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What to Do About Health Insurance When Moving to Another State?

Without insurance, an average doctor’s office visit usually costs between $300 to $600, and this number can be even higher depending on the treatment needed. Among the things you will have to think about when relocating is whether you’ll have health insurance when moving to another state and does health insurance work across states. Complicated though it may seem, we will make it as simple as possible and explain your options when cross-country moving.

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Before you move, consider finding a provider

Aside from packing your pots and pans and figuring out where to live, your medical care will have to make a top on your moving to-do list. And even if you don’t buy a different program before you move, you will have to stay informed about your options so you don’t end up without any medical coverage at all. Stay tuned and find out all the information you need to know before enrolling in the new program.

What Kind of Health Insurance You Can Get

Let’s break down this conundrum and see your options regarding medical management. There are different types of coverages you can get, and yes, one of the questions you have to ask your employer if you are relocating for a job is what kind of coverage you will get. Or, if you plan to work for the same company but in a different jurisdiction (some positions require relocation,) does your program work in your city of choice. But even if you are relocating without a job, you must have some kind of healthcare.

Get Coverage Through Employer

The most common way to be insured is through your employer, but what to do when long-distance moving? Well, one of the options is to find a job before you move and get covered through a new employer. As you may know, when you get healthcare through a company, you don’t get to choose what program you will get, and it may change depending on the destination you are relocating to. Bear in mind that even if you are covered with another employer, you may have to wait up to 90 days before you’re eligible to enroll in your new program. But your old program will last at least 30 days even if you are unemployed. So take this into consideration when looking for a cross-country moving company if you wish to be covered during your move.

Individual Programs – What Is Obamacare?

After the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare became law in 2010, millions of Americans were able to afford individual healthcare. And according to the ACA, plans must include a minimum of ten essential benefits, but only if you apply for them through the Federal Marketplace. These plans may consist of more than ten essential benefits, and what will be in those plans depends on the location you are going. Here are essentials that must be included in every program no matter where you are relocating:

  • Ambulatory patient services,
  • Hospitalization,
  • Emergency services,
  • Prescription drugs,
  • Pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care,
  • Mental and substance use disorder services,
  • Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management,
  • Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices,
  • Laboratory services,
  • Pediatric services.
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Check if your program has all ten essential benefits

Try Short Term

If you quit your job before relocating to a new place and don’t have any healthcare, consider enrolling in a short-term plan which will cover you until you are all set in, especially if you are looking for a job. So before you contact your cross-country movers to give you a quote for long-distance moving services, go online and search for the best and most affordable temporary plans. Bear in mind that you can not purchase this through the Marketplace but only through private providers. On the other hand, there is no network in this program, so you can go to any hospital that fits you. And there is no open enrollment period, so you can apply whenever you want. If you are not covered and relocating with kids, consider taking this. Also all providers must follow the Privacy Rule,which is regulated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. So if your provider of choice doesn’t have a privacy disclosure they are probably scammers,so make sure you check this too.

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What About Additional Affordable Resources – Medicare and Medicaid

If you are a beneficiary of Medicare or Medicaid and planning to relocate, you probably wonder if there is a possibility of transferring health insurance to another state. If you have Medicare, your relocation stress will be much lower since this is a federal program covering all US states. So if you are planning to retire to some of the best neighborhoods in Miami, you don’t have to worry about your medical management. All you have to do is to book reliable long-distance movers for packing service in order to have a stress-free relocation, and you are good to go.

On the other hand, beneficiaries of Medicaid will probably have to apply for a new program in a different location and bear in mind that you can not benefit in two states at the same time. If you are relocating with kids or a child who is a user of this program, make sure to take the different program the moment you decide where to live. Check out this video for more information.

How to Apply for New Health Insurance When Moving to Another State – All Information You Need Know

No matter what your reasons to move are or whether you are relocating for a job or not, your plan and savings will change depending on the location you are relocating to. If you are changing your employer, you will get the latest healthcare through your job. If you are staying with the same employer but in a different city, the best will be to talk with your HR person. Many states don’t have the same networks as your current one, and what is the point in paying for something that you can not use?

