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4 Things to Consider When Moving Elderly Parents to Another State

There are many factors to consider when moving elderly parents to another state. Some people initially fear the idea because the first thing that comes to mind is putting their parents in a care facility. However, there are other options besides nursing homes, and there are also methods for picking one that could be beneficial for you and your family.

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Relocating your older mother and father to another home isn't a bad thing at all

#1 Consider the Potential Reasons for Moving Elderly Parents to Another State

The first and most important thing to consider when you plan to move, whether it’s with an older mother and father, or younger siblings and children, is why you want to do it in the first place. Is it something you want or something that has to happen? Several reasons could make people move to a new city, mostly related to life quality and amenities.

When it comes to relocating elderly parents (or with them,) health and safety are typically the causes for concern with this type of move. Perhaps the neighborhood they live in right now has changed over time and doesn’t accommodate their needs anymore, or they live in a house with a complicated layout that isn’t fit for older folks (too many stairs, for example.)

Do They Want to Move, or Do You Want That?

If by any chance you have to move and want to have your mom and dad with you, the dilemma that arises is – can you force an elderly parent to move anyway. Cross-country moving is difficult and tedious, and putting them through it could do more harm than good. If they feel fit enough to live independently, it could be hard to force them to move to another city.

Health Concerns are A Valid Reason for Relocation

A legitimate reason for suggesting relocation to your senior mom and dad is if their health is in any way, shape, or form endangered. If they’re chronically ill, relocating to other states that provide new and better support for their illnesses is a great idea.

Here’s another example of why relocating aging parents to another area could be good. Suppose they’ve been living in a big city for a while, but there’s a lot of noise and pollution around; maybe the tenants in their building have changed, or they simply aren’t fit for living in a building or a large house anymore. Relocating to a smaller town or somewhere filled with nature and quiet seems like a brilliant solution for them.

Another concern that may come up is how close they would be to a place that could assist them if they need it and who could be their emergency contact. If you intend to relocate your senior mother and father to a nicer area, make sure they can rely on someone nearby for help. In that case, you can look for a healthy community for older people.

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It's possible to find a community for your elderly mom and dad to live comfortably

#2 Take Precautions When Relocating Older People Across the Country

Many people who need to find a place full of medical care and assistance for their aging family, wonder “how do I move my elderly parent” especially nowadays with the still present coronavirus pandemic. There are regulations for any type of move today that both the movers and clients have to follow. Prepare all of the relocation day essentials for your loved ones so that they can have an effortless cross-country move.

Covid-19 Measures and Regulations

It’s difficult enough to relocate during the holidays, but it’s not recommended to do it while there’s an ongoing pandemic. Since relocating during coronavirus isn’t recommended, but it happens nonetheless, so it’s mandatory to keep everyone involved in the move safe. For a while, there have been warnings about the effect of coronavirus on senior citizens since they’re often the most chronically ill and vulnerable people, so being careful is the priority.

When you hire a long-distance moving company to help you relocate your loved ones, they’ll warn you about the medical precautions and regulations on time, so you know what to prepare. It’s good to contact them in other cases, too, like organizing a last-minute move; relocating with sensitive or vulnerable people is easier with the help of experts.

Other Health and Safety Recommendations

Besides booking long-distance moving services, you could contact professional caretakers, especially if you’re not present on relocation day. Carers know how to prepare senior citizens for relocation and make it possible for movers to do their thing while keeping everyone safe.

One more thing – while it seems like the cheapest time of the year to move, we wouldn’t recommend relocating during the winter because icy weather could be damaging for seniors, as well as packed items. Choose the best time of the year to move based on the admission times of retirement centers or, if they’re going to live with you, based on your time off work.

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Caregivers can be of great assistance when your aging parent is relocating

#3 Finding the Right Type of Home for Your Family

Moving elderly parents out of state means you can do it in style, too. It’s fantastic if they’re fit to live independently and want to move for a change of scenery and new experiences, but that doesn’t mean they should live in any type of home. Besides determining a relocation budget, as for any move, one of our house hunting tips is to look for a place that doesn’t have any potentially hazardous areas.

By avoiding potentially hazardous areas, we mean avoiding many stairs all over the house. A one-story home could be just enough for your mom and dad. In addition, avoid purchasing a house with a basement if it’s not necessary, as a garage would suffice for the safe-keeping of all their belongings. An additional storeroom could also do the trick.

