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9 Best Neighborhoods in Miami – the Ultimate Guide

Would you like to live in the southernmost major metropolis in the US that has the warmest climate in the winter and the third tallest skyline in the US? All you have to do is pick one of the best neighborhoods in Miami to settle down, and you will get to bask in the sun all year round.

A small house model on a man's palm Miami has a lot of places you can call home

This Alpha level location, also known as the “Capital of Latin America,” offers its nearly 2.5 million residents diverse housing, employment, and high-quality educational options. This big city is a major entertainment, cultural, media, and medical center, while its greater area has one of the largest concentrations of big international banks in the whole country. Miami’s port is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, which earned the metropolis the unofficial title of the “Cruise Capital of the World.”

If your idea of an ideal life is kicking back and sipping cocktails by the beach, surrounded by diverse and friendly people, the best time of the year to move here is now. Find the best places to live in Miami and make your dreams a reality. Luckily, we’re here to help you narrow down the choice and offer some moving tips so you can avoid making common moving mistakes.

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Brickell Is a Hotspot Neighborhood

Planning your moving budget to reduce the costs of moving and moving to Miami will bring you a lot of opportunities to have a home near the beach,  and maybe that is one of the main reasons to move for people and especially recent grads and young professionals who to Brickell in such huge numbers. This spot is part of Miami’s urban core and is well connected with the rest of the metropolis. Even if you don’t want to transport your car across the country and book auto shipping, you can use Metrobus, Metromover, and Metrorail. Taxi is by far the most popular transport option.

Brickell is the hub core of the financial, banking, and investment sectors. If you want to find a job when moving to another state in these fields and be able to simply take a walk to the office every day, Brickell is the spot to check out.

Real Estate Is Blooming in Brickell

Brickell and the city’s other central locations, such as Midtown and Wynwood, gained popularity with the recent boom in residential construction, which saw a 66% rise since 2010. If you are looking for condos, Brickell City Center, which opened in 2016, has two residential towers you can check out. The real estate company Swire Properties Inc. invested in developing buildings with sustainable features such as Climate Ribbon elevated trellis that regulates temperature and airflow and maximizes natural light.

Data from Niche shows that this dense urban area is home to almost 30,000 people and that 70% of them are renters. Rent is around $2,000, but if you want to check the safety of your future neighborhood and become a homeowner, you need about $395,000.

Miami buildings This is a hotspot neighborhood that can offer you diverse housing options and all kinds of entertainment options.

Downtown Is the Main Shopping Spot

When you are done unpacking, check out Flagler Street, a major shopping spot in Downtown, which dates back to the 19th century. After some time of decay, locals have put a focus on revitalizing it. Now, even if you are only window shopping to alleviate moving stress, or you donated unwanted items and want to renew your wardrobe, you can check out local department stores such as Alberto Cortes and La Época, as well as famous Macy’s. If you are moving for a relationship, and you want to make it official and put a ring on it, you can find a perfect band in one of the well-known jewelry shops.

Flagler Street is not the only place where you can spend your money. Stop by Bayside Marketplace and see why it is one of the most visited tourist attractions with more than 15 million visitors a year.

Modernization produced some of the best restaurants in Miami, bakeries, and coffee shops. New pavements and landscaping have been popping out all over, as well as pocket-sized parks where you can just sit, and people watch.

If you want to move to Miami, specifically Downtown, know that around 80% of residents rent their homes, and they pay about $1,500 a month for accommodation. Are you wondering who are going to be your neighbors and what kind of crowd this location attracts? We are going to go over that next.

Live in One of the Best Neighborhoods in Miami for Young Professionals

If you decided to move to Florida in pursuit of a career and move alone to another state, settling down in Downtown might be the perfect solution to avoid relocation depression. Data from Niche confirms that most residents are between 25 and 44 years old, putting Downtown among the most suitable neighborhoods for young professionals.

What attracts young professionals to this urban center? For starters, many companies, organizations, and corporations have found a home within 20 million sqft of office space available here. Headquarters of Espírito Santo Financial Group, Terremark Worldwide, World Property Channel, Vector Group, and Akerman Senterfitt are here, as well as many international chambers of commerce. As a qualified and skilled career-chaser, finding great employment opportunities here would not be that hard.

The location is well connected with the rest of the metropolis, and public transportation plays a vital role in it, so perhaps moving into a smaller home might be worth it. Residents are also able to reach International Airport via Metrorail.