On the other hand, you will only have to submit proof of the change of address if you are relocating locally.  But if you have a policy through the Marketplace, the procedure is different. You will have to make a different account and purchase a policy. And yes, the program can be expensive but may be cheaper, too.

Should you Expand Your Plan Through Cobra

According to COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act,) you can temporarily expand the same еmployer-based program for up to 18 months. Most employers are required to offer COBRA to their employees after they leave. You will have 60 days to decide between COBRA and something else. But if you miss this deadline, you will have to wait for the next open enrollment period, which can put you in a risky situation, especially if you are relocating to a big city or moving cross country. Bear in mind that this cost will sting. You will pay monthly premiums of $620 for individuals and $1,778 for families. Employers will cover 83% for individuals and 74% for families of the total cost. The rest is on you.

Is Moving to a New State a Qualifying Event for Health Insurance?

As you can see, it is tough to transfer or change your program when you relocate. But luckily, crossing a border to another jurisdiction is considered a qualifying event, so you will be able to change your program. However, you will need to file documentation as proof that you have relocated. New driving license and ID card, house ownership, or even proof of latest car coverage you will have to purchase if you are planning to auto transport your car is good. Bear in mind that special enrollment openings will only be available once you move. And if you wonder, “when should I change my health insurance when I move?” – don’t worry. You will have 60 days after your move to apply for a different one just bear in mind if you have any questions you will not be able to ask them through email.Instead of conversation through email you can leave your contact information and wait for their broker or agent to contact you.

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Relocation is considered a qualifying event

Do I Have to Change Health Insurance if I Move Out of State if I Am at College?

Don’t worry – your relocating to the college will not change your program. If you are under the age of 26, you will still be covered by your parents’ policy. But if your parents’ program does not have the same network as your destination of choice, you should consider taking a student policy. You can take a short-term policy that can cover from one month to a whole semester. But in essence, this program is only for accidents, and it is not that affordable. The best option is to go with an individual program. It will cost less than the parent guardian program, and it will have a better network which means better access to all kinds of medical professionals.

How to Transfer Health Insurance to Another State if I Don’t Own a House

If you are planning to live at your friend’s house before you rent a home, you will have to do some more paperwork to prove your qualifying event, in this case move. You will have to submit documents showing where you used to live (such as a lease, pay stub, voter registration card, or even a phone bill.) And for change of address proof, you will have to file a signed statement to the Marketplace stating that you are living with your friend, not just visiting, and your friend will have to submit proof of residence such as listed above. Furthermore, to qualify for a special enrollment due date because of a permanent move, you previously had to have a minimum essential benefit. If you had Medicaid, it is acceptable too.

Can I Use My Health Insurance in Another State – Solution for Living in Two States

If you are a “snowbird” – a person doing contract work in one but living in another state for part of the year – you should know that ACA has taken this into consideration. The best solution for you is to choose a plan at your primary residence. Also, choose a plan that has networks nationwide. It may cost more, but you will be covered wherever the road leads you. Also, check your options if you are relocating to a different location without your network and how high your cost will be if you see a doctor there.

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If you travel a lot for work, choose the program in your primary residence

Now That You Know All There Is to Know About Moving Out of State Health Insurance It Is Time to Find Best Cross-Country Moving Services

So to answer your question, “Can I change health insurance when I move?” – the answer is yes. And not only yes, but it is also recommended because you will pay less for a better plan. As you can see, all providers don’t have the same network in every part of the country. That is why relocation is considered a qualifying event, so you have to wait for the next open enrollment period. But before you book your long-distance moving company, double-check all your options and programs that are available in your destination of choice. One of the benefits of relocating is the fact that you can start fresh and make different choices, and maybe save some money along the way.

When choosing a company for your move, make sure that it provides all the services you need, from storage facilities to packing. You will need all the help you can get when relocating to another city. Because aside from your medical program hunting, you will have other obligations you must do before you move. For example, if you wish to change your program in the due period, you will need an address so you will have to do some house hunting before you relocate.


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