It may be redundant to mention checking how safe the neighborhood where you plan to move your loved ones is. There are great neighborhoods that have problems with minor crimes, such as pickpockets and burglaries, so it’s worth doing some additional research on safety and protection in the community you’re interested in.

They Could Always Live With You in the Same Home

If you wonder are you legally responsible for your elderly parents, that often depends on your living circumstances, as well as the state you live in. Some states have the Filial Responsibility Law, which states that children are responsible for their elderly family members and anyone in the household incapable of caring for themselves.

Essentially, if you don’t mind having them at home with you, that would be the best solution for everybody involved in terms of safety and having assistance at all times. If you have one of those jobs that require relocation, then you can scout for new residences together with your family. Consider that to be one of many relocation hacks for making the move with your mom and dad much easier.

Consider A Retirement Community and Independent Living

If you and your mother and father prefer to live separately, that’s great as long as they’re able to handle themselves. There are several communities for retired and older people who want to live independently but also have medical assistance available at all times. You can pick between retirement villages and independent living communities for the active elderly – they can make new friends there and continue living life just like so far.

Watch the video below for information on the best states to retire in the USA.

#4 When to Consider Other Housing Options and Care

When you’re long-distance moving with a senior parent who requires a lot of attention and medical care, that limits the number of possibilities for new housing, both for you and them. People that are chronically ill or vulnerable in any way are better off by having assistance at all times. If not from someone in the family, most definitely from people who work in assisted living, such as caretakers.

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If You Can’t Move With Them, Find them A Good Care Center

How do you take care of aging parents when you live far away or when you’re unsure how to do it properly? The one viable option, in this case, becomes assisted living or a nursing home. They’re similar; both options provide caregivers with medical experience who know how to handle the most typical health issues of the aging population.

There may be some anxiety about relocating your parent to a new place where you won’t see them daily, but doing research on each care facility and maintaining regular contact with them is the best way to feel comfortable about the decision.

As for what to do with their old homes and the possessions inside them, you can donate furniture before relocating and work on potentially selling the house so you could pay for the help your closest loved ones would potentially need.

Can Your Family Take Care of Them, or Are They Fine on Their Own?

Moving cross-country to other members of the family might sound like a good idea, too. If you’re skeptical about retirement and assisted living centers, then check if any of your relatives can take your mom and dad in. There could be some relocation stress in this case, too, but of course, working on what’s best for them and discussing every part of the move together means considering all options. If you move them to a relative, they’ll just worry about how to unpack after a move and potentially nothing else.

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Allow your loved ones to decide where to live for themselves, if they can

Long-Distance Movers Work With Customers of All Ages

You’ll often hear that contacting a cross-country moving company is the cheapest way to move out of state, and that’s very often true because of everything that goes into the standard relocation services costs. With the help of movers, you can avoid some common relocation mistakes, and most importantly, reduce costs when relocating.

Instead of paying for a separate insurance fee and auto transport company, you can get car shipping and relocation insurance, all from the same long-distance movers who’ll provide packing services. If you don’t need to donate unwanted items just yet, stash them in storage units from the relocation company.

What Movers Can Do For You When You Pack Your Family’s Items

Cross-country movers relocate elderly citizens all the time and have the utmost understanding of their conditions. How can cross-country moving services make the move easier for you and your elderly family members? They’ll only ask you to provide a household inventory list that needs packing and being present on relocation day, so your loved ones are assisted whenever necessary. They can do everything else. Remember to point out that you’re relocating with the elderly so they could prepare the essentials and make the move spotless.

If your folks are capable of fully taking care of themselves and not having to be assisted all the time, maybe they’ll want to transport their car across the country and drive it. Movers will get their vehicle safely packed onto a trailer and shipped in the quickest time possible. If you’re relocating with them and will need your car, the deal is the same. Your movers will communicate with you openly and make arrangements for everything.

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Movers can help ease the stress of relocating with elderly citizens

Your Mother and Father Will Be Safer At the Place You Pick For Them

Because we know you want the best for those closest to you, and there’s no one like our moms and dads, we also know how difficult it can be to send them away. If they’re of sound mind and body, the decision when and where to move out should be theirs. However, if any complications require additional assistance, as difficult as it seems, sometimes it’s for the best to allow professional caretakers to look after your mom and dad. There’s no doubt that, whatever you all decide, the decision will be the best for everybody.


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