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Moving Labels for Boxes – How to Use Them and Why

There are few events in life more stressful than long-distance moving. But if you are well organized, this process can be without stress and mental agony. And the best way to get organized is to use moving labels for boxes. Only with a correct labeling system your packing and subsequent relocation will be smooth.

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Organizing your move without the right categorization will be chaotic

Whether you are relocating from the West Coast to the East Coast or down the street, you will need labels and a labeling system to organize your move the best possible way. The good organization and categorization of your belongings are vital for easier unpacking after a move.

Why Are Moving Labels for Boxes So Important?

First thing first – you don’t want your first day at your new home to be marked by tears and stress. Your belongings will be all over the place, and if you have unmarked boxes, you will have to open each to see what is inside. You will agree that this scenario is not idyllic, if not outright nightmarish. The best way to have a stress-free move is to know what to unpack at what point so you can make some order and organize your unpacking in a better way.

Another reason why you should categorize your belongings is to help your cross-country movers while unpacking your belongings from a truck. If your belongings are marked properly with labels, workers will know in which room to place them. This will save you from unnecessary back-breaking work and, most importantly, from having to search through boxes to know which one belongs where.

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Decide Whether to Hire a Cross-Country Moving Company for Packing Service

We could all agree that cross-country moving is best done with the help of a long-distance moving company. If you have hired movers for cross-country moving services, they will be in charge of carrying your belongings to a truck and delivering them to your new destination. However, if you think that you will not be able to pack efficiently in a set time frame, consider hiring movers also for packing services.

Most companies offer full and partial packing services, meaning if you are only struggling with the packaging of certain items like fragile belongings, you can hire long-distance movers to only pack your glasses and dishes. On the other hand, if you wish for professionals to pack everything you plan to bring, then you can hire them for full service. The only thing you will have to do is to decide what to keep and what to toss away before professionals arrive.

You Need to Acquire the Right Packing and Labeling Materials

However, If you decide only to hire a company for basic long-distance moving services, then you will have to do some work yourself. The first thing you need to do is take your savings and do some shopping because you will need top-notch packing labels for moving and other materials. Take a notebook and start making your to-do list. Here you will write down everything you need to do, from house hunting to travel arrangements, and of course, you will make a shopping list before you start to pack for a move. You will need different packing materials if you plan to move in an efficient way. Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Packing paper and cushioning materials,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Boxes and duct tape,
  • Stickers, markers, and collared paper,
  • Permanent markers.

How Do You Label Boxes When Moving?

No matter if your belongings are going to storage units or not, you need to think like they are. To be more specific, you need to mark your containers on each side so whoever is dealing with them can know what is inside. For example, you can write fragile or heavy, and your movers will know how to handle them. Also, it will be a lot easier for you to clearly see what is marked on the container when unpacking. Take a look at this video for more tips on how to pack like a pro.

Tips for Best Usage of Box Labels for Moving

There are several systems you can use for categorizing your belongings. In our experience, the best is to combine all of them. This way, you will get the most specified system, and you will be able to locate particular pieces a lot easier. So, for example, you can implement a color code system to mark a specific area of the home and a numbering system to mark the closet from that area. And to be even more specific, you can use markers or printable stickers to write what is inside the box, for example, kids’ toys.

When Is It Best to Use Color Coding Labels for Moving Boxes?

So how do you color-code moving boxes? A color coding system is best used to mark belongings from certain rooms. For instance, the master bedroom can be red while the kitchen can be green. You will mark each box with the appropriate color, and when workers start unloading things from a truck, you can guide them correctly. Make sure to mark each side of the box. You can take sticky notes for this purpose, small colored sticky dots, or simply mark each box with a colored marker.

Printable Labels or Stickers Should Be on Each Box

Aside from color code marks, you should also print each container’s content on paper. There are self-adhesive sheets you can use to print signs at your home, or you can go to a store and buy already-made ones. For example, you can stick on the box paper that says “fragile,” “heavy,” or “low priority.” Also, you can print the name of each room but apply colors or numbers to mark cabinets or shelves. In the end, it is up to you how you will combine these methods. If you are on a budget, you can always just print the names of the rooms on an ordinary sheet and tape it to a box. And if you need to be even more cost-efficient, you can simply write a description of the box in big letters.

The Numbering System Will Bring the Whole Categorization Together

When we talk about the best tips and tricks, the numbering system can not be ignored. By using numbers, you will most efficiently specify where those items are supposed to be returned. So picture this – you have more than five bookshelves with more than six to seven rows in your library. And each shelf is arranged alphabetically. The best way to pack them is to apply color to mark the library, stickers with letters that mark each shelf, and numbers to mark each row on that shelf.

As you may know, packaging books is best done in smaller containers for easier carry. Also, numbers can be used to mark each row from your kitchen cabinets as well. This way, you will know precisely what is in each box and will not have struggles finding necessary items upon your arrival at the new home.

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Labels bring order to the otherwise inevitable chaos

How to Mark Other Belongings?

Aside from containers, you will have other belongings you will have to move, such as furniture and kitchen appliances. Also, some items may be packed in bags, not in containers. For example, the best way to pack pillows and bedding is in vacuum bags. So how to label these items? Well, on vacuum bags, you can simply write with a permanent marker. But if you decide to pack some items in black garbage bags, the best way to mark them is with ribbons you will need to fasten the bags and on which you can write.

How Do You Label Plastic Storage Containers?

The best way to label plastic containers is by using sticky paper that already has a printed sign on it. The color of this paper should be bright so it can be easily recognized what is written there. Because plastic storage containers are usually transparent, things inside can make it difficult for a person to read if it is simply written with a marker. Of course, if you take colored containers, make sure the color of your stickers is not the same color.

And if you wonder how do you label furniture, the best is to put small sticky colored dots to simply mark the room where that furniture piece should go. But if you move furniture with fragile parts, such as a glass table or cloth with a mirror, make sure you mark this as fragile.

Never Write Personal Information or Product Descriptions When Shipping Your Personal Belongings

Should you put your name on the moving boxes? The answer is no. Never put your personal information on boxes because you never know who will end up looking at them. Even with the most professional services you get, there’s always a chance that your name might end up in the wrong hands. Also, never describe what is inside the boxes because you will only make things easier for potential thieves.

So what to write on packing boxes? Well, only describe in one or two words what can be inside or create some coding system where only you will know what that means. The full inventory list only needs to go to your company, so before you pack, make sure to make one inventory list with all the details and how you have categorized that. Here is what a potential inventory list should look like, but you are free to make your own.

Room and color Part of room coded with numbers List of things
Bedroom, color green Locker :1 Dresser: 2 Night table: 3 1: 10 shirts, dresses, and other items. 2: Underwear, towels, socks. 3: Chargers,medicine,cosmetics.

Moving Cross Country Is Much Easier With the Help of Professionals

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all this organization for your move or you simply don’t have enough time to do everything alone, you should then hire a company to help you. You will not have to worry about a thing with the right professionals by your side. They will provide you with all the necessary supplies, from packaging materials to protective supplies.

And what is best is that they will come up with the most efficient way of categorizing your belongings. With their help, you will be able to focus on other arrangements you need to make, and most importantly, your unpacking will be much easier and faster.

When booking a company, make sure you find the one that can provide you with all the services you need, from car shipping to storage. This way, you will not lose any additional money and time in searching for third-party companies to provide you with those services. Book your company today and start a new chapter of your life with no stress.


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