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Miami This is the neighborhood for all career-chasers.

Coconut Grove Is Miami’s Greenest Area

The Magic City, how the locals love to call it, has plenty of sandy beaches and places to bask in the sun, but Coconut Grove, one of its oldest parts, gives its residents additional green areas to walk around and enjoy nature. This tranquil seaside village provides its residents with a mix of an urban and suburban feel, making it ideal for raising children. High walkability, excellent schools, bike-friendliness, and a serene environment with low crime rates are just part of the appeal for young families. Add to it the diversity of the population and vicinity to coffee shops, restaurants, and bars, and it’s easy to understand why this place found its spot on our list.

The community also boasts plenty of parks meaning that no matter if you relocate during the holiday season or in the summer you will have where to go out and have a stroll. If you are relocating with your dog, you can take them to David Kennedy, Alice C. Wainwright or Sunrise park, and play fetch with them. If you enjoy tropical gardens, take a walk around the Kampong – an eight-acre site that is a part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

However, the privilege of living in Coconut Grove comes at a price. You can find a flat to rent for a median price of $1,360, while the median home value is above $600,000.

Coconut Grove Is One of the Best Places to Live in Miami for a Reason

Coconut Grove is the oldest neighborhood in the metropolis, and that can be seen in many buildings that date from the early 1900s. This bike and the pedestrian-friendly spot is influenced by Bahamian culture. Even though the community itself dates back to the late 1800s, modern buildings make it hip and current.

The Grove is home to several outdoor events and festivals, the most famous one being the Arts Festival. Others include King Mango Strut and Goombay Festival that celebrates Bahamian culture, food, and music.

Before you even begin thinking about changing the address and hiring moving services, questions like how to make friends in a new city might cross your mind once or twice. You are in luck; Coconut Grove has excellent restaurants where you can invite colleagues or neighbors to grab a drink or a bite. Go over to Mayfair Kitchen, Glass & Vine, or LoKal, the restaurant that runs on 100% renewable energy.

street in Coconut Grove A typical street in Coconut Grove features lush tropical vegetation

South Beach Is One of the Best Neighborhoods in Miami for Entertainment

SoBo, how locals call it, is an entertainment hotspot, no matter the time of the day. If you want to have some fun, this is the place for you. From nightclubs and restaurants to hotels and boutiques, this area attracts not only Americans but foreigners as well.

When picturing the Magic City, long, sandy beaches and palm trees come to mind, SoBo is like that, just add a random person on skates rolling by you, and you will get the whole picture.

South Beach Is LGBT Friendly

Ocean Drive might be one of the most famous thoroughfares in the metropolis, and during the 80s and 90s, it was a center of Florida’s LGBT nightlife. Walking around, you will spot many clubs, hotels, and bars, as well as cocktail lounges and shopping centers. Some spots you will even recognize from shows such as Dexter or movies like Scarface.

When you want to have a unique dining out experience, head to Mango’s Tropical Cafe, where you can enjoy live performances or check out Palace Bar that has cabaret and drag shows.

Hotel in Miami Ocean Drive is one of the most famous streets in Florida and the whole US

Coral Gables Is One of the Best Places to Live in Miami With a Suburban Feel

Coral Gables is one of the first planned communities in the city, and it’s known for its strict zoning regulations and the architecture that is almost entirely in the Mediterranean Revival style. If you’re relocating to the suburbs and want to become a homeowner, like 63% of residents, you will need about $750,000. Prices might be on the high-end, but the residents say that it is worth it. According to a poll from Niche, respondents claimed that the interior and exterior of homes are excellent.

Coral Gables is very pedestrian-friendly, and it is located four miles from the city’s International Airport. The location also has plenty of educational institutions, making it ideal for people that are moving with kids.

An Excellent Spot for High-Quality Education

Schools in Coral Gables are the part of a highly rated School District. When enrolling your kids, you can pick between public and private primary and secondary schools. If you and your significant other are planning on moving in together and starting a family, this can be a perfect spot to do so. In the end, we are talking about relocating to one of the best cities to raise a family in Florida.

Besides, the University of Miami, one of the top national universities, is in the vicinity. If you want to gain knowledge in the fields of law, medicine, business, music, communication, marine science, and engineering, this is where you do it.

Miami This is a spot for every family with kids.

Little Havana Has the Cuban Culture at Its Core

Little Havana is known around metropolis as a home to many Cuban exiles and immigrants from central and south America.

