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How to Move Safely While Covid is Around

During these troubling times of Covid-19, standard practices like relocating have had to adapt to the current circumstances. In order to move safely, cross-country movers have adapted their services according to the Covid-19 regulations. Moving cross-country is still perfectly possible, but there are certain procedures that all long-distance movers have implemented and that you have to be aware of when hiring them.

The coronavirus made everything more difficult, including relocation

In Order to Move Safely, You’re Going to Have to Follow All Relevant News About the Current Pandemic

Before hiring movers, you have to check whether your current state and the new state that you are relocating to do not have any restrictions that can potentially hamper cross-country moving services. Unfortunately, nothing is certain nowadays, and you have to keep yourself up-to-date with Covid-19 regulations when you are relocating during the pandemic. It is best to contact a long-distance moving company and ask them about the following things:

  • Whether the current situation enables them to carry out their services,
  • What can be done to maximally lower the potential health risk,
  • What are their requirements under these conditions.

A legitimate cross-country moving company will straightforwardly provide you with all the necessary information about this serious issue, and you will be able to appropriately prepare yourself for a move.

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Your Possessions Can Now Be Estimated Virtually by a Moving Company

After you have decided what is going to be on your relocating out list, these items need to be assessed by an appraiser in order to determine the price of relocation. Because of the Covid pandemic, many long-distance moving services have introduced the so-called virtual relocating quote. This method enables an appraiser to do his job online.

If the long-distance movers that you have chosen have this option, you will need a phone with a good camera and a decent internet connection. Also, everything has to be completely visible, which means that any dark corners have to be illuminated. You will basically have to take your phone and film each and every item that is in your household inventory list. The appraiser will give you any necessary instruction while you are filming.

A woman taking a selfie with a phone attached to a pole overlay
Virtual estimation is the best possible option during the pandemic

There Are Two Ways to Approach Packing

If you feel uncomfortable having a relocating crew circulate through your house, you can pack for a move by yourself or with the help of your family. On the other hand, paying for long-distance moving services can be very beneficial. Not only will movers provide you with all the packing materials needed for relocating, but they will also happily give you packing tips and tricks if you are unsure how to pack fragile items, for example.

In case you do not feel safe using cardboard boxes as they cannot be properly sanitized, you can buy plastic containers for packing. Plastic crates are quite popular nowadays since they can be easily cleaned without damaging the contents. It is recommended to sanitize all the containers when you arrive at your place before unpacking.

However, bear in mind that you will also have to move furniture and other heavy objects, which can be a dangerous thing to do. There are special tools that ease the heavy lifting, and there are certainly relocating hacks that can help you. Even so, you can easily get injured, and it is recommended to leave the packing to professionals.

Despite the Current Situation, It Is Still Best to Have a Relocating Crew Pack Your Home Possessions

Professional packing services can help you a lot when it comes to dealing with relocation stress. By being able to move efficiently, you are making your relocation much more stress-free. Moreover, they will provide you with professional storage services, and you will not have to worry about the safety of your belongings. Nonetheless, all safety measures will have to be followed if you hire on-site packing services.

Because of the pandemic, it is a common practice to arrange a contactless relocation with movers. That means that you will leave your house open at the appointed time. They will come, pack and load everything onto their trucks. Once they have completed their tasks, they will contact you, and you can return to your home.

A person holding a box and wearing a mask and a protective visor overlay
Professional packing services will follow all Coronavirus regulations

All Safety Protocols Have to Be Followed Rigidly

The pandemic is not a laughing matter, and we all have to strictly adhere to all the measures that have been implemented in order to prevent the spreading of the disease. That is especially important if you are relocating to another state with elderly parents or with your children. Your family comes first, and in this situation, under no circumstances can you think only about yourself.

Conscientious Movers Have Adopted All COVID-19 Protocols

During these troubling times, it is best to search for genuine relocating company recommendations from people that have used such services under these circumstances. You will want to make sure that an enterprise follows all coronavirus regulations and that they will respect any special needs that you will have regarding the current situation.

By regulations, we mean that a company will send people that wear masks and gloves and respect the six feet’ distance while they are present at your home. If possible, you should also check whether they are sanitizing their trucks and storage facilities on a regular basis. Finally, genuine professionals always use different packing materials for each move. Reusing anything from previous relocations is out of the question at this time.

