moving services and will come fully equipped with all the packing materials for moving.

Reputable and highly recommended long-distance movers can explain the whole process to you, such as how car shipping works, and provide you with everything you need. You’ll probably need a helping hand with packing or you might want to rent a storage unit. Also, if you want to transport your car across the country, you can opt for auto shipping as well. A reliable moving company can do it all – handle your fragile belongings and pack sturdy furniture. With a team of professional packers by your side, you can kick back and enjoy the process.

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Have professionals by your side is always the best solution

Have All of Your Dishes Transported in One Piece and Move Like a Pro

As you can see, there are some things you can and need to do to ensure that your dishes arrive intact and without breakage during the relocation. After all, you surely don’t want to end up unpacking boxes full of broken plates and other kitchenware, right? So, take these steps and move like a pro.

Have Cross-Country Moving Company by your side while dealing with a tedious task like this one and if things become too overwhelming, we’ll be there to give a helping hand. Contact us today and get a reliable quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Pack Dishes for Moving

What materials do I need to pack dishes for moving?

You will need boxes or containers specifically designed for packing dishes, such as dish-pack boxes with dividers. You should also have some kind of cushioning material to keep the dishes safe in transit, such as foam peanuts, bubble wrap, or crumpled-up paper. Finish by sealing everything with tape.

How should I prepare my dishes for moving?

It’s important to pack them properly to avoid breakage during transport. Begin by wrapping all of the pieces individually in bubble wrap or towels and placing them into boxes that are small enough to carry easily.

How do I pack dishes to avoid breakage during transport?

Make sure the items are secure and that there is no excess movement within the box. Use plenty of padding between dishes to prevent them from knocking against one another, and use dividers to keep different types of dishes apart.

Can I use newspaper to wrap my dishes?

It’s not recommended to use newspaper to wrap dishes. Newspaper may contain printing inks or dyes that can be transferred onto your dishes, which could make them unsafe to use. Additionally, the newspaper is not designed to be water-resistant.

What is the best way to pack plates and bowls?

It’s best to wrap these individually in bubble wrap or another protective material, and then place them carefully in a box with packing peanuts or other cushioning material for extra protection.

How should I pack glasses and cups?

Place the items carefully in a sturdy box with plenty of packing materials to ensure everything is secure and cushioned during transit. Label the box as fragile to alert carriers that extra care should be taken when handling it.

How do I pack fragile items such as stemware or ceramics?

Place a layer of bubble wrap around each item before placing it in a box lined with more bubble wrap. Fill any gaps between pieces with foam peanuts and place an extra layer of bubble wrap on top to keep the items secure.

What should I do with large items such as platters or serving dishes?

When dealing with large items such as platters or serving dishes, you should use bubble wrap to protect them during storage and transportation. It’s important to make sure the bubble wrap completely covers the item so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged.

How many layers of protection should I use for my dishes?

The number of layers of protection that you should use for your dishes depends on the type of dish and its intended use. Generally, it’s a good idea to use at least two to three layers of protection such as plastic wrap, wax paper, or aluminum foil to protect them from scratches, breaking, and contamination.

Can I pack dishes and other kitchen items in the same box?

No, it is not recommended to pack dishes and other kitchen items in the same box. Dishes may break if packed together with heavier items, and fragile kitchen items can be damaged if they are put under pressure or subjected to sudden movements.


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