If you are looking to rent, you will fit right in, since 90% of residents do just that. With the rent of $960, you can pick between single-family homes and condos. Living in Little Havana gives the residents a dense urban feeling and a walkable location that is nearby many bars, restaurants, parks, as well as festivals and cultural landmarks.

Little Havana Is a Mecca for Festivals

The Magic City doesn’t lack anything when it comes to entertainment all year round, but no other place has as many social, cultural, and political activities as Little Havana. Living here would be all about music, dancing, and celebrating different cultures and their impact on the community.

Calle Ocho Festival, Viernes Culturales, the Three Kinds Parade, and many others have been filmed and showed to millions of people every year.

You will be living in the proximity of landmarks such as Walk of Fame, the Cuban memorial boulevard, Domino Park, Municipio de Santiago de Cuba, as well as Plaza de la Cubanidad.

Cuban Spirit The Cuban spirit is strong in this place.

Design District Is a Cultural Spot And One of the Best Neighborhoods in Miami

When you are figuring out where to move, consider Design District. With a population of almost 4,000, this is one of the smaller areas of the metropolis, but what it lacks in residents, it makes up in cultural and art offers.

The Institute of Contemporary Art promotes the work of local and international contemporary artists. Next to it is la Cruz Collection of Contemporary Art houses, a 30,000-square-foot museum that exhibits works from the 1980s. When you settle down, you can explore streets that are filled with public art collections. Take a pic or two of Fly’s Eye Dome, and Urs Fischer’s Bus Stop.

If you ever feel that you need to kick back and relax while having a snack or a meal, check out plenty of dining spots all over the Design District.

Design District Takes Dining out to the Next Level

If making friends in a new city is something that scares you a bit, there are plenty of ways you can go about it here. Nevertheless, inviting somebody for a drink or lunch is a safe bet, and when you are located in the Design District, dining out options are immense.

For all of those who love their food with a Mexican twist, there is a Bodega Taqueria Y Tequila. And if you have a sweet tooth, check out Frohzen ice cream shop that creates unique cupcakes, and macarons. Coffee addicts can enjoy their mornings in Ella cafe, Pura Vida, or OTL.

Design District Walk Embrace the artsy way of life while you are here.

Edgewater Is a Shoreline Community With a Great Location

Edgewater is a residential area whose popularity has grown after a recent wave of urbanization and the construction of many high-rise and mid-rise residential buildings and retail centers. However, many historic residential buildings dating back to the beginning of the 20th century are still proudly standing as a symbol of the area.

The location that puts Edgewater in the vicinity of Downtown, Design District and sandy beaches is perfect for those who prefer to have everything within walking distance from their homes. If you’d rather drive instead of walk, know that area is connected with the rest of the metropolis via Biscayne Boulevard and a well-developed network of avenues and streets.


You Can Find a Home With an Amazing View

The location of Edgewater is perfect for those who are looking to settle down in one of the high rise buildings that offer breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay. In this dense and urban area, almost 80% of people rent, and the median rent price is $1,600.

beach in Miami Sandy shores of Edgewater will make long-distance relocation worth it.

Shenandoah Is a Hidden Gem

Despite being one of the first residential spots in the metropolis, Shenandoah is still one of its hidden gems.

With a densely urban vibe and real estate made up of apartment complexes and small to medium single-family homes, it attracts all kinds of people. When you relocate to Shenandoah, your neighbors can be students, families with children, or seniors.

Managers Pick Shenandoah as Their Home

No matter if you are creating a photo inventory, packing, and moving the last minute or still planning your relocation and learning tips and tricks for packing things like furniture and clothes, you should look for a community that supports your lifestyle. Even with all the diversity, Shenandoah is the place where almost 35% of the population is employed in management, executive, and professional occupations. The second group is people working in sales, but there are also those employed in manufacturing and tech support.

Shenandoah Shenandoah is a hidden gem that attracts colorful crowds.

Let Yourself Be Enchanted by the Magic City

For all of those who love warm weather, sunbathing, and thrilling adventures, there is no better location for house-hunting than The Magic City. With a name like that, it is no wonder that the spot will leave you enchanted and happy. The location is perfect for families but also for young professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, as well. No matter who you are, adjusting to the metropolis will surely be effortless and quick. You managed to reduce moving expenses and plan the whole relocation, and once your highly recommended and trustworthy Miami movers finish their job and you settle down and unpack, all you’ll need to take place by the storm are sunglasses and flip flops.


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