You Will Have to Show Seriousness as Well When the Relocating Crew Arrives

Professional relocating crews will not work if you are acting unacceptably. It means that wearing masks and gloves and respecting the distance is obligatory for you as well. You should also equip each room with bottles of hand sanitizers that a mover can use at any time and keep windows open for ventilation.

Most importantly, if you or any family member is exhibiting any coronavirus symptoms, you should notify the relocation enterprise immediately. It is possible to do the relocation under such circumstances, but companies will set some additional requirements in order to ensure the security of their workers. However, the chances are that your move will be delayed as there is no point for any side to take any unnecessary risks.

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Both you and the workers have to act responsibly

Sort All the Needed Documents in Advance

Before the relocation takes place, acquire and organize all the important documents at your home. There will be a lot of bureaucracy involved when changing your address. You will need to visit the municipality, sort your health insurance in the new state, find schools for your kids, and obtain a pet license.

That means that you would have to frequently leave your house, visit different offices, and meet numerous people along the way. Certainly, not the desired situation in the times of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, do as much as you can at home and, if possible, online before relocating in order to limit the number of times you have to go out for such reasons.

Person choosing a document in a folder overlay
Take care of all the necessary documents before the relocation starts

Choose the Safest Possible Transportation

The best possible way to travel to your new destination is by your own car. However, if you are not able to travel by car, you will have to choose another form of transportation. The most recommended way of transportation nowadays is flying. Airline companies are quite strict when it comes to coronavirus protocols, and people often get ejected from the flight if they are not complying with the rules.

Carefully Choose a Hotel if You Cannot Reach Your Destination Directly

Maybe you will not be able to enter your new place immediately, or you will have to change flights. This means that you will have to book a hotel room in most cases. It is recommended that you check the reviews and see whether they have a serious approach to this situation. Many hotels now have the option of contactless check-in, and they regularly sanitize rooms. Hotels that are acting unprofessional are bound to get bad reviews.

Pack an Essentials Bag That You Will Have With You When Moving

This bag should contain all the necessary items for the pandemic, such as spare masks and bottles of hand sanitizers. You should also pack enough food and water to keep you satiated during the entire journey. Having to visit stores or pharmacies while you are traveling is not a smart thing during this outbreak. Here is a useful video on how to pack the essentials bag for traveling.

Clean Everything Meticulously When You Arrive at Your Destination

Once you have reached your future location, do not start unpacking immediately. Hopefully, you will have cleaning supplies with you. If not, you should buy them at the nearest store at once. Begin with ventilating and cleaning the rooms. Scrupulously clean the floors and wipe the windows, and after you have finished cleaning, move on to the unpacking.

As mentioned above, if it is possible, you should clean the surface of each and every container before you open them. Especially be meticulous about cutlery and crockery. Clean each item carefully before using them. Once the furnishing has been completed, clean each piece of furniture and household appliance again before using them.

Clothes are another important issue that needs to be assessed. When relocating, they will be appropriately covered with packing materials that will protect them during transportation. However, if you feel insecure, you should consider washing everything once it is unpacked. In that case, pack clothes for a few days in your essentials bag.

Get Rid of the Packing Materials Once the Unpacking Is Complete

Do not keep any used packing materials in your home. The best option is to recycle them. You can call the local recycling agency and get all the information needed. It is not smart to keep stuff that has gone through many hands and changed different trucks and storage units. Do not forget to keep your hands away from your face while you are preparing them for recycling.

Your Life and the Lives of Your Loved Ones Are Most Important

Do not risk anything. If you or your family members are ill, delay the relocation. Professional relocating companies will show understanding when you give them a timely notice. Before officially hiring them, it is advisable to ask them about the cancelation process. Due to the circumstances, all companies nowadays are flexible about this issue.

In the end, if you have old family members or loved ones that belong to risk groups due to their medical conditions, cancel the move. Relocation is a big decision that can really improve your life. But it is not worth placing the lives of your loved ones or yours in danger. If this is the case, cancel the relocation. There will be other opportunities in the future.

Family of four walking and holding hands overlay
The safety of your family comes first, then everything else

Take These Moving Safety Tips Seriously if You Are Relocating to a New Place During the Pandemic

As you have read, the entire process of relocation has had to adapt itself due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, life has not stopped, and if you want to relocate, you can do it. Professional companies can make everything much easier, especially in this situation. But keep in mind that at all times, you should act responsibly and follow all the rules and regulations.


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